Gia On The Move recently had the opportunity to interview, 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition stunner and savvy entrepreneur Jessica Gomes Of Chinese and Portuguese decent and from Perth, Australia, Gomes is widely known for gracing the pages of the past 5 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and has recently been featured on numerous magazine covers including Maxim, Vogue Australia and Madison Magazine.

Standing at a striking 5’9”, the Sports Illustrated exposure was the catalyst to her massive popularity in Asia, leading to the 2008 campaign of the LG Bikini phone, her own reality TV show My Name Is Jessica Gomes, and a 3rd place win last year in Korea’s “DANCING WITH THE STARS.”

An “IT” girl, on the move! and bona fide beauty expert/ business woman, Gomes was also named the Ambassador and face for Australian Iconic Surf brand MAMBO.

When she isn’t jet setting between New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, South Korea, and Melbourne, Gomes enjoys music, dancing, cooking, cafe hopping and fashion design.

Here’s what this stunning, savvy beauty had to say:

You placed 3rd in the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars.  How much did you have to train for that.

Jessica: I trained everyday and all day! I was very focused
on getting into good shape and winning.

You are being called a savvy entrepreneur.  In what respect?

Jessica: I’m very interested in business and creating my own products. I really love that I can look at myself as a brand and I’m so happy that I have a great international fan base through out Australia, America and Asia.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Jessica: Shop, eat and go see movies!

Appearing in Sports Illustrated also has launched your acting career. What’s your dream’ acting role? and why?

Jessica: A bond girl, because I think she’s every mans dream and every womans desire. Ive always wanted to play a fighter or a powerful bad ass woman.

What about the Mmm-mmm-mmm-Maybach Music  voice thing?  How did that collaboration happen?

Jessica: I was hanging out in the studio with friends and it just happened they liked my voice. I was lucky that Rick Ross cut it and used it throughout his songs.

You have been quoted as saying “It’s fantastic and I appreciate that people want to shoot me in a bikini, but I also have a fashion side that I love!” So what do you love to wear? Favorite fashion items? Designers:

Jessica: I love fashion and shooting editorials. I love shopping and wearing chic and classic pieces. Helmut Lang, Rick Owens and Elizabeth and James are some favs. I love shopping at Intermix, Curve and Otte in New York.

What’s it like waking up in the morning and knowing your Sports Illustrated and Maxim photographs have been hanging on the walls of every guy who reads those magazines and every girl who would like to appear in them or emulate you in some way? Is there any pressure with that?

Jessica: I feel that there is so much to my career and I love the fact that I can be that woman as well. I don’t feel pressure at all I’m happy with what I do for a living. I love to model and I love to be creative.

Any quick tips for staying beautiful, healthy, balanced?

Jessica: Always surround yourself with good people who support you and lift you up. Drink lots of water and keep it clean.