Thou Art Beautiful As Thou Art Wise

Gallery Owner Chris Bates of Art Post Gallery in Northbrook, Illinois, Emailed Gia On The Move Recently to offer tips on creating the perfect pairing of art and frame.

Picking the right frame for a new piece of art can be tough, especially when you realize how many options are out there. Instead of telling you what to do, because every person and piece is different, Art Post Gallery owner Chris Bates has some tips on things not to do when framing a new work of art.

  • Don’t follow the fad: Just because thin frames and gallery wraps have made a comeback, doesn’t mean that’s what’s right for your piece. Don’t just do something because it’s in, do what best enhances your artwork.
  • Don’t follow a theme: If one work of art is frameless, they don’t all have to be. Again, frame a piece in what works for that piece; it’s ok to mix styles and finishes.
  • Don’t overdo it: Picking something that’s a little too showy can overpower the art itself. You want the art to standout, not the frame it’s in.
  • Don’t forget to consider glass: Regular glass used in a bright room can take away from a piece and even ruin it. The best option for protecting artwork is museum or “art” glass which has a nearly invisible finish and blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays.
  • Don’t match piece to frame: If a painting has a lot of red in it, the frame doesn’t need to be red as well. The frame and art don’t have to match, just “marry” well.
    “The main thing is to pick pieces of art you love,” says Bates. “From there, it’s important to keep in mind that the piece may not always hang on the same wall, in the same room, or even be in the same house, so most importantly you have to pick framing that works for the art, not the area (but do take the room into consideration).

About Art Post Gallery

Opened in 1972 and purchased by current owner Christina Bates in 1980, Art Post Gallery has the largest and most diverse inventory of original art on Chicago’s North Shore. Known for its extensive collection of original works including oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, vintage art and antique maps, the gallery not only encourages designers and clients to take home art on approval, but can help commission artists to create special pieces for one’s home or office. Art Post Gallery also specializes in fine framing. All of the work is done on premises by a well-trained, creative staff. They are also available to perform a wide range of art restoration, and can help with installation. Art Post Gallery is located in the Shops at Willow Festival [near Whole Foods, REI and next to rôti (Mediterranean Grill)] at 984 G Willow Road in Northbrook, IL, at the NW corner of Willow Road and Waukegan Road.