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May 20, 2015          Gaming in Color: The Queer Side of Gaming

May 19, 2015          Ellison Ballet Celebrates 10 Years at Symphony Space NYC   

May 16, 2015            Inland Pacific Ballet Presents Beauty and the Beast

May 7, 2015             63 Trillion at the Odyssey Theatre

February 24, 2015     Theatre Uleashed Presens Ligature Marks at the Crown

February 18, 2015      I Am Already Well at the Lounge Theatre

February 17, 2015      The Model Critic Reviews: The Iceman Cometh at BAM

February 10, 2015     Pulp Shakespeare (Or Bard Fiction) at Theatre Asylum

February 5, 2015       What’s Up For The Weekend? Hell County Florida

January 29, 2015      No Magic at the Mariinsky for Cinderella

January 23, 2015     Serrano The Musical at the Matrix Theatre

January 20, 2015    Silent Witnesses at the Odyssey Theatre

January 8, 2015     Don’t Dress For Dinner at the Lonny Chapman

December 21, 2014    The Model Critic Reviews: Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing

December 18, 2014   Indian Ink is a Tom Stoppard Gem

December 11, 2014    Almost Maine at the Hudson Mainstage

December 10, 2014    Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

December 10, 2014    Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen’s Classic Novel with Puppets at the Broad Stage


November 30, 2014     Ed Asner Is The President in FDR

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 19, 2014     King Lear at the Broad Stage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 13, 2014     Independent Shakespeare Presents Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 4, 2014    Pope!  An Epic Musical at the Belfrey Stage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 29, 2014   Broomstick: Starring Jenny O’Hara at the Fountain

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 25, 2014         Re-Animator The Musical 

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 20, 2014    The Zombie Effect: A North Hollywood Invasion

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 18, 2014     The Behavior of Broadus: Jacob Sidney Takes The Lead

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 10, 2014     The Rumor Has It at the Rockwell Table & Stage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 2, 2014     Antonio Sacre: The Storyteller “Stripped”

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 23, 2014    Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening DTLA

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 18, 2014    Hollywood Party at the Hudson Mainstage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 12, 2014    Buried Child at the Whitefire Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 8, 2014    HI-TECH HIJACK – A Musical In Three Bytes 

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 5, 2014    3 Shorts by Tim McNeil at Stella Adler Academy

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 3, 2014    The Most Massive Woman Wins

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconAugust 28, 2014     I Wanna Hold Your Hand at Theatre of Note

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconAugust 21, 2014    Lost in Lvov: A Los Angeles Encore Presentation

pop_art_canstockphoto15504972August 14, 2014    Post Contraband Graffiti: Go Directly To Jail

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconAugust 9, 2014  Peanuts to Pathos: Absolutely Filthy at NYC Fringe

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconAugust 8, 2014    6 RMS RIV VU at the Sierra Madre Playhouse

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconAugust 7, 2014   Moon Over Buffalo in Burbank at GTC

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJuly 24, 2014     The Inkwell Theater presents the World Premiere of Luigi

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJuly 16, 2014    All’s Well That Ends Well

music iconJuly 2, 2014    Pete Escovedo: Latin Jazz Magic and Music at the Hollywood & Highland Summer Concert Kick-Off

Hollywood Fringe 2014June, 2014   The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMay 16, 2014    Vivien at The Acting Artists Theatre Hollywood


May 15, 2014     Holding the Man at the Matrix Theatre Los Angeles

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMay 8, 2014     Rocky Broadway is a Hit: The Model Critic Reviews

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMay 7, 2014      Defining Taste at Sacred Fools

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMay 2, 2014     Beyond Sight at the Stella Adler Theatre, Hollywood

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMay 1, 2014     Jealousy at the Ford Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconApril 25, 2010    The Vortex at Malibu Playhouse

music iconApril 17, 2014      Farewell Charlotte Sometimes: RIP

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconApril 10, 2013     A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Puppets at the Broad Stage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconApril 3, 2014         The Monica Davis Show at Studio C

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 26, 2014    Closely Related Keys at the Lounge Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 23, 2014    Tartuffe at the Belfrey Stage

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 20, 2013    A Steady Rain at the Odyssey Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 13, 2013     Derby Day at the Elephant Theatre

music icon

March 3, 2014         Rory Partin: That Boy Good

music iconFebruary 21,2013  It’s Friday: Here’s Your Trinidad Senolia Connection

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconFebruary 13, 2014     Belfrey at the Malibu Playhouse

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconFebruary 6, 2014    The Fourth Estate: A Brief Look at a New Work

music iconFebruary 5, 2014   Bobby Alt Presents SIN*ATRA: A Man & His Music

icon_dance_002January 15, 2014    Around Town Los Angles: Flamenco at the El Cid

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJanuary 2, 2014      Let’s Misbehave!  ICT Long Beach Reinvents the Music of Cole Porter


Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconDecember 19, 2013    The Visceral Company Presents The Mystery Plays

music iconDecember 5, 2013    Hi Fashion Freaking The Halls of the Bootleg

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 21, 2013    Bash at The Asylum Lab

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 15, 2013    Breaking and Entering at Zombie Joe’s

music iconNovember 14, 2013    Cruzmatik: Our Style Is Our Message

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconNovember 7, 2013    The Pain and the Itch

icon_dance_002October 31, 2013    The Model Critic Is Back! Reviews for Ballet Inc. and San Francisco Ballet

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconOctober 2, 2013    Man Up at Studio C

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 14, 2013    The Dream of the Burning Boy

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconSeptember 29, 2013    Rogue Artists Ensemble: Have You Seen This Heart?

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJuly 27, 2013           Nickel & Dimed

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJuly 2, 2013             Let Them Eat Meat A Solo Performance by Antonio Sacre 

June 2013                Hollywood Fringe Festival Reviews 2013 – a short compilation

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconApril 7 2013    The Arcadia Center and The Drowsy Chaperone

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 27, 2013        The Curious Savaged: Gia On The Move Reviews

icon_dance_002March 26, 2013        Edward Villella: The Boy Who Could Fly

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 21, 2013        Veronica’s Room at The Underground Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconMarch 14, 2013         The Last Day of Judas Iscariot at the Victory Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconFebruary 27, 2013     Gia On The Move Reviews: Plays in the Park

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconstar goldFebruary 20, 2013     Gia On The Move Gets: Absolutely Filthy @ Sacred Fools

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconFeburary 10, 2013     Picnic at the Roundabout: The Model Critic Reviews

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconFebruary 1, 2013        This Vicious Minute: Gia On The Move Revisits

icon_dance_002January 26, 2013        The Model Critic Reviews: Tarantella Spider Dance

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJanuary 25, 2013        Happy Face Sad Face at the Elephant Lillian Theatre

Theatre-Set-Theatre-masks-iconJanuary 24, 2013        Tom Rubin Success Guru: Failure IS an Option


December 13, 2012     KAWL Goes Off The Air with It’s A Wonderful Life

December 5, 2012       The Model Critic Reviews: The Mystery of Edwin Drood 

December 4, 2012       Broken Anchor: A Perfect Synergy (music + video)

November 21, 2012     The Magic Bullet Theory: Funny Satire or JFK Infraction

November 15, 2012     Gia On The Move Reviews: Snowangel at Studio C Artists 

October 29, 2012          Gia On The Move Reviews: Those Whom The Gods Love 

October 17, 2012          The Model Critic Reviews: RTC’s: Cyrano de Bergerac  

October 10, 2012         ClownMa Dell’Arte Presents the 0% – Occupy WHAT Street?     

September 17, 2012    If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet: The Model Critic Reviews

June 13, 2012                This Vicious Minute @ The 2012 Hollywood Fringe

May 21, 2012                  The Visceral Company Presents: The Turn of the Screw

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