Inland Pacific Ballet presents Beauty and the Beast

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Beauty and the Beast Inland Pacific Ballet

Inland Pacific Ballet brings to life an authentic production of Beauty and the Beast.  Structured closer to the classic 1756 French fairytale La Belle et la Bête by French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, rather than mimicking its modern Disney musical counterpart, it is a delightfully, uncomplicated, much more adult and truer narrative.  

In its original 18th century form, Beauty and the Beast was actually a primer for young ladies facing the perils of marriage.  Your husband might seem to be a beast to you but it was your job to find something to like about him. “We’ve come a long way since then…” commented founder/directed Victoria Koenig in a pre-show jest, which garnered an instantaneous house-wide giggle.  But really in its essence the story of Beauty and the Beast, as an instructional or otherwise, universally speaks to our better selves and our willingness to look past surface and find the inner beauty of another person; in Beauty’s case, love and a fairytale marriage.

Opening a bit like a town hall meeting, the show was introduced by Arcadia’s mayor, followed by an unexpected mini-history lesson of the tale and of the ballet. In and of itself the ballet Beauty and the Beast is a rather modern creation, with a strung together musical score by composers, Shostakovich, Komzak, Dvorak, Chapi, Mendelssohn, Khachaturian, Grieg, Massenet, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Paine, and Glazunov, which although did not evince a particularly strong denouement did seamlessly and quite beautifully lead the ballet.  The first several minutes were devoted to an expressive and perfect balletic mime demonstration by dance veteran Jonathan Sharp who exampled the “language” of story ballet.

A mostly young company of dancers including some very adorable spindly fairies and roses there were initially some rough patches.  Many of the girls couldn’t keep their footing on the slippery floor.  By the second act however, the choreography and the comfort level for the performers ramped up for a gorgeous finish when by Beauty’s love the Beast turns into a Prince played by Cameron Schwanz, a sophisticated “cut above” talent for local stage, and ‘princely’ by all means. I personally shouted a Bravo, from the 5th row for his incredible technique, presentational skill and for giving Beauty (Meilu Zhai) the best part of himself as a partner, allowing her to thoroughly shine during the wedding scene finale.

There are no dancing tea cups but there are wolves, fairies and knomes aplenty. Suited for adults and children of all ages.  There are two more performances taking place in Riverside, CA today:

Fox Performing Arts Center, 3801 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501
Box Office: (951) 779-9800

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

Information & Tickets:; tickets from $34 with senior/child/group discounts available

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#WhatsHotNow: Maria Bello in Isharya

9c227174-7cfa-4e0d-8c4a-0ef3bc311da4Maria Bello was photographed wearing Isharya recently in LA while celebrating the launch of her book,”Whatever…Love is Love.”  What we couldn’t help notice about the actress and author, and what we LOVED most about this whole look was how she accessorized her metallic ensemble with Isharya’s  Goddess Link Dovetail Cuff ($298  click the link to be taken directly to the page).


The Summer Writing Project is back!

The Second Annual Summer Writing Project is looking for the Next Great American Author

We are so excited about this!

The Summer Writing Project is an annual collaboration between Black Hill Press, JukePop, and 1888 that advocates writing and supports reading and provides aspiring authors with an opportunity to create novellas (a distinctive, often overlooked literary form that offers the focus of a short story and the scope of a novel)

Authors can submit these stories one chapter at a time for immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback from readers.

For submission guidelines and to view a complete schedule of events please visit

Shaunn Grulkowski, one of three authors whose novella was selected and published from last years program noted, “The great part of the Summer Writing Project was being able to workshop a project in a supportive environment of artists and consumers like JukePop; into a product that was attractive to a forward-thinking publisher like Black Hill Press.”

JUKEPOP: Go ahead. Be a part of the next best seller.

JUKEPOP: Go ahead. Be a part of the next best seller.

Last year, 117,808 writers and readers connected to participate in the Summer Writing Project.  This year, the Summer Writing Project will continue to expand and partner with local bookstores, libraries, and universities to schedule a series of FREE educational lectures, panels, and workshops throughout the months of June, July, and August.

Program topics include Writing for Comics and Videogames, Spreading the Word: The Author’s New Role in Marketing, and Judging Books by Covers, and will feature discussions with Southern California publishers and authors.  Each event will be hosted at a different location including Barnes & Noble, Chapman University, and the Orange Public Library & History Center.

After the program ends on August 31, 2015, Black Hill Press will select three (3) novellas from submitted entries and publish them in a special Summer Writing Project collection with cover artwork by noted Japanese artist Mariya Suzuki.

About Black Hill Press
Black Hill Press is a publishing collective founded on collaboration. Its growing family of writers and artists is dedicated to the novella-a distinctive, often overlooked literary form that offers the focus of a short story and the scope of a novel. Black Hill Press believes a great story is never defined by its length.

About JukePop
JukePop, Inc. is an incubation platform that combines community driven feedback and data analytics to help authors turn their concepts into great books. JukePop, Inc. believes there’s at least one great book in every author, the difference is in how the story is told.

About 1888
1888 serves as a regional catalyst for the preservation, presentation, and promotion of cultural heritage and literary arts.

Imagining Brad at Theatre Asylum Has Been Extended. Here’s why you should go:

 33% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profit agencies that help survivors of domestic abuse and provides outreach to prevent its happening

Imagining Brad Meme Draft 7 5.12.15 (1)

IMAGINING BRAD Continues Through July 25, 2015

Additionally, IMAGINING BRAD  will continue its TALK BACK EVENT SCHEDULE for the ongoing performances

Each evening will include a Talk Back promptly after the show in which distinguished guests – some involved in helping victims of domestic abuse rebuild their lives AND some that have incorporated their own experience with abuse into their art – writers, comedians, poets, filmmakers, musicians, etc. Our hope is that a vibrant conversation will take place amongst the panelists giving us a bit more information on the facts and figures as well as a mission that we can each go forth with to insite change at a personal level. Of course, there will be time allowed for questions from the audience.  The strength of the human spirit to survive and thrive will astound.

May 13 – Good Shepherd Shelter (representative)

May 20 – Rainbow Services (Judy Gordon – Director of Volunteers and Education)

May 27 – Peace Over Violence (Nora Mitchell – Emergency Services Coordinator)

Your attendance and support helps these organizations!:

Peace Over Violence:

Good Shepherd Shelter:

Rainbow Services:

Jenesse Center Incorporated:

Haven Hills:

Imagining Brad plays at 8 PM on Wednesday’s, May 13, 20, May 27. They will go on a short hiatus during the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVA reopening Thursday, July 9. Imagining Brad plays Thursday through Saturday at 8 PM

Tickets, Imagining Brad, domestic violence, domestic abuseTickets are $20 at:

 IMAGINING BRAD, directed by Clare Carey (Aquarius, Coach), starring Sirena Irwin (I Love Lucy Live on Stage, SpongeBob Square Pants) and Sarah Randall Hunt (Unfinished Business, Chronic) announces an extension through July 25. The production will take a brief hiatus for Hollywood Fringe Festival then reopen on Thursday, July 9 at Theatre Asylum (6322 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038) and run Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s at 8 PM through July 25, 2015.

Nashville – graffiti – a ball of flesh – a tuft of blue hair – hymnals -beer in Styrofoam mugs – respectable orgasms…In this absurd, poignant, uncomfortably funny play written by Academy Award nominated Peter Hedges, two women grow a unique friendship of compassion, support, and survival. Imagining Brad beautifully reveals the often-disquieting dynamics in the relationship of men and women in contemporary society.


Peter Hedges is a novelist, playwright, filmmaker, and director best known for his novel and screenplay “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Pieces of April,” “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” and “Dan in Real Life,” and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for “About a Boy.”

Sirena Irwin (playing Dana Sue Kaye) originated the role of Lucy Ricardo in the touring production of “I Love Lucy Live On Stage,” which garnered her numerous awards (500+ performances). She has also been recurring on SpongeBob Square Pants since 1999 (100+episodes as well as both movies)

Sarah Randall Hunt (playing Brad’s Wife) is most known for her work on film in Unfinished Business (with Vince Vaughn), Chronic (with Tim Roth), and on stage in MachinalBoeing Boeing, and sings with the folk rock band, “A Band Called Honalee.”

Clare Carey, (Director) is a hard working actress whose credits go back three decades.  She has a juicy recurring role in the upcoming NBC Drama Aquarius, starring David Duchovny. Clare got her start  starring in the hit series ‘Coach’ and more recently she was a regular on Starz’ series Crash, with Dennis Hopper, the Fox series ‘Point Pleasant’, ABC Family’s ‘So Little Time.’ She has had recurring roles on Jericho, NCIS, Chuck and Medical Investigation, and many memorable guest star roles including CSI, Revenge, Major Crimes, House MD, Weeds,’Without a Trace, ER,  and Grey’s Anatomy. Clare has directed  short films including “The Hardest Part” and “Girl Power Parking Lot” as well as the critically acclaimed original kids musical, “Princess Bean’s Messy World” at the Electric Lodge.

Imagining Brad -Sarah Randall Hunt_Sirena Irwin_sm





GUSH at Highways Performance Space on Friday May 29th

Exploring Becoming Undone, Sex & Death, Excess, and Being ConsumedGUSH

Highways Performance Space presents GUSH

5 New Contemporary Dance Works
By Choreographers Charlotte Adams and Jennifer Kayle
In Santa Monica, CA
Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kayle probes the realm of mortal passion and the new era of human impact on the earth. Adams uncovers the body’s anatomy and its undoing, and the ludicrous toiling for success.

Five works immerse viewers in the distinctly visceral performance of eleven dancers and two musicians. The pieces include original music by composer Jason Palamara, and original video by Alex Bush and Tori Lawrence.

The two-hour event starts at 8:30pm at Highways Performance Space (18th Street Arts Center, 1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404).

General admission tickets are $20 in advance ($15 for students, Highways members, and seniors) and can be purchased here. Reservations may also be made by calling 310-315-1459.

TicketsAdditional information is available at

Also at the Highways Event Page

Listen to composer Jason Palamara on SoundCloud –

“The works in GUSH have different looks and languages, but share common blood,” according to Kayle. “The images pulse with intensity and dancers cut deep with words and gestures. Exposed limbs, flickering video, and poetic objects seep over the edge.”

In their second collaborative concert, Adams and Kayle reveal an ongoing dialogue. “The works accumulate in a gut-level conversation; feelings simmer in farewell waltzes, plastic rain, and seam-ripping fits,” says Kayle. “As people pile on gurneys, and sunbathe at the apocalypse, the darker tones mix with humor, satire, and hopefulness, cutting down to the bone and plunging the audience into the world of GUSH.”

Adams and Kayle return to Highways, armed with 5 new contemporary dance works. The two choreographers first presented work at Highways in 2010, when they brought their collaborative project Virtually Yours to Santa Monica. GUSH dancers include Jessica Anthony, Zach Bird, Emily Climer, Erin Corcoran, Crystal Gurrola, Emily McElwain, Tyler Nemmers, Anthony Pucci, Katie Skinner, Melanie Swihart, and Calvin Windshitl. The five works presented at GUSH in May include:

Riding Mad Horses (Choreography by Kayle) –
Riding Mad Horses reflects on passion as a double-edged sword – a life force that is the very essence of vitality, and also the cause of our undoing, sizzling our being with desire and uncontrolled drive. Particularly in the realm of the sexual, the sensual, and the romantic, passion is a dangerous line to tread. Despite hours of meditation to cultivate “detachment,” many have wondered if a dispassionate life is worth living … and even truly possible. Yet be forewarned: “A man in a passion rides a mad horse.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Five Rejections and a Funeral (Choreography by Adams) –
The contemporary dance cousin to the popular Dilbert cartoon, Five Rejections and a Funeral skewers the hardships, heartbreaks, and frustrations that affect employees everywhere in the new economy. Peer reviews, letters of rejection, bureaucracies, bosses, firings, auditions, and job applications all bring a “little death” with each receipt. Humorous at times, yet darker in intent, Adams’ piece acknowledges the negative baggage that comes along with working, while recognizing the weirdness of and humor in job-related predicaments.

GUSH-2Smoke Screen (Choreography by Kayle) –
Smoke Screen joins an interdisciplinary conversation in considering whether we are in a new geologic era, The Anthropocene, an epoch where human activities have a significant global impact on the earth. As technology merges with natural processes, as human powers increase to alter what was once labeled as “organic,” conventional distinctions begin to blur. With the human body at the center of its substance, Smoke Screen reveals the body as both a genesis of environmental and ecological impact, and a place where that impact is felt.

Dysphonia (Choreography by Adams, Music by Palamara) –
Dysphonia, a collaborative new work by composer Jason Palamara and choreographer Charlotte Adams, combines interactive electronics and dance in an exciting and devastating work exploring artificial intelligence. Sensors worn by a dancer communicate with Palamara’s computer program, HIDI, responding in sound to the dancer’s movement as Adams’ choreography toys with the idea of our obsession with searching and accepting “cures” in blind faith of technology. Palamara’s live violin is accompanied by Justin Comer’s saxophone and paired with the performance of six dancers.

Beyond Anatomy (Choreography by Adams) –
Beyond Anatomy utilizes the science of the body to transform the stage into a visual anatomy lesson. Opening with a “lecture” on human anatomy, veering gleefully to talking and waltzing skeletons, before descending to bodies out of control, the piece, ponders whether or not we are more than the sum of our parts. Beyond Anatomy is performed to music ranging from Patti Page to Stephen Foster.

Choreographer Jennifer Kayle’s Smoke-Screen. Photo by Eric Lawrence

Choreographer Jennifer Kayle’s Smoke-Screen. Photo by Eric Lawrence

Charlotte Adams, Choreographer
Charlotte Adams’ choreography has been described as “arresting” (The New York Times) and “gorgeous … delicious” (The Tucson Weekly). Her style combines a signature wit and athleticism, with an eye for the poetry of human foibles. In 2001, Adams and Dancers had its premiere performance at New York’s Joyce SoHo and new work was selected to return in 2003 and 2006. Notable projects include the selection of Adams’ choreography for Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles, May 2015; The White Wave DUMBO Dance Festival, 2009 and 2012 in New York; a collaborative project with colleague Jennifer Kayle entitled Virtually Yours, presented by the prestigious El Museo Centro Leon in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles, both in 2010; and an invitation to teach and present choreography at The University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, with The Dance Knots Project, 2013. Adams began her choreographic career in Tucson, Arizona as a founding member of Tenth Street Dancework and was awarded the $25,000 Arizona Arts Award. Under her direction, the company performed throughout the Southwest and in tours to Nebraska, Texas, North Carolina, as well as numerous cites in Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, and Southern France. Adams joined the faculty in The Department of Dance at The University of Iowa in 1998.

Jennifer Kayle, Choreographer
Jennifer Kayle’s work has been chosen for festivals, for regional and national GALA concerts, and for grants including an NEA/CBE project to investigate improvisational methods for choreography. Kayle’s dancing has been referred to as having “muscular presence” (Dance Source Houston), while her work has been reviewed as “provocative, tight, with wit and stage craft… serious chops” (Vox Fringe), “distinct… affecting scenes” (Hampshire Gazette), and “memorable… shockingly poignant” (City Revealed). She is co-founder of MICI: Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation, a professional laboratory dedicated to performance improvisation. She actively presents her work in the U.S. and internationally at venues including New Territory/Cuerpo de Danza (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Performatica (Cholula, Mexico), El Museo Centro Leon (Santiago, Dominican Republic), 37 por las Tablas (Santiago, Dominican Republic), the Dostoevsky Museum Theatre (St. Petersburg, Russia), Osobniak Theatre-Body/Word International Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, Links Hall (Chicago, IL), The Dance COLEctive (Chicago, IL), Joyce Soho (New York, NY), Symphony Space-International New Music Festival (New York, NY), Jacob’s Pillow (Becket, MA), Highways Performance Space (Los Angeles, CA), University of Utah (Salt Lake City), New Articulations (Tucson, AZ), and Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, A Call to Action (Syracuse, NY). Kayle is an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the MFA Program in Dance at University of Iowa. She holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MFA from Smith College.

Jason Palamara, Composer
Jason Palamara is a third year PhD student in music composition at the University of Iowa. He is an active performer on the violin, guitar, and laptop with Bonecrusher Ensemble of Louisville, KY, the 24+24 Hour Composition Project in Iowa City, IA, and the newly constructed Iowa City Laptop Orkestra (ICLOrk). Palamara currently works as an audio engineer and composer for the University of Iowa Department of Dance. He composes music for many dance department projects, specializing in electroacoustic music, collaboration, improvisation, and audience engagement. He also teaches songwriting and musicianship to the inmates at Oakdale Community Prison.

Highways Performance Space
Under the leadership of Artistic Director Leo Garcia, Highways Performance Space is Southern California’s boldest center for new performance. Now in its 26th year, Highways continues to be an important alternative cultural center in Los Angeles that encourages fierce new artists from diverse communities to develop and present innovative works. Described by the Los Angeles Times as “a hub of experimental theater, dance, solo drama, and other multi-media performance,” Highways promotes the development of contemporary socially involved artists and art forms.

Naked Poetry Performance at Temporary Space LA May 16

Yes Naked. No not you!


A confluence of poetry, art, and music, Naked Poetry is a collaborative performance piece created and choreographed by artists Richard Shelton and Carlini Nuñez set against a poetry backdrop selected by Mary Lou Rutberg. Featured poetry  curated by Mary Lou Rutbergwill include pieces by Richard Shelton, Joan Eyles Johnson, Brendan Constantine & Mary Louise Downing.

Naked Poetry is a throwback to the beatnik era when poetry really mattered.  Whether you lived it, or wanted to, come for a night of traditional and contemporary poetry readings that are performed, yes, naked. 

Naked Poetry is the second in a series of programs to accompany the exhibition, Richard Shelton: 50 Years of Painting.  This event coincides with the second installation of work, The War Show, which continues to explore the entire scope of the artist’s 50 year career.  A multi-talented artist, Richard Shelton developed all programs accompanying this exhibition to enhance the visitor experience and provide insight into his creative process.

When: Saturday, May 16, 2015. Viewing of Richard Shelton’s new installation, The War Show from  6 pm -10 pm with refreshments served. Naked Poetry performance from 8 pm – 9 pm.

RSVP on Temporary Space LA’s ‘EVENTS’ page or call 323-297-8464.

Where:     Temporary Space LA, 5522 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Richard Shelton, Holy Man 6, 1968 26.5" x 20", acrylic, charcoal on paper

Richard Shelton, Holy Man 6, 1968 26.5″ x 20″, acrylic, charcoal on paper

Richard Shelton’s paintings have been displayed in the Smithsonian Art Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and other museums in the United States in addition to numerous private collections. Praised by critics for his technique and intensity, each of his emotionally charged paintings offers a snippet of social commentary on life in the modern world.

Caracas-born Carlini Nuñez is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. He received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from UCLA and did postgraduate work in environmental design and architecture. He joined Circo De Poesia in Los Angeles where he directed multimedia performances. He has performed at Los Angeles-based Independent Artist Gallery, San Francisco’s Under The Radar, and LA Freewaves. He has been the recipient of grants from The Canada Council for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts for both  performance and interactive video art.

Mary Louise Downing Rutberg is a prolific writer of poetry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Comparative Literature and is also a graduate of the Mount St. Mary’s Masters in Arts and Humanities, Creative Writing Program.  She has been a writer all of her professional life as well, and her work on behalf of clients has been published in many professional publications and media outlets.  In Washington, D.C., she was Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather Public Affairs and a member of its Senior Management Council. She was also Senior Vice President of Rogers & Cowan Public Affairs there, and in addition, served as a White House Appointee as Peace Corps Director of External Affairs. Mary Lou has provided extensive communications counsel to a number of arts and educational clients in Los Angeles, including USC and MOCA, where she held the position of Director of Communications

Temporary Space LA is an alternative exhibition platform to the traditional art gallery model.  Unlike the traditional gallery model, Temporary Space will not represent artists. Instead of showcasing the art of developing or emerging artists, Temporary Space LA will exhibit the art of mid-career and late-career artists, with particular emphasis upon artists who have been under-appreciated, both critically and economically, by the art establishment.

Temporary Space

Temporary Space LA is located at 5522 Wilshire Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Exhibition Hours are:  Monday – Saturday from 10am – 8pm.

#howdoyoufeelnow? Joywave: Tongues


They wanted to find a way to have this question live on its own, out in the real world, independent of any musical accompaniment. There were a lot of elaborate ideas thrown around to make something happen but ultimately simplicity reigned supreme.

They chose 249 Eldridge Street (@ Houston), on the Lower East Side, NYC.



joywave“One of our favorite aspects of the new record is its title. The way it provokes, challenges and prompts actual thought and reflection is exciting to us; equal parts interrogation and declaration. It has a few specific meanings to us, but many of the people we’ve talked to have completely different interpretations.” 

– Joywave

If you’re walking by, spend some time with it and think.

How Do You Feel Now?

Follow them on Instagram – Check them out on