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January 2012

Innocent Flesh at the Zephyr Theatre, LA

" After seeing the preview of Innocent Flesh last month, the LAPD's [Head of Human Trafficking Task Force] Detective Eric Moore said it is "as authentic as anything he's ever seen."


The Model Critic Reviews: The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet

Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic  Recently, Gelsey Kirkland's Academy of Classical Ballet (GKA) energetically presented a truly pleasing showcase of both her young, dynamic students, as well as a debut for her newly minted, fledgling Academy.     What was... Continue Reading →

Fruit Fly at The Celebration Theatre

 Fruit Fly the new show written and performed by Leslie Jordan is enough to make any other Southern Belle blush.  And, with plenty of hilarious humor, playfulness, twists, turns, hammed up bloopers and a little bit of polite dissing, Mr.... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Trend Gossip: Red Carpet Rocker Chic(k) Erica Chase Rules!

RED RULES! The carpet wasn’t the only thing that was red in Hollywood this past weekend.  Rocker chic(k) new music artist Erica Chase sported a slick lick of power-red lipstick as she hit the carpet in high Hollywood style. First,... Continue Reading →

Food Forward

All the way in the Netherlands, Stroom Den Haag, presents us with a new exhibit entitled: Food Forward.  Definitely graphic enough to make you re-think all the binging you did over the weekend...

Most Anticipated Movie Sequel of 2012

They're at it again!, the web's leading opinion-based community, has released the results of a poll asking consumers what is the "Most Anticipated Movie Sequel of 2012" and Dark Knight Rises, the latest Batman movie, rose to the top... Continue Reading →

Worst Reality Show of 2011

As 2012 begins,, the web's leading opinion-based community, has released the results of a poll asking consumers what was the "Worst Reality Show of 2011" and the public has chosen Toddlers & Tiaras with 32% of the vote.  If you... Continue Reading →

Maxine Smith Solo Exhibition

Portrait artist Maxine Smith is thrilled to announce her upcoming solo exhibition from January 11th – 24th at the JULIA DEAN GALLERY, 755 Seward Street in Los Angeles, CA. The presentation will showcase Ms. Smith’s most recent contemporary paintings created over the past four... Continue Reading →

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