Portrait artist Maxine Smith is thrilled to announce her upcoming solo exhibition from January 11th – 24th at the JULIA DEAN GALLERY, 755 Seward Street in Los Angeles, CA. The presentation will showcase Ms. Smith’s most recent contemporary paintings created over the past four years.

“Fueled by the notion that no two faces on this earth are alike,” Ms. Smith says, “I celebrate diversity in my paintings.  It’s an artist’s challenge to bring subjects to life with a stroke of my brush.”

The artist, who was raised in New York City, says she was always inspired by people she saw on crowded streets, on subways and on buses.  Her fascination with the human face has translated into remarkable portraits that invite the viewer to imagine the stories behind the people one sees every day.

Ms. Smith discloses that she enjoys stirring an element of mystery into the creation of her work.  “All of my subjects are strangers so that I can paint without preconceived notions. As I sit at the easel with a new face before me, my heart beats a little faster. Chances are likely I will never see that person again, but I can memorialize him or her in my paintings.”

Ms. Smith’s art is characterized by her tendency to portray faces that are unique rather than conventionally beautiful.  “There’s a certain kind of face that I am drawn to,” she says.  “I know it when I see it.”  She states that she is stimulated by distinct features that allow her to transform an existing face into an unexpected narrative.

Maxine Smith’s 2012 exhibition compels us to take a deeper look at one another.