It’s been over a week and I am still eating — if you can believe it!  But I can’t say that it’s such a hardship.  There have certainly been some spectacular favorites in my goodie bags from the Natural Foods Expo West and many more than I could possibly review, but as always some just stand out.  It’s personal.  Yes.  No matter how I might try, I am certain I will convince no one out there minus the new moms, to really chow down on baby food.  And eating chocolate for breakfast definitely breaks the golden rule in my house.  But there is more than just a bit of attractiveness in simplicity.  When food simply tastes like food, exactly as it should, you can put the hype aside and really savor.  These few suggestions make it easy being healthy and organic.  What more do you want?  — And stayed tuned for more.  I’ve got one production number saved for last in another day or so.

Revive Greek Yogurt & Chai Spices  by Alpina– Artisinal granola:

rolled oats, pistachios, crystalized ginger, hemp seeds, honey, walnut oil, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, salt with Hera’s Calm and Honey and zero fat, tasted as heavenly as the goddess herself would have liked.

Renew Oat Smoothie by Alpina – the power of oats with skim milk was a great reinvigorator midday when I just needed a quick thirst quenching, not too sweet, protein, energy boost.

 Agua Con Lemon & Lime Flavored Water – zero calories, no preservatives, sodium or sugar.  Authentic flavors were light and refreshing. Product of the USA.

Love Crunch – Dark Chocolate & Red Berries by Nature’s Path – too too divine! Certified organic & Non-GMO. Enough said. I didn’t even need the milk.

* My ultimate favorite snacks (yes, these are technically for babies but with so few calories, zero fat, hardly any sugar and lots of vitamins and minerals, they are the perfect tasty snack.  BPA Free packaging and zip lock storage for easy carrying around.   Sprout Baby Food: Herbed Vegetables with Roasted Turkey; Vegetable Lasagna with Beef; Creamy Vegetables with Chicken; Holiday Vegetables with Roasted Turkey; Peach Pumpkin Pie with Graham.

 Brasqwell’s Hot Jalapeno Jelly – Savory Sweet Heat spoon fed or on a cracker with cream cheese or paired with a salty something. Either way, it’s all naturally delicious.

And the coup de gras of snacks, Indian Life Masala Peas. I’m not sure if it’s the all natural spices or the expeller pressed Canola Oil, but with so little sodium, it was easy to munch and munch and munch and munch and munch and — oh shoot — gone!  And they come in other exciting flavors: Hot Punjabi Mix, Chevdo, Dal Mix, Channadal.  Plus these guys were hilarious.  Stumbling upon them at the end of the day, I just couldn’t help but get some spontaneous footage.