Getting techy this year at Buzz Boutique, will be a bevy of technology and social media partners uniquely involved in the business of fashion.

Geting artsy will be Artist J. Pierce, creating and painting a 16-foot mural on the show floor  (

And ‘Dreaming of Chanel’  will be author Charlotte Smith (Simon & Schuster) while signing copies of her latest book “Dreaming of Chanel” in conjunction with a ‘Then & Now’ concept installation featuring 16 vintage Chanel dresses.

Dreaming of Chanel Dress Exhibit

Vintage Couture, Spanish Art by Almeriane, renowned fashion designer Betsy Johnson, daily shows, with over 60 looks per show, by legendary European fashion salon, Prêt à Porter Paris, Heart of Prêt, presenting more than 30 top French and European designers making their way into the U.S. market, including,  2026 Paris, Aventures Des Toiles,  Chacook, Fred Sabatier, Lauren Vidal, Pause Café, Rizal, Mado, every day and so much more!

It’s hard to believe that all of this can happen in one place in just a few short days —  February 13-15, 2012.

MAGIC ( ) is quickly approaching and it is certainly going to be interesting to see what is trending this year.  Leslie Gallin, VP of Footwear at Advanstar, was awesome enough to share these Super Trends for the upcoming season that we can expect to see at this year’s FN Platform show during MAGIC on February 13-15, 2012. From snakeskin to tailored looks, wedges to thigh high boots, we are sure to spot these highly anticipated styles at the show and on the street!

Leslie’s Top 5 favorites:

  1. Reptile Skins – Crocodile and snakeskin materials were spotted on the runways, but will be in full force by fall/winter 2012-13. From off-the-runway to off-the-rack, a bevy of brands have adopted this trend for the upcoming season.
  2. Mixed Materials – A fresh take on a footwear classic, brands are adding mixed materials (textures & metallics) for a luxe vibe on an otherwise tailored shoe.
  3. Buckles – For those seeking comfort and style, buckles are here to stay as a finishing detail in men’s and women’s footwear.
  4. Electric Hues – Vibrant tones have been spotted everywhere in accessories. This upcoming season will pair the toned down shades with bold color combinations for extra pop!
  5. Tailored Styles – Sleek lines and rich details such as shiny patent leather materials, have men and women walking in sophisticated, tailored looks.