Katherine Pawlak Rocks Fans at The Staples Center

Katherine Pawlak, Nick Perez, Michael Marigliano, and Chris Razze all share one thing in common…their love for Sad Robots. Their music is a combined effort of quirky meets indie rock. Powerful, cutting edge lyrics are sung with intensity over amazing guitar riffs, bass lines, and big a** drums courtesy of Chris Razze the real robot of the group.  Selected as one of four finalists out of, and I was only just informed, over 2000 music submissions from all over the country, if you haven’t seen them live, don’t miss the music of these Steam Punk inspired shooting stars online!

Chris Razze Drums Robot Love at The Staples Center

Now it’s time to vote for our favorite  band in Los Angeles.  98.7 FM will be hosting a CD release party for their new upcoming EP.  FOX aired them on live TV and they rocked the Staples Center Jumbo Tron, their sponsors, Rocco’s Old School Tatoo, Schecter Guitar, who awarded them a fine instrument for their selection, Mickey Yeh and The Examiner.com who just published a 3 part feature on them and most of all LA Kings fans who stuck around to hear Little Miss Bi-Polar and mechanicals get down even after the game started!

Mike Marigliano Thanks Schecter Guitars with Some Robot Rock!

Show us some Sad Robot love and visit their official LA Kings page and vote!  And you can “love” them as many times as you want (that’s kinda hot) by visiting the link:  http://kings.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=67957

Vote for SAD ROBOT!

Nick Razze Robot Romances LA Kings Fans