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Date Night Dressing on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Will you flirt with the holiday’s blushing color palette or honor the classic little black dress?  Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or are heading out for an evening with friends, whatever your style, Judith & Charles presents a number of swoon-worthy options to make the evening memorable.
Judith & Charles
With dainty cap sleeves and a feminine flared skirt, the Delancey dress makes an elegant statement for day or evening.
Or elect the flattering shape of the Dove sheath dress in a juicy, hibiscus hue for a look that will have all eyes on you.
Judith & Charles
For a sweet salute to the occasion, consider the Deanna dress in soft nude fiercely paired with a cropped Italian-leather bomber.
Alternatively, for a look that’s supremely sexy and chic, the deep-V neckline of the Julien jacket paired with a slim black trouser and high-heeled pump will render you unforgettable.

Downtown Flea Goes Weekly In Los Angeles

Starting Sunday, January 26th, the flea will hit the Historic Core every Sunday 10a.m.-4:00p.m.

Downtown Flea logo

Since its launch in July 2013, Downtown Flea has been dubbed “The Best Flea Market in Los Angeles”; making Angelenos request it take place weekly rather than monthly.

The marketplace will also be refined in size, occupying two parking lots, and host 135 prime vendors to and guarantee every event will be the quintessential shopping experience.  The flea’s hand-picked local vendors will offer unique items ranging from first-rate vintage clothing and furniture to handmade accessories and housewares.

Prized for being not just a flea market but also a block party, Downtown Flea will be stacked with DJs and food trucks. New participating food trucks include, El Nosh and Son Of A Bun – two gourmet eateries delivering meals on wheels by renowned chefs – attending January 26th.


El NoshChefs Eric Greenspan and Roberto Treviño, from The Next Iron Chef, created El Ñosh- a Latin Delicatessen, which serves up an inventive menu of Latin-Jewish fusion cuisine including appetizers such as Pastrami and Dill Pickle Croquetas with yellow mustard, Matzah Ball “Albondiga” Soup with Beef Consommé & Chipotle Braised Celery, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese “Quesadillas” with Red Onion & Cucumber Salad, entrees such as Beef Brisket with Horseradish “Pozole”, Beets & Radish, Kasha “Congrí” with Romesco, “Calabaza”, “Cotija” Cheese & Zatar and desserts such as Poppy & Sesame Seed Crusted Churros with Gelt Melt and Guava & Cream Cheese Blintzes.

Son of a BunSon Of A Bun is a Los Angeles-based food truck run by Christina Meyer, culinary developer for MobiMunch, that stacks up the finest, freshly made burgers, dogs, and donuts made with local and sustainable ingredients.  Menu creations start by choosing a protein – fresh hand-pressed burgers, 24-hour marinated all-natural chicken, or grilled hot dogs that snap.  Second, choose a style – House, Western, Avoegg, or Picante.  Then the mouthwatering sides, S.O.B. Fries, sweet and tangy House Slaw, and Seasonal Salad with basil, tomato, and mozzarella tossed in olive oil.

Downtown Flea

246 S. Spring Street

Los AngelesCA 90015

Follow Downtown Flea on Twitter @DTFlea

Like Downtown Flea on Facebook www.facebook.com/downtownflea.

Virginia Postrel and The Power of Glamour

The Power of Glamourby Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


Why do we need glamour? Whether you can define that question right away for yourself, or even think you might at least be close to the answer, hold that thought.

In her new book,  author, columnist, and speaker, Virginia Postrel lets us in on the simple but definitive secret…We NEED it!

Gia On The Move attended last night’s private preview party in Beverly Hills (at probably one of the most glamorous modern architectural homes ever) to celebrate the launch of Virginia’s new book and asked her what prompted the writing of this volume. “I’ve been writing this book for a long time. [It is about how glamour persuades us and defines us and influences us] in ways we don’t even realize…” and she handed me a signed copy.

You can pre-order The Power of Glamour in print or Kindle versions at Amazon.com

What is super cool about this event is that it’s not the only one in LA! There will be a lecture at the The Getty Center on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:00pm. Reservations are free and you WILL want to attend. WHY DO WE NEED GLAMOUR at the Harold M. Williams auditorium.  Call (310) 440-7300 for information.

In the meantime, Virginia, in her own words…

She’s So 80’s “And We LOVE it!”

Jessica Alba, Members Only

Members Only has come a long long way from the 80’s especially now that trendsetter Jessica Alba has begun showing off her new fave with a selfie on  Instagram recently.


Leather Moto Jacket is this season’s totally updated retro/modern “Comeback Kid” getting your ready for Fall.($428,www.membersonlyoriginal.com).

Style Alerts: Scarlett Johansson in Level 99 Again!

LOS ANGELES – September 5, 2013 – Scarlett Johansson was photographed in Level 99 leaving the Venice Film Festival yesterday.  The newly engaged actress wore the Tanya High Rise Skinnies for the second timeWhile she rocked the style in Watson wash yesterday, she wore the Adams wash back in late July ($120).

2037 1864


What Comes Around Goes Around

It’s been said many times, “What Comes Around Goes Around.” We just had no idea that one of our favorite trend-liners would take it so seriously.  Turning back the clock is the Scoop NYC X Vintage Chanel Trunk Show soon to travel to Los Angeles from New York City. Taking place at the Scoop Brentwood store from Tuesday, April 23rd- Sunday, April 28th you’ll be able to step in and “Scoop” up a few coveted above-trend, vintage atelier pieces to fill in your wardrobe “gaps.”  You’ll be one of a kind!
Scoop NYC

alice + olivia Opens It’s Doors on Friday in Beverly Hills

Alice and OlivaTraditionally, Spring is the time for “new.”  And to celebrate, this Friday, April 5th 2013 alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet will officially open the doors of its new Beverly Drive Boutique -

408 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210

Opening weekend will include FREE manicures, champagne, popcorn, cotton candy and of course SHOPPING including a featured new handbag collection along with a big welcome from neighbors, Theory, Intermix and Scoop!

Store Hours: 10am – 7pm Mon – Sat, 11am – 6pm Sunday

Is The Cost Too High for the Garment Industry?


Fresh off the heels of National Women’s Day, the celebration which began in the 1900’s as an initiative by women for  fair compensation in the workplace, among other issues, Gia On The Move is getting a small dose of modern day awareness on the subject.

Now, it’s Fashion Week here in LA.  And a lot of what we see in this city are Indie brands that are gaining ground through not only local support, but local workers and technology breakthroughs that have begun to put newbie designers on a level playing field, according to Csaba Fikke, Publisher and Founder of The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine (more on what Csaba is doing to push that along in a positive way, later).

So it bears understanding the state of the Garment Industry and what we are really up against.  Unfortunately, I’ve begun to receive far too many press releases lately regarding worker injustices.  It’s the down side of selling the dream of beauty and hip/cool.

Below is the latest.  Gia On The Move makes no claims to accuracy or the intention of sending us this information other than to “make it known”, however, this is from the US Labor Department’s website and  linked to the department’s garment industry enforcement actions in Los Angeles from last summer and fall. Following is a blog by Patricia Smith talking about the daily reality of clothing shopping and how it impacts her own family.  Worth the read.

News release:

Federal court orders Forever 21 to surrender supply chain information subpoenaed by US Department of Labor

Forever 21LOS ANGELES – U.S. District Court Judge Margaret Morrow has ordered Los Angeles-based apparel retailer Forever 21 to produce documents demanded by an administrative subpoena issued by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. The order is the latest in a series of actions to arise from the department’s continuing effort to address widespread violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping provisions in the Southern California apparel industry.

“Garment workers historically have been subjected to exploitation and paid substandard wages,” said Solicitor of Labor M. Patricia Smith. “The order underscores that everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to ensure that workers receive the federal minimum wage and earned overtime, and it demonstrates our commitment to enforcing those protections despite tactics designed to obscure the employment relationship.”




Fair Garments…Forever

by Patricia Smith on March 14

Parents have a lot on their minds when they’re out shopping for their families. Price is often a big factor, and teens can be especially conscious about brands and style. I’ve spent a long time in government, trying to make sure that workers get paid the minimum wage, so I try to spend some time thinking about the workers behind the clothes, too.

As I’ve written before, the Labor Department is responsible for making the laws that protect workers count. And that means strong, agile, innovative enforcement practices that hold employers accountable for violations of the law. One of our challenges in providing workers with the protections to which they’re entitled is knowing how and where to apply the law by making an assessment of who bears the legal responsibility for any violations that we find. Accurate, thorough information about a business’ structure is critical to overcoming this challenge.



Ballerina Street-Side Chic. Win Your Tights!

You don’t have to be a ballerina to wear Tights!

But you CAN have a single pair of super cool hosiery that works as hard as tights, plays as hard as leggings and looks good doing both with a toe pocket that completely envelopes the toe to form a full tight or folds back to form a legging — a  new must-have of the season: the Convert-A-Tight.

To celebrate their big launch, Convert-A-Tight is giving away 10 pairs of this wardrobe workhouse on Facebook every Friday through November 22. Plus, one lucky grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card just in time for the holidays.

All you have to do is drop by their Facebook page to learn more about this function-meets-fashion piece that will quickly become your wardrobe staple: http://on.fb.me/Po6x5y

What we love at Gia On The Move about this:

Well, it’s a contest.  We love contests. And sharing the sweepstakes with a friend will get you an extra entry!

What’s not to love about fashion?

Gift card.  Need I elaborate?

It’s gettin’ kind-a cold outside but I still want to show off my well-trained gams and favorite stilettos.

Me personally:  As a professional dancer much of my career, I’ve always been in tights and have been in a habit of pulling back my leggings to throw on a pair of open toed shoes after a grueling pointe class.  Now I can wear one of my favorite and most comfortable fashions street side without feeling like a “bun-head” all day and night long and apparently without the leg bump (aka the wadded fabric all balled up).  Plus, Convert-A-Tight tights are silhouette-slimming, have a control-top and maximum blackout coverage. So if I happen to overindulge…

I’m “covered!”

Ivana Helsinki: Peculiar Fennoscandian Fashion Film Fusion

Imagination has firmly taken hold of Ivana Helsinki, as lead designer Paola Suhonen creates and curates the family owned, eco-friendly, independent art, fashion, cinema brand with a premiere of the new Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 collection, Friday, September 14th, 2012 from 7-10pm at the New York City Concept Store located at 251 Elizabeth Street (between E. Houston and Prince).

Started as a personal art project by Suhonen, Ivana Helsinki has since evolved into a way of living.  The mix of past and present has infused her style and she considers each collection like a small charming ballad reminiscent of times gone by when wild spontaneity ruled the day, when friends got together for simple evenings by the fire with hors d’oeuvres and a bit of wine just to chat; the comfort of company; freedom in the moment.

It is an unusual, cultural approach, completely tactile in feel and definitively wearable.  Every garment is a one of a kind art piece, special, plush, in its individuality and youthful style that absolutely goes beyond trend.

Earlier this spring, Gia On The Move was invited to preview the Autumn-Winter 2012 collection at the Bollare Showroom in West Hollywood, CA on a warm breezy, afternoon, that already had its own sort of wild Nordic call to nature.

A miniature labyrinth of clothing racks and accessories transformed the back room with radiance and color; it was as if I had stepped into a film.

Immediately noticeable was how exquisitely light spectrum had been translated inside the darkness of colors and non-colors alike to reflect and refract like the lens of a camera, Suhonen’s own personal perspective right into the detailed prints and fabrics. Even tones and temperatures bordering on “cool” emanated delicious warmth.

As we watched the short movies filmed by Paola in the actual home of her parents’ Finnish abode, showcasing the fashions worn by girls of  her native Helsinki, she explained to me that the “feel” was absolutely “on purpose.”

Wearers of this brand will want to make a special place in their closets for any piece of this purely beautiful collection.

by Tracey Paleo

Missoni x Demo – Statue of David

LA Fashion Weekend – Let the Side Show Begin

by Tracey Paleo~

I simply WON’T be discussing the mayhem of the evening.  Being asked to check in twice between a solid hour waiting in drizzle and stilettos; my guest not getting a seat; thimble-sized vodka shots in the mixed drinks; how I starved for a hors d’oeuvres and never found the restroom; the sound that kept going in and out; and the evil ‘tourist’ from Chicago who threatened to ‘cut’ another person in the valet line equipped with only 3 men to serve over 500 attendees…

Betsy Johnson


So as I delightedly peruse through my 2nd row from the front of the stage center aisle seat swag bag, and think Thin as I munch nutritious caramel fudge, fantasize about my fabulously new LiQWD volumized shampooed hair, Skineez-ily slinking around the streets of LA, moisturized, toned and Too Too frangrantly Betsy Johnson, I note the highlights of the first night of LA Fashion Weekend starting with my new BFF, fashion designer Jelena Vujanovic of the brand Vilorija, Paris, France who I accidentally photographed as a fantastical fixture in the room, complimented her on her style, subsequently ran into over and over throughout the evening and finally practically pushed onto the red carpet.  It’s so unfair that so much fun, flirty romance and futuristic fashion sense could be housed into one woman.  But then she was in great company with our very own BETSY boop who simply pleased the audience with more than a little punch, poof, florals and flounce on the runway.

Spectacular! Spectacular!

A circus of mostly media, little hats, booties, multicolors, glitters and glasses (filled with pink moonshine).  One of my favorite moments was watching everyone else film, photograph, and iPad-ograph the event.   So when the show finally got on the road, what a relief to view the not so normal street wear, but a parade of prints, jewel tones and even classic looks I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing and more to the point, wearing to my next Oscars show a la Dina Bar-El who produced some eye-goggling sexiness in slinky (but not slutty) form fitting lines and simple, gorgeous fabrics for a very, daringly refreshing and bold Napoleon Perdis  glamour enhanced, almost 40’s inspired night.  Yes, that’s exactly how I would put it.