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This Shirt Could Save Your Life

Commuter Fashion Brilliance


Since 2008, Betabrand has been clothing commuters with hybrid work/bike attire that’s designed to perform equally well astride cycles or Aeron chairs. Now, plaid pulsars and shiny hineys are illuminating the streets of San Francisco, thanks to its latest collection of bike-to-workwear.   The online clothier has woven reflective elements into a new collection of shirts, jackets, pants, and scarves.

Shirts are made of soft poly cotton with reflective 3M threads woven within.

Trousers feature reflective cuffs and clever, cornea-searing V-flaps that deploy from the rider’s rear.

Jackets feature shiny epaulettes and flaps that riders can reveal at night.

You can see the entire collection here.

1gbike dance

About Betabrand

Betabrand is an online clothing company based in San Francisco that releases new products every day and crowdsources design ideas and photography from customers.  Since launching in 2010, Betabrand has released a host of Internet fashion hits, including Executive Hoodies, Sock Insurance, Bike to Work Pants, Space Jackets, Cordarounds, and Gay Jeans.

1dbike bikejack2 bikejack


Eco-Friendly Sustainability in RAREFORM


RAREFORM is creating quite a wave in the outdoor market with it’s innovative, eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. Aimed to reduce waste and sustain our natural playground, RAREFORM creates one-of-a-kind bags and accessories that protect both your gear and the environment. By using an “upcycling” process, RAREFORM is able to take billboards before they hit landfills and transform them into completely individualized works of art- perfectly fit for the active lifestyle. Founder and outdoor enthusiast, Alec Avedissian’s brilliant idea of “billboards to bags” came to mind during a surf trip to El Salvador where he noticed locals using old billboards to protect their homes from nature’s elements. Launched in September 2012 and specializing in surf, RAREFORM’s stylish products are padded, waterproof, mildew-proof, and as tough as the products they protect. The brand offers all types of uniquely well -designed accessories ranging from surf bags, paddle bags, totes and backpacks to laptop and cell phone sleeves.

rare form 

What Gia On The Move loves about this brand!:

RAREFORM has pledged to donate 1% of sales to support the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.

“With a continued commitment to the principles that got the whole thing started-quality, sustainability, and style - RAREFORM’s best days are still ahead,” Avedissian says. RAREFORM is sold in stores such as Patagonia, REI, and other outdoor retailers with prices ranging from $40-125; www.RAREFORM.com.

Binge vs Budget: Un-Taxing Shopping Advice from Stylist Gen Bell


Tax season ends in 17 days. For many of us that means a nice hunk of refund dough on its way just begging to be spent. Here’s a tip:  Don’t blow it all in the wrong places.  In fact, ladies, and you know who you shop-a-holics are, if you’re pining for an upgrade to your Spring and Summer looks, instead plan on saving those dollars. You can!

Wardrobe stylist Gen Bell offered us some great money saving tips on how to achieve maximum style impact with minimum wallet binge for tax season and for throughout the year.

1. Have a set budget!

Having a set budget on how much you’d like to spend is key. Everyone has different methods that work best for him or her. Some people prefer to use cash so that they can see exactly how much they’re spending and on what. My personal method is to create a budget first, let’s say $100. Then I figure out how many outfits I’d like to have from the $100, let’s say 4 outfits. Then I start window-shopping and comparing prices from different stores. I always check both online and in actual stores. Often times you’ll find the best mark down prices online!

2  Hit the Discount Stores

You can find stylish bargains at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and DSW.  Designer duds for a fraction of the price!  But be careful, just because a store is inexpensive doesn’t mean you’ll save any money if you over spend.  Learn control.

3. Learn to Do-it-Yourself

Learning how to make a few, simple alterations can save you lots of money down the line.  Master the basics of sewing, replacing buttons, and hemming pants. If you’re a busy professional like most of us, then find a local seamstress in your neighborhood that can make the simple alterations for you. The point is to have you clothes last you for a long time. So if you loose a couple of pounds and can’t fit those jeans anymore, make the necessary alterations so that you can reincorporate those jeans back into your wardrobe.

(Check out this totally rockin’ video that Gen styled for our other favorite Jen)

4. Shop Out of Season

Seasoned shoppers shop for spring and summer items in the fall, and buy your fall and winter looks when spring rolls around. Clothing is always cheaper when they are out of season.

5. Avoid Impulse Shopping or Emotional Shopping

Many of us can’t fight the urge to impulse buy.  Remind yourself when the urge arises, are these shoes worth it right at this moment?  Do not buy the shoes, wait a couple of days and if you still want them and rationalize your need then buy them.

6. Think About What’s Already in Your Closet

When shopping, build a wardrobe around one or two color families that you already have.  Keep your current wardrobe in mind when you shop, and don’t buy anything that won’t go with at least two or three other items that you own.

7. Take Care of Your Clothing

Caring for your clothes will help them last longer.  Use the right amount of detergent, avoid the dryer when possible and hang and fold clothes properly. Pack your seasonal wardrobe! You don’t need your winter clothes hanging in your closet all summer long. Pack them in air tight containers that are designed to keep the moisture out and your clothes fresh!

8. Shop Vintage and Consignment

Fashion is cyclical!  Trends from the past always make a comeback so don’t shy away from vintage and consignment shops.   It may take longer to find exactly what you are looking for at a used clothing store so you must have patience and bring a friend for a fun movie montage.

9.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.  No outfit is complete without the right accessories.  Take a simple dress and accessorize it in different ways to create completely different looks each time!  This will expand your wardrobe without having to buy a new outfit for every occasion.

Check out more of Gen Styling advice and services online: www.genbell.com

About Gen Bell:

Wardrobe stylist and creative director, Gen Bell is the true embodiment of a career girl in every aspect. Bell was born in Chicago and is currently styling key individuals in the South Florida community in film, fashion and music.  Bell has worked one on one with designers, boutiques, production companies, models and more.  As a previous writer for Haute Living, Gen Bell has an impressive resume for a newbie.  With a portfolio centered on beauty, video, celebrity/music, and street-chic styling, Bell has a vast knowledge of creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. Working with color palettes, silhouettes, and design, Gen Bell pulls together elements and principles to create a final “product” which sets apart from the rest.



Style Is Timeless – In The Black at Magic Las Vegas 2014

In the black

In the black

In the blac

In the black


Carrie Underwood’s CMA Fashion Mashup: Alpana Neeraj Style

carrie2Alpana Neeraj  has hugged the figures of celebs like Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Hurley and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.  But it is Carrie Underwood who seems to have given this India brand the attention it deserved at the 47th Annual CMA Awards on November 6th in Nashville, TN.
Style Statement.
With a total of 10 wardrobe changes, Carrie opted for two dresses by the New Delhi designer duo Alpana Neeraj.  Carrie wore a Black and Gold Mesh Cocktail Dress with Gold Leather Detailing for her opening look, and performed with the cast of Duck Dynasty in a Black Smoke Print Peplum Style with Mesh Inserts.
We haven’t had a chance to see these pieces up close and their website is still under construction. But we have to admit, it does have a sort of urban cowgirl feel and it certainly wasn’t difficult for Carrie to cute it up in her new duds!
We’ll just call it, “floating somewhere between ready to wear and costume.” It’s definitely bold.  We’ll be interested to see what’s to come from this line as it makes its way more and more into the mainstream.
Alpana Neeraj made their runway debut in 2008 at Willis Lifestyle India Fashion Week.  Both Alpana and Neeraj are graduates from the National Institue of Fashion Technology in India, and together have won several awards for their graduate collections.  The duo specializes in structured statement pieces with perfect asymmetrical precision.
Here’s how they originally looked on the runway…
Alpana Neeraj
And here’s how milady wears this designer…
Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.18.39 PM

Fashion Star Friday: Under Cover Hoodie NYC

hoodieEarlier this year Gia On The Move’s Contributing Beauty Editor, Chris Paleo attended a B:Scott Collection kick-off event at New York’s Lower East Side retail boutique, The Hoodie Shop for NBC’s Fashion star, Brandon Scott.

Chris & Brandon

Suffice it to say, it was a fabulous event and I’m not sure how it ended up not making it to the blog right away. But as under cover “chic” never seems to go out of style, and ’tis the season (almost), we thought we’d give you the mini. You can check their website for more. Frankly, we love his stuff! And the B:Scott Collection is not just What’s Hot Now, but What’s Hot ALWAYS!

image-1 image-2……………………………………………..The Hoodie Shop, co-founded by Aleah Speranze (also the creator of Hoodie Girl) and designer Brandon Scott share a love for hooded apparel and style that balances fashion and function. As a buyer, Aleah was drawn to Brandon’s edgy but casual aesthetic.  Aleah explains, “Brandon has this way of reinventing the hoodie season after season.”

image-8 image-4








The Hoodie Shop is a new kind of experience, one that exists at the intersection of clothing and culture. A “retail anomaly” (New York Magazine), the clubhouse morphs from retail space to movie theatre to intimate venue which includes a secret DJ booth and carries pieces by breakout designers, to vintage finds, jackets, outerwear scarves and one-of-a-kinds available nowhere else.

The Hoodie Shop


oo la LA Fashion Weekend

Piper GoreSaturday night at LA Fashion Weekend which took place at the Sunset Gower Studios in Los Angeles hosted by Mikey Kaufman, gave us hope that LA could be more than just bikinis and jeans. Featured designers Nicole Lee, Aamber Aleyna, Nathanelle Couture, Choe Evangeline and Piper Gore offered some seriously flirtatious, sexy and uber feminine, wearable daytime to evening styles with a special treat of whimsical handbag pairings.  This is but a taste. More of the photos at Gia On The Move’s facebook page including Nobu Hotel’s Kabuki Angels.

and for the record…here I am (Gia) wearing one of my favorite (NYC) designers, Cesar Galindo

Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

She’s So 80’s “And We LOVE it!”

Jessica Alba, Members Only

Members Only has come a long long way from the 80’s especially now that trendsetter Jessica Alba has begun showing off her new fave with a selfie on  Instagram recently.


Leather Moto Jacket is this season’s totally updated retro/modern “Comeback Kid” getting your ready for Fall.($428,www.membersonlyoriginal.com).

Dr. Scholl’s: The Original Comfort Icon Gets Trendy


by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


Is There a Doctor in the House?

What can I say. As kitschy as the phrase is, I couldn’t resist. Nor could I resist loving the new Dr. Scholl’s line of footwear for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Yeah, I see you looking at me like, “What, are you kidding?” And actually, “No, I’m not!”

The recent Dr. Scholl’s special event at Fred Segal Santa Monica featured a whole new look and feel for the foot care manufacturer who has come a very long way since creating the perfectly simple, playfully chic, and crafted in wood to last through the years, Original Exercise Sandals.  The cute and durable cloppity-clops were a hit for decades but heavy on the feet.

Dr. Scholl's menThat’s all changed with the advent of lighter base materials, multi-textures – leather, distressed suedes and pony – featured in deliciously modern styles for both men and women. Guys especially will really love the serious hip cool factor of updated classics shoes and boots. Best of all, the new new Dr. Scholl’s are as light as a feather, keeping with the founder’s ideal of a truly authentic lifestyle brand of shoes that are rooted in comfort.


ErinI caught up with Erin Foltz of Bollare Showroom and asked her how her strut stood after many hours of standing around in her “Flame” leopard ankle booties.  “They’re so comfortable! I’ve been in them all day.” (And she looks totally hot, right?).

The event space has been pulled down, but the Fall line is still available for purchase at Madison Fred Segal, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401, as well as online at the Dr. Scholl’s Original store.

Check out the Spring 2014 line (not yet in stores) below and visit the Gia On the Move Facebook page for more photos.

Spring 2014 spring women's

Style Alerts: Scarlett Johansson in Level 99 Again!

LOS ANGELES – September 5, 2013 – Scarlett Johansson was photographed in Level 99 leaving the Venice Film Festival yesterday.  The newly engaged actress wore the Tanya High Rise Skinnies for the second timeWhile she rocked the style in Watson wash yesterday, she wore the Adams wash back in late July ($120).

2037 1864


Celebrate Literature Through Fashion – Enter the Toms and Out of Print Back-To-School Sweepstakes

pigeonTOMS and Out of Print have teamed up once again for their back to school sweepstakes – a chance to win some awesome prizes! The contest runs until Wednesday, September 4, 9:00am EDT. The winners will be announced Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Head over to Out of Print Clothing now for your chance to win! 

* Please note that entering your email is an opt-in for both TOMS and Out of Print’s email lists.  Here at Gia On The Move, we don’t particularly like to enforce other people’s rules.  But if you are ok with it, simply click on the image below.  You can always opt out.  Just suggesting…

Toms, Out of Print, Gia, Gia On The Move, back to school, clothing

About Out of Print:

Out of Print’s mission is to celebrate literature through fashion and help increase access to books around the world. Out of Print licenses and designs original artwork from iconic literary classics to create unique conversation starters in the form of apparel, tote bags, iPhone cases, stationery items, accessories and novelty gift items. To date, Out of Print has helped donate 600,000 books to communities in need through their partnership with Books For Africa.

Magic Knitting Factory Project

The Knitting FactoryMusic and entertainment brand Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) is back at Project Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas today August 19-­‐ 21st, the third appearance at PROJECT, since June.

Look for Knitting Factory Entertainment in Booth 21114—and they shouldn’t be hard to find as this year’s booth will be twice the size as KFE’s 2012 PROJECT setup.

KFE’s global entertainment lifestyle collection launched in January 2012. The KFE collection boasts unique and original pieces in many categories including apparel, accessories and leather goods with an eye on footwear, headwear, electronics and skate decks. Inspired by the brand’s heritage of creating uniquely American collections, it features homegrown collaborations and pieces made in the United States and Europe. At this year’s PROJECT, KFE will be unveiling new tee, hoodie and bag designs. They will also introduce apparel with venue-­‐specific designs available for purchase at the KFE concert houses’ newly created retail spaces.

The Knitting FactoryThis year, the brand is expanding THE KNIT COLLECTION. With a nod—and a wink—to New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, the KF Brooklyn Metro Tee, the debut item in the Knitting Factory Entertainment lifestyle collection, brings style, quality and social consciousness together in what looks and feels like a favorite old concert t-­‐shirt. KFE proudly offers this 100% American Made, organic cotton tee with sustainable design and manufacturing from field to printing. This season, KFE has supplemented the Metro Tee with four new SKU’s including “Black Heart Procession;” “Cops;” “Gazer” and Fela (bearing the face of Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, which KFE launched as a household brand last season. As producers of the eponymous Tony Award-­‐winning Broadway show Fela!, KFE will be displaying items from his collection of album artwork, show graphics and more.

brooklyn“Knitting Factory already has deals to produce apparel—tees, accessories and novelty products— featuring incredible imagery from iconic shows held at Knitting Factory venues.” The collection is rolling out at newly designed retail spaces within Knitting Factory Concert Houses in Brooklyn, Boise, Spokane and Reno, as well as at at retailers across the globe including boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Asia, Europe and Australia.

KFE has continued to build on previous agreements in place for accessories and US-­‐made apparel with the likes of Groceries Apparel (www.groceriesapparel.com) and Ecoteka (www.ecotekaworld.com); as well as expanding the KFE brand by signing on French clothing and accessories company KOTHAI, (www.kothai.fr) slated to roll out a line of leather accessories in Europe including bags, wallets and iPad cases, t-­‐shirts and other apparel. New licensee Atlanta-­‐based fashion and apparel company Fallen Arrows (http://fallenarrows.com).

About Knitting Factory Entertainment

Founded in 1987 with its first venue opening in New York City, Knitting Factory Entertainment is a creative producer, manager and distributor of universal music content, film/TV and theatrical events: The Company operates music venues across the country including New York, California, Idaho, Washington and Nevada; Knitting Factory Presents, one of the top 50 promoters in the world, produces national and international tours, concerts and events; Knitting Factory Records, along with its partners Partisan Records and Young One Records, manages recorded music catalogues and current artists and releases content in all formats as well as music-­‐branded DVDs; and Figure Eight Media and Knitting Factory Management and Van Johnson Company, which handles the careers of emerging and critically acclaimed recording and theatrical artists both in the U.S. and overseas. The Federal Bar, located in Los Angeles, was KFE’s first large scale gastropub and events complex; it has just opened a second location in Long Beach, CA. Bow & Truss, a Latin-­‐themed bistro, launched in 2012. The District Bar in Spokane, WA launched adjacent to the Knitting Factory concert house there in February 2013.