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Behind the Scenes at Studio 54 with Club Co-Founder Ian Schrager Live on Dec 24, 25 and 31

Club co-founder Ian Schrager sits with fashion icon Norma Kamali to give the definitive Studio 54 interview

For the first time ever, Ian Schrager will take listeners behind the scenes – and even into the basement of the legendary club Studio 54, on SiriusXM’s Studio 54 Radio, channel 15.

The exclusive, revealing two-part interview special, “Schrager on Studio,” will feature the visionary Studio 54 co-founder and international hotelier sitting down with fashion icon Norma Kamali to share the inside story of the legendary and iconic nightclub.

 Ian Schrager unquestionably has had his finger on the pulse of pop culture for decades. Along with Steve Rubell, he created the world’s ultimate dance explosion and a club so unique it is still a household name today all over the world.  In this one of a kind interview, Ian Schrager and Norma Kamali, talk about an era, time and place that still resonates and whose cultural impact is still being felt today.

“I never talked about Studio 54 until now,” said Schrager. “And I thought SiriusXM was the perfect place to do it.”

“Schrager on Studio” Part 1 will air Saturday, December 24 at 6:00 pm ET and “Schrager on Studio” Part 2 will air on Sunday, December 25 at 12:00 pm ET.

The interview special will be rebroadcast on Saturday, December 31 at 4:00 pm ET and Sunday, January 1 at 2:00 pm ET.

SiriusXM launched Studio 54 Radio, a 24/7 commercial-free channel devoted to the best classic dance and disco, as a tribute to the music often played in the legendary club created by Rubell and Schrager. The channel, launched in August, features music that comes from the vaults and special record collections of insiders, much of which has never been heard since the club permanently closed its doors. Studio 54 Radio also includes The Marc and Myra Show, the weekly interview series featuring Studio 54 insiders sharing many never before told personal stories and anecdotes about the renowned club.

Lady Bunny and Patricia Field at the One Night Only Opening

On October 18, SiriusXM, along with members of the original Studio 54 team, reopened Studio 54, at its original location, for “One Night Only.”

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Bailamos Dance Studio Abandons WEHO and GROOV3

They’re pulling up the floors, pulling down the mirrors and pulling out the light fixtures.

At the end of this month, Bailamos Dance Studio on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA, will be closing up shop for good.  And with the decision to end an era of ballroom dance the studio also leaves, the popular GROOVE3 “groovement”, the cardio-funk, hip hop, live DJ’d class phenomena started by dancer, choreographer, performer, Benjamin Allen, stranded and without a home.

“We started right here in WEHO two years ago with just two classes a week.  West Hollywood is our  home,” said Allen at the end of yesterday’s 12pm to 1pm weekly Sunday class, which has been regularly frequented by celebs, such as Ru Paul.

The announcement from the studio was made only this past week to Benjamin and GROOV3, Dance, Sweat, Live.  It has been rumored (although not confirmed by the studio owner or the landlord of the property) that Bailamos chose not to renew their lease which is also said to be upwards of $12,000 per month. And in only several days time, without a new space, GROOV3 may be leaving West Hollywood forever.  So far, no available dance studios or spaces large enough and with a dance floor have been found.  No other studios in the area have offered to open their doors.

In the meantime, GROOV3 is simply moving out, moving on and searching for a new additional location.  They will continue to run their classes outside of West Hollywood at their other regular spots:  Moore Dancing in Brentwood, The Sweat Spot on Sunset in Silver Lake, Your Neighborhood Studio in Culver City, and Wild Card Dance Co. in Agoura Hills.

You can, however, sign up for their newsletter and get the details on all of the classes and happenings like the upcoming Dance Dance Resolution, New Years Day 2 hour special event which will also kick off the 100 DAYS OF DANCE  campaign (join the Facebook page by clicking here), as well as the ongoing Dance Sweat Give Charity events.  Visit the website:

And if you’ve got a floor big enough to host a DJ and 60 dancers per class, they’d love to talk to you.

Celebrating Holidays with the Whole Furry Family

Tis the season! 

It’s the time of year when we feel sentimental enough to actively gather together with family and friends to share our company, gifts and most of all, food.  Our pets are part of the family too and you may be thinking of allowing them to take part in some of your festivities – aka left overs from your meal as an extra treat.

But before the party is in full swing, and your furry little guys and gals are roaming around begging for handouts or counter swiping a few goodies, you might want to consider a few food rules and maybe even inform your guests, including the kids as to what’s cool and what’s not cool.

Of course, the first question to ask is, “Is giving my pet a few table scraps a good idea to begin with?”  Well according to Lucy Postins, of the human-grade whole food pet food company, The Honest Kitchen, it’s absolutely OK.  In fact, there are lot’s of foods that are not only safe for most pets to eat, but that also add a healthy variety and extra nutrition to your dog’s and cat’s regular meals, making holiday meals  a special feast for everyone.  Of course, you still have to be careful.  There are plenty of do’s and don’ts.  Fido and Kitty can’t eat everything even though they think they can.  So here are some tips for feeding pets from the holiday dinner table.

Top recommendations to share with your pets this year around the dining table:

·         Turkey, Ham, Prime Rib and other meats. These can all be added in moderation; the key thing to remember is to never feed pets any type of cooked bones because they can splinter and damage the GI tract. Also avoid too much fat and gristle, which can potentially be dangerous. Whenever possible, choose free-range, natural and grass-fed meats, which are healthier for you and your pets.

·         Green Bean Casserole. Most pets love the sweet taste of green bean casserole, just do not include the onion topping and serve to pets in small amounts. As an alternative, you can share fresh, raw or cooked green beans to your pets as well.

·         Sweet Potatoes. These are an excellent source of beta carotene and make a highly nutritious meal addition for dogs. Steamed or baked sweet potatoes are ideal, especially since raw root vegetables can be difficult to digest. Avoid giving your pet the holiday-themed sweet potato side dishes that contain marshmallows, syrup or nuts.

·         Cranberries. These are a great addition to your pets’ meals any time of the year, but be wary of the sauce and jelly side dishes. Cranberries contain natural compounds that can help prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall, so they are an excellent choice for cats and dogs who are prone to urinary tract infections.

·         Winter Vegetables. Winter vegetables like pumpkin, squash, chard and kale are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, and are great gently cooked for pets. Avoid serving your pets large amounts of vegetables, however, that contain added salt, wine, soy sauce or butter.

Absolute NO’s for these foods for your pets.

·         Stuffing and Corn Pudding. These products tend to contain onions and raisins, as well as bread and cornmeal, which can lead to ear infections and skin problems.

·         Desserts and Cheeses. When eaten in excess, these can cause stomach problems for pets. (so a little bit of cheese is fine.  definitely no sugar)

·         Relishes, Pickles and Sauces. These condiments tend to contain heavy spices, sugar, onion and other ingredients that can cause disruption in their GI tract.

·         Toxic Foods to Pets. The following list of ingredients are toxic to pets and should not be fed to pets in any form:

o    Onions

o    Chocolate

o    Macadamia nuts

o    Grapes

o    Raisins

o    Artificial candies containing xylitol

One more tip:  If you do decide to break the established house rule of “no people food”, don’t allow your pet to gorge.  It can lead to health problems such as pancreatitis and bloat. The best thing to do is gradually add new foods into their diets to make sure they can handle them.

Are you looking to go the extra mile? You can find a whole bunch of amazing recipes in Lucy’s healthy pet recipe cookbook Made of Love.  Your pet will love you back for it while licking the plate clean!

Sometimes You Just Feel Like a…

Sitting in the corner…

on Melrose Avenue.  A perfect example of how artists are taking street art farther into the imagination and into real life at the same time.  We simply cannot call this kind of mural, graffiti any more.  Street Art.  It’s pure.  But not always simple to define.  And why do we need the definitions anyway when we all know what the artist is trying to say, at least in this case.  The thing I’m discovering more and more about street art is that it is a collective understanding.  We often can’t put what we see into words in order to explain the moment with some sort of precision, but we know it in our gut.  It’s collective recognition, thoughts and feelings.  With this piece, we know from memory.  And that’s part of the beauty, part of the fun, part of the experience.

Plant Based Vegan Holiday Bake-Off Challenge

The very cool folks over at EARTH BALANCE are at it again!  This time with a holiday bake off for a $1000 Whole Foods Gift Card and a team of expert judges Jenny Engle and Heather Goldberg of innovative, gourmet vegan food company, Spork Foods, right here in Los Angeles.

Submit Your Vegan Dessert Recipes

for the Chance to Win!

The Holidays are soon approaching and the Earth Balance Holiday Bake-Off is in full swing. The third week of the four-week competition has begun, and delicious vegan dessert recipes are on the menu!

The Earth Balance Holiday Bake-Off is a four-week competition that evaluates original, plant-based dessert recipes using at least one Earth Balance product. Each week of the contest features a different dessert theme, including our two remaining categories – cupcakes and cookies. Each week, two winners are chosen to receive Whole Foods gift cards and a year’s supply of Earth Balance. One lucky winner will take home a $1,000 Whole Foods gift card grand prize!

“The holiday season is about family traditions and recipes. Plant-based desserts are just as delicious, if not more, than desserts made with traditional ingredients.”

Throughout the four week contest, a team of culinary experts including Jenny Engle and Heather Goldberg from Spork Foods evaluate the recipes based on appeal, ease of preparation and creativity.

To qualify, recipes must be plant-based, contain an Earth Balance® product, including spreads, sticks, nut butters and soymilk, and feature one or more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts or seeds. Each week, bakers will compete to have the top recipes in a different category. The remaining recipe category schedule is:

  • December 12-18: Cupcakes
  • December 19-23: Cookies

All winners will be announced the week of January 9, 2012.

More information about the Holiday Bake-Off Recipe Contest is available at

ARTCARD LA Opening Exibition at the NELA Art Walk

ArtCard LA has a brand new collection and it’s founder, founder. Oliver Shipley wants to invite you to join in the display this Saturday evening in Highland Park, Los Angeles during NELA Art Walk.
NELArt Walk consists of galleries and art organizations located in Northeast Los Angeles who are dedicated to increase the visibility of the thriving arts community in the area. Northeast Los Angeles has a long tradition in the arts. Many working artists now continue this tradition by making their homes and having their studios here. The neighborhood is also home to many galleries, alternative arts spaces and arts organizations.




Around 400 artistis from across 95 L.A. Neighborhoods will be exhibiting this Saturday, December 10th at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park during the NELA art walk

Check us on FacebookYouTube and Twitter to find out more….

Exhibit Details

The exhibition will take place in the Annex Gallery at Avenue 50 Studio (131 No. Avenue 50 Highland Park, 90042) from December 10th to January 8th. Opening night, December 10th from 6-10 pm.
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