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Fashion Week Updates:In London It’s Not JUST About Fashion

Thomas Tait, Ready to Wear Collection, Fall Winter 2013, London Fashion Week

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Having worked behind the scenes for almost 10 years during Fashion Weeks in New York City, I got a birds-eye view to not only some of the most talented designers of the decade and a backstage pass to the shows but the bonus of having to arrive at some of the more interesting locations in the city.   The Armory of The Sixty-Ninth Regiment at Lexington and 26th Street which regularly showcased influential designers like, Marc Jacobs, was not just fun, it’s rich history and architecture was a super bonus and brilliant background for his new brand of minimalist chic.

This year for London Fashion Week iconic designer Tom Ford and style star Thomas Tait’ took to the magnificent St James’s, London and a transformed industrial car park (sans any Monarch remains).

Ford hosted his debut London Fashion Week catwalk to the backdrop of St James’s stunning Lancaster House, named by The Independent as London Fashion Week’s venue of the week. This was Ford’s first  show since 2004 and had a multi-ethnic embroidery theme, exploring the use of lively patterns, sequins and bright colours.

The autumn/winter show of Thomas Tait, Central Saint Martins graduate, took place on Saturday February 16th, at the unique Carlton House Terrace Garages which had been transformed for the show by St James’s.  Tait featured slick masculine tailored coats and daring blocks of colour.

St. JamessSt James’s is a world renowned shopping and lifestyle destination,  which, over the next 10 years, it’s holder, The Crown Estates, intends to focus on developing.  From Piccadilly Circus to Jermyn Street what we can expect will be  a distinctive, stimulating and eclectic display of public art, retail shops, leisure accommodations, and residential and office use spaces.

What is most enthralling is that the entire project will enhance, refurbish and preserve historic facades and landmarks and create inspired streetscapes keeping in line with the grand spectacle of Haute Couture for years to come.

Pedestrians, residents and tourists alike, can rest assured at finding inspiration everywhere from stylish bars, cafés and restaurants, such as the new Italian restaurant, Cicchetti. Shops in the area will continue to specialise in producing bespoke (i.e. very high quality) collections.

World famous heritage retailers in St James’s include: Turnbull & Asser, shirt makers by Royal Appointment; London’s leading cheesemongers, Paxton & Whitfield; Floris, perfumers since 1730; and the “Queen’s Grocer” Fortnum & Mason, all holders of Royal Warrants.

For more information on St James’s visit:

PS I Love You…And Can I Get Some Back?

Why Noah Applebaum Rocks!

Why Noah Applebaum Rocks!

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a Kickstarter campaign that really inspired me, entitled AGELESS ART.

Local Hollywood, CA resident and filmmaker Noah Applebaum’s  grandfather, Harold Applebaum, lived with dementia.  Instead of being heartbroken Noah became inspired by the new OMA programs that he discovered.  He is honoring Harold, and the need for a new perspective on elder care, by attempting to help other men and women who suffer from this degenerative disease and who every day lose a little bit more control of their own lives.

Ageless Art

And so, Noah is making a film about creative arts programs for people with dementia which then transforms their art pieces into cinema. Part doc, part movie.

Today I got an update by way of a new video that captured a truly special moment.

This is Marge. She has Alzheimer’s and is enrolled in an adult day service program. One of the activities offered is Opening Minds through Art (OMA), where seniors with dementia paint and create abstract art. While showing off her painting called “HodgePodge”, Marge spoke candidly about life and was gracious enough to sing a song from her youth!

Please share and get the word out. This project is moving in the right direction, but Kickstarter is all or nothing and time is running out.

Gia On The Move is proud to be a backer.  kickstarter-badge-backer

Can I count on you? If ever there was a vision worth supporting this is it.  For our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, friends and spouses.



AGELESS ART – “Creative Expression is a Basic Human Right”

This just came in on my radar this morning and I decided to stop the presses.  A pause worth taking AGELESS ART has the potential to deliver on so many fronts.  As an individual who has been touched by this heartbreaking syndrome via friends and family I had to call this project out as “PERSONAL.”  I’ve just become an official backer.  I’d like to think that maybe it’s time to “put your money where your mind is!” ~Gia

Local Hollywood, CA resident and filmmaker Noah Applebaum has an amazing story to tell starting with his own grandfather, Harold Applebaum who lived with dementia.  And so he is making a film about creative arts programs for people with dementia which then transforms their art pieces into cinema. Part doc, part movie.

Creative expression programs should not be just a way to occupy someone’s time in a care facility; rather they should be a necessity, a basic human right, a tool to unlock our loved ones through the arts.

AGELESS ART is a community film; For our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, brothers, sisters, friends and spouses.

Check out the trailer and get more information about the kickstarter by clicking the image above.  Even one dollar helps this project get closer to helping all of us unlock our imaginations of what is really possible!

Funding ends: Jan 13, 2013

Pledge rewards are provided by Opening Minds through Art (OMA), a Scripps intergenerational art program for people with dementia (

P.S. Why Noah Applebaum Rocks!

Within minutes of emailing Noah about his project I got this letter back.  It was so awesome I decided to publish it. ~Gia


Thanks so much for your interest in Ageless Art. I’m so proud of this project, and I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends, family and complete strangers. We’re in the very beginning stages of our Kickstarter, so any social media pub is truly appreciated! Our website is which currently redirects to the Kickstarter page. Today I am NoahOnTheGo, so I only had a brief second to check out your blog. Looks rad! If you need some additional info/materials besides what you find in the video, feel free to hit me up with any Qs.
Updates will begin next week, and all of the footage I have so far I shot last month in the greater Cincinnati area with the generous support of Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University, OH. They’re currently at the forefront of creative expression research as it relates to seniors with dementia/Alzheimer’s, and just being there first hand you can feel how truly special these creative arts programs are. This is the future; next level of elderly care: encouraging autonomy of the human being that is still there and giving value to their many gifts they still have left to give.
Thanks again for the support! Look forward to your post.

actor – writer – director – producer – editor – musician

Jeff Versus The Volcano

by Tracey Paleo

With Halloween sold out everywhere, Thanksgiving sentiments on the shelves and hints of Christmas and Hanukkah wafting through the minds of early season bargain hunters, it’s clear that the holidays are upon us.

And, oh what jocund cheer!  Running around town every Saturday and Sunday off from a 50 hour work week; blazing through aisles and catalogs; draining the savings accounts; misplacing and last minute replacing of credit cards, check books and cash you just withdrew from the nearest teller; fighting road conditions on freeways that mask the swan song of local traffic jams on the way to every mall destination, to be finally met by the possibility of a $68 street ticket because there aren’t any more parking spaces in the free lot.  And wait? I have to go back? I didn’t get the right one; the right size; the right color?  My girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, sister, daughter, son, mother, father, employer wanted that one?  [S*@#]! It’s on backorder.  Do they still give Rain Checks here?  Why can’t I just get this on the website?

Bursting a blood vessel yet?

Let’s admit it.  Mostly, we’ve all come to somewhat sarcastically distinguish October 31st through January 1st as the furthest thing from the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Every season each of us heads into the final months of the calendar with a certain expectation of dread.  We make promises to ourselves and swear that it will be normal.  It will be happy.  There will be more time for family and friends.  We will actually celebrate. Airline travel arrangements will be made earlier.  We will not have pay “those” prices, and there will be three seats, together.  There will be tickets left for the show that I and my spouse and my kids want to see, by the time I get paid.  There will be no crying!

There will be no fight to the death with the person who cut me off screeching into the last parking space I had been waiting patiently for.  The parties will be smaller; the cleanup more manageable.  There will be less presents under the tree. There will be no succumbing to the advertising induced mania.  Everything we want will be purchased online and arrive unbroken, batteries included, with exquisitely simple directions to use, and on the date specified by the manufacturer or retail fulfillment house.    I will NOT have to “Like” 55 Facebook pages or make a dangerous cell phone call while driving in my car just to enter the iPad contest.  Nothing will be done last minute.  It WILL be fun, darnnit!  And I will not explode!

If the thought of your head swiveling around well past October costume expiration dates or the price of a quick fix massage, to keep you from “losing it” has you down.  Don’t worry.  You are not alone.  Managing emotions during normal stress is already tough enough.  Under extreme conditions it can be pretty impossible.  Or so I thought.  And then I met Jeff …

Anyone who had been following the out of control coaster ride called Charlie Sheen (that would probably be 99.9% of us unless you live in a cave) stayed glued to the continuously erupting story as his new FX sitcom “Anger Management” based loosely on the 2003 feature and his public meltdown and firing from Warner Bros. “Two and a Half Men,” was picked up for 90 episodes; a back order of whopping proportions!  And with a cable history record setting 5.4 million viewers for it’s premiere back in June, it seemed clear that managing all that ugly spitfire was something that most people not only related to, but contended with and possibly expressed on a regular basis.  Watching Charlie mouth off publicly gave us justification as to why we couldn’t or wouldn’t figure out better ways to handle our own emotional selves.  But now that its viewership has taken a downward turn perhaps we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  All of that pissed off, might just be going nowhere, and maybe a good sign that we’re ready to do something about it.

Creative Anger Management SolutionsWhen I met President and Founder of Creative Anger Management Solutions, Inc., Jeff Feldman, it was one of those days where I myself was stuck in the middle of all of those statistics; stressed out at getting to the location on time; annoyed that I might have to park at the not so free, Beverly Center and backtrack through pedestrian traffic and street crossings to the local Coffee Bean on 3rd & La Cienega; sweating and trying to be “presentable” on an unusually humid Los Angeles day.

As it turned out, my anxiety was all for nothing.  Who sat with me, was one of the sweetest, most intelligent, interesting men I had ever met.  The “calm” of Jeff has an instantaneous soothing effect.  There’s no push-pull.  And for that reason alone, it was easy to just converse, “do coffee” and discover the true path of Emotional Intelligence.

So why is it that we get stuck automatically going to the extreme end of anger when tensions get high?  Does that make us stupid?  No, according to Jeff.  People just need better skills to deal with it.  They need to understand themselves, their decisions, available choices and that anger is not necessarily a bad thing.  Getting angry is normal.  Denying that is ridiculous.  But handling it is sometime difficult.  And that’s where Jeff comes in.  Having been used to working with petty criminals to lawyers with violent tempers, to corporate management employees frustrated with impossible work situations, Jeff has dealt with a full spectrum of agitation.  One would suppose that coaching all of these personalities would be as complicated and a spider web, but Jeff’s rule is simple.  Think and pull back.

One of Jeff’s secret weapons might be compassion derived from the extraordinary life experience of being a severe stutterer as a child all the way past college.  At 3 years old his mother was told that he would never be able to “speak for himself.” He would never carry on a conversation and never be understood by anyone.

After a crying jag that lasted three days, Jeff says, “My mother got out of bed and said, “F” it!  She wasn’t going to accept this. I was going to speak.  So she put me on a non-stop daily ritual of hard core speech therapy until when in my late teenage years, I finally took it over as a self-discipline. By the time I got to college, I had even invented new techniques for myself.  I learned to think very quickly.  I had to figure out how to replace words that I couldn’t say in the moment, with words I could actually pronounce out of my mouth, so that I could get my sentences across.  Out of necessity, I became pretty lightening fast about it.  The stuttering was still there, but I learned to communicate better and effectively in order to get around it.”

Adding to the arsenal is Jeff’s expertise in social media, marketing, sales management and branding, having founded and/or developed or consulted with other companies such as SelfPitch Media Group, Sprint, AT&T and Cisco, all dedicated to understanding and creating relationships of some sort.

In the grand scheme of things you could say that the skill of Communication is Jeff’s personal denouement brought about by practical self-evolution.  Overcoming something difficult by thinking, organizing, focus and practice; translating that skill into coaching others into a better, happier, even more sane way of living and relating.

On September 4th, 2012 Jeff posted on his own Facebook page:  The increase in people quietly seeking Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Impulse Control/Anger Management has risen exponentially in the last few years. Since Emotional Intelligence Coaching does not have any stigmas attached, it has no negatives.

Well that’s certainly good news.  I just hope that on the road to recovery, I make it through all of the traffic!

Former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Reunite on April 29

To be broadcast on THIRTEEN on Sunday, April 29

Former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited on an American stage for the first time in 17 years during this historic April 2009 Radio City Music Hall benefit concert, which will be broadcast in New York on THIRTEEN on Sunday, April 29, at 10:30 pm (check local listings for broadcast dates and times in your area).
The Beatle reunion highlights the 90-minute “Change Begins Within” concert to benefit the David Lynch Foundation,, a charity set up in 2005 by the iconic filmmaker David Lynch to fund Transcendental Meditation programs for at-risk youth, veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and women who suffer from domestic abuse and violence.
McCartney performs a set of Beatles, Wings and solo classics; Starr sings his own set of Beatle and solo hits. McCartney and Starr join together on stage for “With A Little Help from My Friends,” Paul’s rarely performed “Cosmically Conscious,” and Beatle fan favorite “I Saw Her Standing There.”
Also appearing on the broadcast are comedian Jerry Seinfeld as well as musicians Sheryl Crow (“My Sweet Lord”), Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper (“Under Pressure”), Moby and Betty LaVette (“Natural Blues”), Paul Horn, newly-elected Rock-and-Roll-Hall of Famer Donovan  and Jim James (“Hurdy Gurdy Man”).
The concert was co-produced by Hoosick Falls Productions and David Lynch Foundation Television with executive producers George Verschoor, David Lynch, and Bob Roth.
The David Lynch Foundation has provided scholarships for more than 200,000 students and veterans to learn to meditate.
Transcendental Meditation is a simple, easily learned technique, practiced for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. According to research funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the technique reduces stress and stress-related disorders, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, and substance abuse.
Prominent meditators include Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Russell Brand, Ellen DeGeneres, Clint Eastwood, Mehmet Oz, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Simmons, and Oprah Winfrey.
654 Madison Avenue, Suite 805, New York, NY 10065
212-644-9880 • •

Food: It’s Time For A Change

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

That pretty much describes my eating habits in the last year.  And guess what, no surprise, nothing different happend.  No weight loss.  Continued lethargy.  Food based mood swings.  The whole gamut.

Recently however, I discovered that I have been having a negative, digestive ‘reaction’ to eating pasta, bread or any sort of wheat product.  Walking around all day with a sick and often bloated stomach or worse trying to sleep with what felt like a stone in my intestines all night long after having eaten merely a few noodles was really becoming painful.  So when I finally did a test of pure elimination, it was a no brainer.  No more pasta.  I realized I had been powering the pastina because it was fast to cook and most of all cheap.  Cheaper and easier to cook than the foods I really enjoyed like high quality proteins, leafy greens and juicy fresh fruits.  And on top of it all, the quantities being consumed kept increasing as I was always hungry and not very satisfied.  In truth, even growing up Sicilian, I never ate macaroni more than twice a week.  I was always amazed at my friends who ate it nearly every day for lunch or night for dinner.   Put off by pasta recipes, bread filled sandwiches and carb gorging.  Maybe the influence finally rubbed off for lack of time or energy to really nourish.

Now don’t get me wrong, every time I simply walk, see or happen to think about a plate of fettucini, I salivate.  It’s hard loving food and giving up the things that really give your palate pleasure.  But the new after-effects are suddenly so much more desirable.  And wow, what a difference a grain makes.

I started by switching from wheat to quinoa and it just made sense to my body.  Everything tasted better and lighter.  Replacing simple carbs with vegetables entirely hasn’t been so bad either. My taste buds are coming alive again. Food is beginning to taste like food again.  And making choices about what I am not putting into my body is a huge money saver.  I don’t even look at most of the things on the shelf anymore. 

And even better, eliminating the gluten has not only made me less hungry, but has forced my body into overcoming that body fat plateau that it just wouldn’t budge from. 

So am I advocating for no wheat?  No not at all.  This is a personal discovery.  Am I encouraging change.  Most definitely.  Change does a body good.

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