Worth The Ticket



What does it mean to be Worth The Ticket?

Well, by Gia On The Move’s standards, it’s a show that “gives good play” all around.

Every production has a tremendous amount of thought, time and energy put into it.  But some just stand out.

Overall storytelling, strong actor participation, set designs, costumes, lighting, music, direction…that’s got to resonate enough for anyone to “get it.” (Of course, that doesn’t mean the crowd won’t be challenged.  Gosh!  A little bit of stimulation never hurt anyone!)

Gia On The Move tries to look at all of these elements as an average audience member; as someone who may have never even been to a theatrical production before, might experience it. I might be a critic, but I’m always, first and foremost a member of the audience.  I go for the show!

And also, because both Gia and Carlos, The Model Critic, in New York City, have more than 25 years of professional theatrical performance, production and education experience respectively, on stage and off, the audience gets the benefit of an insider’s point of view. We don’t just write out it.  We’ve done it for a living!

It can’t be fluff.  It’s got to be worth your time, your travel, emotional dedication and, it’s plain got to be interesting!  It’s got to be worth the price of admission.

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