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LA Fashion Weekend – Let the Side Show Begin

by Tracey Paleo~

I simply WON’T be discussing the mayhem of the evening.  Being asked to check in twice between a solid hour waiting in drizzle and stilettos; my guest not getting a seat; thimble-sized vodka shots in the mixed drinks; how I starved for a hors d’oeuvres and never found the restroom; the sound that kept going in and out; and the evil ‘tourist’ from Chicago who threatened to ‘cut’ another person in the valet line equipped with only 3 men to serve over 500 attendees…

Betsy Johnson


So as I delightedly peruse through my 2nd row from the front of the stage center aisle seat swag bag, and think Thin as I munch nutritious caramel fudge, fantasize about my fabulously new LiQWD volumized shampooed hair, Skineez-ily slinking around the streets of LA, moisturized, toned and Too Too frangrantly Betsy Johnson, I note the highlights of the first night of LA Fashion Weekend starting with my new BFF, fashion designer Jelena Vujanovic of the brand Vilorija, Paris, France who I accidentally photographed as a fantastical fixture in the room, complimented her on her style, subsequently ran into over and over throughout the evening and finally practically pushed onto the red carpet.  It’s so unfair that so much fun, flirty romance and futuristic fashion sense could be housed into one woman.  But then she was in great company with our very own BETSY boop who simply pleased the audience with more than a little punch, poof, florals and flounce on the runway.

Spectacular! Spectacular!

A circus of mostly media, little hats, booties, multicolors, glitters and glasses (filled with pink moonshine).  One of my favorite moments was watching everyone else film, photograph, and iPad-ograph the event.   So when the show finally got on the road, what a relief to view the not so normal street wear, but a parade of prints, jewel tones and even classic looks I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing and more to the point, wearing to my next Oscars show a la Dina Bar-El who produced some eye-goggling sexiness in slinky (but not slutty) form fitting lines and simple, gorgeous fabrics for a very, daringly refreshing and bold Napoleon Perdis  glamour enhanced, almost 40’s inspired night.  Yes, that’s exactly how I would put it.

Not so Fashion’s Night “IN”

It’s Fashion’s Night Out and I am sick with a cold.   Bummer.  I always love attending fashion events.  Last year at the Beverly Center a friend and I were invited to a front row seat at the catwalk and it brought back memories of many a season working backstage for designers like Gianni and Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Ralph Lauren and more.  Rush, rush, rush, stress, stress, stress, perfection to perfection in an attempt to not just present the latest clothing but also entertain Fashion’s most prestigious guests at the tents in New York City.

I even got to walk the runway one year for NYC downtown mainstay designer, Cesar Galindo, who is also a personal friend and whose oh la la designs (especially the gowns)  I’ve worn for years.  One of the girls didn’t show up and they needed a replacement.  I happened to be backstage:   “But Cesar, I’m not a runway model.”  “You’re an actress so act like you’re a model and get dressed!”

It’s a different scene here in LA.  Most of the fashion events tend to  look more  like Victoria Secret shows than anything else.  It’s street beat here in LA and that’s what kids here love.  Sure I sometimes long for the elaborate costumes and high intensity drama, lavish catering and bubbly post show champagne.  I even miss the yelling, bitching, fighting and screaming that goes on behind the scenes to create a picture “perfect” for you.

But alas, tonight, I may have to settle for the 10 o’clock news and a bottle of cough syrup.