“Eighths,” By Melissa Ayr, Divides New York and the Country

As the art world comes alive in New York this month (March) for a host of premiere art events such as The Armory Show, The Art Show, The Whitney Biennial, the Cindy Sherman retrospective, the New Museum’s triennial, and Choices at the Guggenheim, Melissa Ayr, a Brooklyn-born contemporary abstract artist releases her latest works “Eighths” and “Buttergirl” adding to the view.

Eighths” is an ode to the exacerbated state of affairs of the American economy, the drug economy as well as the world which has been taken down by a collision of irrational exuberance, Wall Street and the American dream.  As fractions of the bond market drove the mortgage crisis into a giant inferno that took out both Boardwalk and Park Place, thinking in scarcity brought to life the worst nightmare since The Great Depression.  “Eighths”  often known as the currency of the underworld, takes the pieces of American will and determination and aspires to deliver a single united front.

 Ayr also presents “Buttergirl” a contemporary 3D painting on a mannequin torso. Obsession with the perfect butt is embodied by the youthful structure used to sell the next hot product. “Buttergirl” originally comes out of a Sears display from a store that was closed down in 2011. Sears Roebuck and Co. has been a staple of the American dream and is fading, as is, the sticks of home sweet home. Ayr states “Consumerism has changed and the colorful faceless girl of America remains beautiful despite her flaws.”

“Eighths” and “Buttergirl” will be featured during the month of March and will be showcased at an “Invitation Only” Gala Champagne Reception on Thursday, March 8, 2012. 6:00-8:00pm in Chelsea. 511 West 25th Street #406, New York, NY 10001.

To find out more about the upcoming exhibition and artist Melissa Ayr visit http://www.melissaayr.com.