When My Week With Marilyn hits theaters, Marilyn lovers will have the opportunity to watch actress Michelle Williams channel this fashionable global icon.

Monroe was a private woman off set and when not strutting her sex-kitten persona, she stuck to a monochromatic wardrobe. Hardly did she ever veer from white, cream, beige, camel, red and black. Aside from her signature white halter dress, Marilyn was also famous for being photographed in chunky cardigans, Capri pants and pencil skirts. Check out how you can achieve Marilyn’s simple and luxurious look for less at UniqueVintage.com.

Double bonus for all you Southern Cali girls — the shop is located right in Burbank! I’m loving these looks.  Retro and modern at the same time.  In a word, timeless.  And best of all you don’t have to be Marilyn to wear them.

Did you know Marilyn’s measurements were recorded by her dressmaker as 36 (bust) -23 (waist) -37 (hips)  and sometimes fluctuated between that and 36-24-37. If you think about that it’s not a size 0!  So you know what?  If you are curvy these looks are also definitely for you.

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