The following is a re-print from L.A. Theatre Review

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

A young girl’s confused attempt to navigate through the complexities of life and God, by volunteering herself at an infirmary for retired nuns, competing with her brother’s decision to take up the priesthood.

Not so much a journey but rather a sequence. Sister Mary Liar is more suited to television sitcom than comedic stage drama. To be fair, one woman shows are tough to do. They take a lot of guts. Carla Snowden is not only enthusiastic, she has a definitive, first-hand knowledge of, and apparent love for the characters she portrays. Her lying is more of a reaction to double standards, ironies, unfairness and low self-esteem. However, the play is drawn out in idiosyncrasies and slightly typical nun-bashing slapstick that falls short of any sort of epiphany.

Ms. Snowden, by trade, is a comedic performer, her strong point. This show does have flow. But the transitions were a bit weak. I would have like to have seen more weight and technical superiority with her character changes. Ms. Snowden is certainly capable. Perhaps it was simply a lack of strong direction. The show never really comes to a point. But in truth, it isn’t necessary. Worth a look if you are seeking very light humor and sweet sentiment.

Written and performed by Carla Snowden
Produced by Chris McGowan