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October 2011

Monkey Adored at the Rogue Machine

Through allegorical collage, puppetry, projection and “animal magnetism”  playwright Henry Murray explores the ideas of experientiality versus DNA, sexuality and violence, and prejudice in Monkey Adored, a humorous, modern day Animal Farm, farce. The following is a reprint of the... Continue Reading →


Color Me Fashionable!

Shine the gloom right out of those somber blacks already!

The Model Critic Review: ‘Man and Boy’

Let's put it this way: neither Plato, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, or Mother Teresa would ever go to Starbucks with this guy. Even if he picked up the tab--

Hairy Bikers Get Hungry!

Hungry? Finally a food show that takes America back to its roots of down home cooking and rebel adventure with savior fare.

Oops – Nomi Prins – She Did It Again!

The ever fabulous former Goldman Sachs managing director turned "champion of the people" during the Wall Street collapse by telling the inside story that so many people still don't wan to believe - Nomi Prins, has a new book out.... Continue Reading →

Cat Woman Speaks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some thoughts on Spontaneous Street Art also mentioning former Cat Woman (Batman & Robin) Julie Newmar and her property in Los Angeles.  The lot being so exceptionally and beautifully graffiti-ed was well worth... Continue Reading →

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