” After seeing the preview of Innocent Flesh last month, the LAPD’s [Head of Human Trafficking Task Force] Detective Eric Moore said it is “as authentic as anything he’s ever seen.”

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It all comes comes down to one single over-arching, human theme:

“I want someone to love me.”

The most complex of stories could not possibly have a simpler solution in Innocent Flesh, the brand new social drama, filled with darkness and humor,  written and directed by NAACP winner Kenyetta Lethridge.

In exposing the realities of sexual exploitation, teen prostitution and trafficking of children in America, Letheridge, drives a bald, clear, cut line in the asphalt with a story that gives audiences no where to hide – no excuses – that gets right to the ‘heart’ of the matter.

Based on the real stories of four young girls and the hardships they face as underage prostitutes, we follow the shocking lives of four naive girls whose hopes of getting out of the cycle of violence is pretty much a 1 in a million chance, audiences become everything but voyeurs of life on the street.

A  bold new work.  Honest.  Shocking.

West Hollywood Patch Review

Innocent Flesh

Written and Directed by kenyetta Lethridge

Produced by Michael Mann, Diana C. Zollicoffer and Kenyetta Lethridge

Featuring: Daphne Gabriel, Clara Gabrielle, Jameelah Nuriddin, and Angelina Prendergast.