by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The following review is a reprint from L.A. Theatre Review

Beneath Rippling Water Theatre of Note Hollywood Fringe FestivalTheatre of NOTE presents a woman of true power with actor, writer, producer Sybil Walker in her one woman show, Beneath Rippling Water, concluding the final days of the Hollywood Fringe Festival with one of its most dramatic, tantalizing, and poetic anthems.  “She packed a wallop!”

From the moment I walked into the theater, eyed the set and felt the energy in the room, I just knew I was in for a serious theater going experience. So it was no surprise when the actress began by illuminating the dark and the story with a striking, dauntless, courageous tenor.

Her mama didn’t tell her about this side of love. Love was all of the happy things, the romance, the beauty. She never said it would be hard like this. Hard, desperate, ugly. She never said he’d leave me. She never said…

Impressively bold, compelling, solid, and uninhibited, Ms. Walker elucidated the secret stories of four women, though 15 characters, and their journeys of life and love, capturing the raw underbelly of desires, promises, expectations and lies with humor and depth. And there was nothing – not even the cell phone ringing loundly in the first row at the top of the show – that could break this paladin’s “game” or commitment.

Brilliantly directed by Gregg T. Daniel. Effortless and fluid choreography by Joyce Guy and Robyn Gardenhire. Stage Design by Tricia Allen. Music Compositions by Stuart K. Robinson and Robert Max.