Worth The Ticket



What does it mean to be Worth The Ticket?

For Gia On The Move, it’s a show that “gives good play” all around. It takes a lot of work: thought, time, energy, money — commitment — to put up a show.  So it’s no small task to accomplish. Actors, writers, composers, directors, producers, costumers, set, sound and lighting designers are highly invested  in creating a unique experience for theatregoers.  But some just stand out.

Overall Storytelling that resonates and is clear to understand because the elements have synergistically merged — whether for a sophisticated audience member highly attuned to the nuances of a script or musical score, or simply a person walking into a theatre for the very first time, the experience should transform, shift, entertain, evoke and allow any person to, at the very least,  “get” the material. Being worth the ticket means, perfect or not, the show does that and more.

So Gia On The Move takes a look and listen at every production through more than 25 years of on-stage  peformance as a theatrical professional, and off-stage as a producer and writer, to relate to the audience an insider’s point of view.

Reviews are also dialogs for readers as well as critisms that hopefully present an honest and balanced perspective. Of course the technical details are critiqued, but in the end, the show is for YOU.  And it’s got to be worth the price of admission.

13 responses to “Worth The Ticket

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