My Fortune Cookie today said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come; swim out to it.”

Well, this weekend thousands of people may not be swimming, except in the possible expected rain showers on Sunday, but they certainly WILL be running into their destinies.  Months of training, sweating, braving traffic, smog and all kinds of unusual weather conditions this year, Angelenos along with visitors from, I dare say, all over the world will be running the LA Marathon.  From historic Dodgers Stadium all the way to Ocean Park, Santa Monica happy feet will be pounding the pavement for the glorious finish.

But before the weekend ends, LA Fashion Weekend will be leaving its mark at Sunset Gower Studio smack in the middle of race day giving the marathon a good run for its money and fans.

I’m off tonight to cover Opening Night – Betsy Johnson, Dina Bar – El, Vilorija Paris with my new BFF Tracy Pattin of Adventurize Your Life.  Trés LA Neuvo Chic hits the runway at 8pm.  Check back for coverage…charging up my electronics as I type.  Twitter baby!