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2011 Hollywood Fringe Re-cap

Is it three weeks already?  Seems like the days and night blew by.

Well, even having to compete for a second time in a row with the Los Angeles Film Festival, The 2011 Hollywood Fringe had a damned good turnout and was bursting with talent.  I was fortunate enough to experience some of the truly special offerings for which I feel  satisfied enough to repose in the lush, vivid, haze of my theatrical jubilee for  at least the next few months.  Plus, there are some movies I am dying to catch up on before they leave the theatres.  I will not be culture-free!

So as promised, here is a recap of my own reviews, along with the many others written by fellow journalists during this year’s run.  Thank you to all involved from the players, to the volunteers, to the dedicated mascots who walked Santa Monica Blvd overdressed in temperature elevating (and I don’t mean sexy) costumes, to the audiences who did show and everyone else.

What did I learn?  People everywhere are dying for an “experience.”

So go out and “GET SOME CULTURE!”

See you next year…

     Beneath the Rippling Water at Theatre of NOTE

     A Horse
      Blood Fruit at The Lounge Theater
     A Mess of Things at Fringe Central
     Lost Moon Radio at Fringe Central
     Honor and Fidelity:  The Ballad of a Borinqueneer
     American Addict
     N’afia at Fringe Central
(I got the lead review on this day!)
     The Audition at Fringe Central
     Deity Clutch at the Complex
     Sister Mary Liar at Fringe Central
    The Next Best Thing

The Model Critic Reviews ABT’s Giselle

Bang! Out of the (Black) Box

“And we’re off!”

The Hollywood Fringe Festival has begun and right from the start shows are putting their best feet forward.  I am pleased to say that I probably had the very good fortune to see one of the best playing in the next two weeks that Fringe has to offer.

THE NEXT BEST THING written and performed by Antonio Sacre was a powerhouse that not only touched my heart but tickled me pink with its humor — some of which takes place in my own home town (Boston, MA).  A must see for — and this will be a surprise — all men heartbroken or destined to be.  Read my review on LA Theater Weekly for more…