Gia On The Move


July 2010

The Model Critic Reviews Theatre: 7 Miles From Prison

In essence, this autobiography traces Shane's youthful struggle with being gay in a seemingly hostile environment. Seems like the table is set for an ominous, updated psychological lynching. But surprisingly, what we get is mostly hagiography, not mayhem.


Ballet Lessons: En L’Air

en l'air is a movement to be made in the air...

Ballet Review: ABT – Lady of the Camellias

Both Julie Kent and Roberto Bolle are well cast in their respective roles--Bolle, as Armand, a classic figure, tall, dark, courtly with noble lines, and Kent, as Marguerite, airy, limpid, and ethereal. When they dance, he gives of himself totally in burning love and adoration. In beautiful, spiraling lifts, effortless carries, and melts to the floor, the dancers become one.

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