HFF11 Lost Moon Radio Episode X: Seriously, it was so like…radio!

The following review originally appeared in print and online at LA Theatre Review

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

What? This was alive theatre performance? Get out! No. Seriously…it was so like..RADIO!

Way beyond story and what a rider thanks to DJ Jupiter Jack traveling 200,000 miles back to earth to blog at the nearest Internet cafe and to host Episode X of Lost Moon Radio at California’s favorite Orange County Fair, completely with the Moon Units band a cast of comedic ‘characters’ and 80s rock & roll guest stars, Heart!

It’s hard to describe the indescribable. But, ok, I’ll try. Monty Python meets Puff the Magic Dragon meets Glee meets Forbidden Broadway meets NPR meets Lil’ Wayne and throw in a few magic mushrooms for a little something extra-I am out of breath!

If you were looking for a bizarre, good time, hysterically funny, completely irreverent, twisted vulgarity and drama filled to the max – look no further. Jupiter Jack has returned to us to explore the subject of travel through time and dimension, ditzy folksongs, salacious rap, sour relationships, a cat named Boots, a Summer camp where the councilors have to defend their lives from a ghost that won’t die, and Jim Morrison giving a White House Tour.

The audience is transported into the realm of absolute ironic insanity and absurdity – loving it all the way. There is even and ode the the E Street Band – stuck in traffic.

Every actor and musical performer was hard-core outstanding! Dare I say, ‘tour de force’. Yes, I will. Gut busting!

“Time to retire SNL”

Playing at the Fringe MainStage 6/23 @ 8pm; 6/24 @8:30pm: 6/25 @ 10pm


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