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Myriam Abdelaziz: A Woman Living After the Revolution

Myriam Abdelaziz:On the heels of International Women’s Day, the following story appeared in our mailbox from Glitterati Inc. and The Click Magazine, a publication dedicated to photography.

The story however is less photography and more reality where women are concerned. Just when it seemed difficult to get a handle on what’s really happening in the world, a woman comes along and adds perspective to an impossible situation. We don’t normally get political here at Gia On The Move, but it’s important to “keep it real”:

French photographer of Egyptian origins, Myriam Abdelaziz was born in Cairo, a city that would later be home to the Revolution of 25 of January in 2011. The Revolution was a diverse movement of demonstrations, marches, plaza occupations, riots, non-violent civil resistance, acts of civil disobedience, and labor strikes, with millions of protesters from all walks of life demanding the overthrow of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Since that time, control of Egypt has gone back and forth between different groups; most recently on 3 July 2012, a coup d’Etat lead by Minister of Defense General Abdel Fattah El-Sissi reinstated power to a government of military rule. Under the military, many things have changed, not the least of which is life a palpable paranoia of photographers and journalists.

For Abdelaziz, who resides in Cairo, life is no longer the same. She speaks to The Click about what it is like to be a woman—and a photographer—on the streets of Cairo today. Read the story and view more of Myriam’s photos at THE CLICK.

Myriam Abdelaziz:

The Art of Craft and Activisim: The DIY Revolution


“The creation of things by hand leads to a better understanding of democracy, because it
reminds us that we have power.”

AVAILABLE MAY 2014 Arsenal Pulp Press $24.95 ISBN: 978-1-55152-535-8  Trade paper, 8 x 8.75 256 pp, full color throughout

Arsenal Pulp Press
ISBN: 978-1-55152-535-8
Trade paper, 8 x 8.75
256 pp, full color throughout

The Art of Craft and Activism

An Anthology of Interviews & Profiles
Publishing May 2014 from Arsenal Pulp Press
Edited by Betsy Greer

Makers. Crafters. Creators. Analog Hackers. Across the globe, people are participating in a DIY revolution, a resurgence of the celebrated and intentional artisan.
“Craftivism” is a worldwide movement that operates at the intersection of craft and activism. It is a grassroots endeavor that proves small acts can have a large impact. Craftivists often follow in the footsteps of the nonviolent protest movement and invite others to join a conversation about the social and political intent of their creations.
The new anthology, Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism, gathers inspiration for anyone hoping to create works that add to the greater good. Featuring interviews and profiles with individuals who are changing the world with their art, Craftivism emphasizes the inherent power for crafters from all social, political, and economic backgrounds to be bold, altruistic, and nurturing.
CraftismEditor Betsy Greer coined the term “craftivism” in 2003, and runs the blog  In her new anthology, Betsy introduces us to a truly global community of crafters:

  • the Indonesian organizer of a DIY craft center
  • the Australian public artist who leaves random gifts of guerilla kindness, labeled with notes reading, “Take me, I’m yours”
  • the story of how  centuries-old American tradition of offering comfort with a charity quilt was reinvented as an international aid project that delivered over 9000 quilts to Japanese affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
  • the Chilean arpilleristas
  • the women of India’s Adithi Collective, and so many more.
craftismBETSY GREER is a writer, a maker, and a researcher, and the author of Knitting for Good! A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stich. She runs the blog and believes that creativity and positive activism can save not only the soul, but also the world.

Follow Betsy on Twitter:


Jesse Ventura “Off The Grid”

Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

“The American people deserve to know more about what’s really going on in the world. Justin Bieber has no right to make the news. He isn’t news.  What’s going on in the Ukraine right now? That’s news. The fact that the company responsible for two chemical spills in West Virginia’s drinking water is trying to skirt out of lawsuits by claiming bankruptcy? That’s news.”

So says Jesse Ventura, the 39th governor of Minnesota who this past Monday, January 27th, premiered his online show Off The Grid on Ora TV which also produces Larry King’s Larry King Now and Larry King’s Politicking.

The newest edition to Ora.TVJesse Ventura will be hosting Off The Grid from an undisclosed location in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and broadcasting into what he considers “Occupied America.”

“Broadcasting from Mexico gives me a unique perspective about the news because I’m not tainted by what’s going on in the states,” says Jesse Ventura, the 38th governor of Minnesota. “I won’t be covering something because every other news network is covering it.”

Off The Grid will offer Jesse Ventura’s electrifying insight into the nation’s most pressing problems as well as unleash the former governor’s takes on topics ranging from government hypocrisy, to corporate deception, to current events. It will also feature Ventura in conversation with the world’s leading political and cultural minds as well as fellow conspiracy savants. The show’s tagline is certainly apropos: “No suits, no censors, no red tape. Just Jesse Ventura as we like him: bold, brazen, and bare knuckled.”

“The news is dumbed down, based solely on ratings, and often isn’t even factual because American news networks are occupied by the interests of major corporations,” states Ventura. “My show will be off the grid in the sense that I will be off of the corporate payroll; I won’t answer to some guy upstairs, giving me orders on what to report or how to report.”

The show will air Tuesday through Friday, with a unique behind-the-scenes blog post on Mondays on that includes a written and video component from Jesse Ventura. Facebook and Twitter fans can also chime in by asking Jesse Ventura’s opinion on important issues or providing questions for him to ask upcoming guests.

Episodes will be posted online at: and will be available for immediate viewing at anytime.

To subscribe, go to
Twitter: @GovJVentura

The Ora TV site’s major investor is América Móvil, the Latin American wireless service provider majority owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Anita Kunz Solo Show – The Bestiary – Rome, Italy

Anita Kunz-01One of our favorite international artists Anita Kunz is making headlines again and Gia On The Move is pleased to help celebrate.

Gallery House Founder Belinda Chun announces Canadian darling Anita Kunz “ The Bestiary” public reception scheduled to open February 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Dorthy Circus Gallery Rome, Italy with artist in attendance.

Anita Kunz has been widely published for over three decades on an international platform. Kunz’s paintings have been concerned with political systems, social justice and the human relationship to nature. Her newer body of work concerns the animal kingdom and and how we relate to and live within it.

Anita Kunz

The Bestiary is a special curated exhibition showcasing a comprehensive exploration of beasts both found in rural and city locations and those fantastical mythical creatures that are only discovered in the land of Kunz. She believes that since we share an enormous amount of genetic material with other creatures and by comparing and contrasting, we can begin to understand our very nature.

Anita-OpeningAnita is highly collected in many institutions these include the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome; Norman Rockwell Museum and showcased in several art fairs across the UK and more. She has received the Order of Canada, her country’s highest civilian honour and was the first Canadian and the first woman to have a show of her work at the Library of Congress in Washington. She has also recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour.

Anita is featured in Gallery House Volume 01, to view a preview of the 118 page catalogue click here.

Gallery House is a unique space serving primarily as a management site then a commercial gallery. We deliberately partner with gallery dealers, museums, special projects and currently are in over 8 countries and growing.

For more information including availability of new works please contact Belinda Chun at 416.587.0057 or


What Smaug and Bill Gates Have in Common

The second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug is filled with compelling facts and  introduces us to the most impressive depiction by far of Smaug since J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was first published in the late thirties. One of our favorite content contributors, Alex Hillsberg, of sent us this fun infographic which depicts why Smaug is the biggest, most malevolent, and… the richest creature in Tolkien’s universe.  You can get more details on Alex’s website:

'The Hobbit' & Secrets of Smaug the Dragon: Is Benedict Cumberbatch the Most Wicked Character in the Upcoming Film?
Source: | Author: Robin Renford | See our Pinterest

Crowds Will Be Gathering in Oakland, CA For Labor Day

wordsby Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Most people spend Labor Day on the beach. But the hottest place this holiday will be in Oakland, CA where a Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform will be launched.

As culture goes, people all over the world suffered the greatest economic hit since the Depression when in 2008 the stock market collapsed.  We’ve never really recovered.

So when I received the press release for the upcoming CoCap – The Community Capital Symposium on September 2nd from 12-5pm PST, I was immediately intrigued. The symposium will be attended by some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, investors, and civic leaders from throughout the US and will focus not only on advancing a new way of financing, that shifts investing from Wall Street back to Main Street, it will also be the launch of a first ever crowdfunding platform that allows investors to own shares in a company instead of just donating.

coCap“A hundred years ago, individuals invested in their own community. It was really common for you as a businessperson to own an interest in 5-10 businesses in your town,” says John Katovich, President of Cutting Edge Capital. “It was a strengthening of common bonds – a vote of confidence in each other. But slowly we lost that. We’re bringing it back.”

In short, the pioneers of the Community Capital movement are bringing together both non-accredited investors, who demand the right to invest, and entrepreneurs, who are seeking new ways of raising funds.

Check out the full press release by clicking on this link to find out more information.  If you are local, you can also sign up for the conference.  It is open to all.

August 4th #TwitterSilence

Caroline Criado-Perez.

If you haven’t been following the news, i.e. are some sort of troll (and yes I said that), there has been a direct attack on Caroline Criado-Perez a 28-year-old U.K. feminist activist and freelance journalist (above, far right), who successfully campaigned to make sure one non-royal woman would be featured on the redesigned British banknotes, the celebrated, much loved, 19th century, female writer, Jane Austen.

Everyone that I knew who read it thought, “cool.” And that should have been it.

Apparently, however,  there were a lot of  men out there who didn’t think so. And what is truly stunning is that because of this one small act, Ms. Criado-Perez subsequently began receiving death and rape threats about every minute for the next 48 hours.

Tomorrow, August 4th, 2013 is National Friendship Day.

To celebrate that, Gia On The Move has decided to stand in solidarity with Caroline not as a feminist, or as a hater of men (which I vehemently am not – get real, I love my dad, my brothers, my uncles, my cousins, my guy friends, who also coincidentally respect the hell out of me) but as a woman; a woman with a public voice and a woman who has the strength to stand up and speak, and who is being attacked along with all women who share her purpose of living with dignity.

Will you please consider joining and not tweeting tomorrow all day until after midnight except for the hashtag #TwitterSilence?

(Or if you feel you must, maybe take a cue from Catilin Moran who suggests that you just be super positive and nothing else.)

The original goal of the boycott: (directly taken from the article written by KAT STOEFFEL @ The Cut)
A “Report Abuse” button, conveniently located on a Twitter user’s page, that alerts the social network to users who violate its rules by threatening to rape and kill people, according to a petition that’s been signed by more than 120,000 people.

Did they get it?
They wanted it like a week ago. They got it Monday.

So then why is the protest still happening?
In short, the cynicism of all the smart-aleck, overwhelmingly male tech commentators saying a “report abuse” button is less important than the freedom of speech, and that rape threats are an inevitable form of speech, and women should just deal with it, block people, “not feed the trolls,” etc. Or so says Caitlin Moran, author of How to Be a Woman, and another prominent supporter of Criado-Perez.

And just because of the obvious:  It’s National Friendship Day!

Below is a video about the hot debate going on in England also taken directly from Kat’s article featuring Stella Creasy, MP who is also currently under attack.  I watched it.  It’s pretty serious stuff.  You might want to at least check it out. I hope you will.

Interview with Artist Anita Kunz

Victor, art, by Tracey Paleo, Gia On the Move


Some time ago, artist Anita Kunz currently managed by Gallery House, Toronto Canada, appeared on GOTMLA.  Her highly raw and sexual rendition of Red Riding Hood galloping atop a blood thirsty wolf  was certainly an attention getter. And I’ve been intrigued ever since with this woman who has been creating provocative paintings and cover art for print magazines like Time, The New Yorker, Fortune and Rolling Stone for decades as well as portraiture for iconic celebrities.  I wanted to discover more.  Below is Anita’s personal take on her contributions to the art world and a few bits more…

Anita-Kunz, artistCanadian by birth, Anita Kunz (b.1956) has lived in London, New York and Toronto, and has been widely published in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, France and England.

Her works are in the permanent collections at the Library of Congress, the Canadian Archives in Ottawa, the Musée Militaire de France in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and a number of her Time Magazine cover paintings are in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Kunz’s critically acclaimed paintings and sculptures have appeared in galleries world wide, including the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts and across the pond at the Teatrio Cultural Association in Rome Italy.

Q: Why do you make Art?
A: I’ve been making art all my life. For me it’s second nature, just another way of communicating. I was brought up to be a polite little girl and never to make waves. But somehow it seemed acceptable to be vocal, violent and controversial with my work, so that’s where all my emotions went.

Q: Who are your top three inspirations, art or otherwise?
A: I suppose travel would be a big one…seeing how other people live and how similar we all actually are. Secondly would be the study of human nature. I find the human condition endlessly fascinating.  And education. I’ve tried to remain a student my whole life. I attend the TED conference every year, which is an incredible source of information for me.

Q: What is your biggest challenge personally as it pertains to making your work?
A: It’s a personal thing I suppose. I’m my own worst critic so I’m continually questioning whether or not the work is good enough.

New Yorker, cover art, subway, women, religionQ: What is the significance of animals, religion and women in your work, why do you find yourself drawn to them and why are they a reoccurring theme in your work?
A: Well the gender area is self evident I think. We live in a society where the playing field is still not a level one. So that’s definitely a recurring theme. And because we share so much genetic material with other species, I think there’s endless room for visual musings.  I’m not religious but most people in the world are. So religious iconography and symbolism are good ways to describe ideas and to communicate them quickly.

Q: How has your art contributed to society? Do you think it’s important that art gives something to society?
A: I don’t think that’s for me to say. I hope that I will have contributed to society more than I’ve taken when it’s all said and done. I do think that society is improved by art, perhaps only if art is seen as somewhat of a mirror.

Q: What causes artistic blocks? What do you do to solve them?
A: I think repetition causes blocks. I think any creative people suffer them occasionally. I try to do something a bit different and hope they go away!

Q: In the past two decades who do you believe has made the biggest impact in the art world, artist, collector, philanthropist or otherwise?
A: The internet! It’s democratized everything! It has had as much of a profound effect on us as the industrial revolution did.

The Marked, art, painting, Anita KunzQ: How important do you think it is for artists to know about art history, and why?
A: I do think it’s important if only to understand context, which can be everything!

Q: What’s your process? How do you go about starting a piece and then deciding when it’s finished?
A: I start with a quick pencil sketch but don’t become too obsessed with it…that allows me to be a bit more spontaneous with the finished painting. I work layer over layer with watercolours and acrylics. It takes time, and I know it’s finished when I just can’t look at it any more!!

Q: French Fries or Beet Salad with Feta Cheese?
A: Beet salad

Q: What would you like to be remembered for?
A: Being kind.

416 587 0057



Every Cause Has An Effect: Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Disconnects on April 12

Cause: The vulnerability of wanting to believe in someone that’s connecting with you on the internet…The effect of technology in our daily lives…

Marc Jacobs in Disconnect

On March 27th, Arianna Huffington hosted in New York, a special screening and Q&A with director Henry Alex Rubin, star Frank Grillo and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, in preview to the upcoming film Disconnect. As we discovered, Marc is making a surprising reluctant screen debut. Below is a video excerpt.

Who knew that Marc was so shy!On The Move 

disconnect-posterA hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can’t find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site. They are strangers, neighbors and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today’s wired world.ia On The Move

buy-tickets-nowIn select theaters April 12.  Tickets are available in advance!

Directed by: Henry Alex Rubin

Written by: Andrew Stern

Cast: Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Frank Grillo, Michael Nyqvist, Paula Patton, Andrea Riseborough, Alexander Skarsgard & Max Thieriot

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 115 Minutes

Studio: LD Entertainment

Women Lead in the Workplace: Career Trends


(NAPSI)—If you don’t have a woman boss now, you probably will very soon. As 50 percent of the U.S. workforce and more than half of all managers and supervisors, women are reaching leadership positions in record numbers. According to the book Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders” by Apollo Research Institute, women outperform men in key leadership skills.

Drawing on interviews with 200 women leaders, and survey responses from more than 3,000 male and female managers,Women Lead explores 21st-century career trends and provides practical advice to help women excel in the new world of work. Readers will discover facts, figures, and real-life stories about leadership, education, and career planning, and learn how women are using negotiation, networking, and other collaborative practices to lead their organizations into the future.womens_history_month

Download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  .  BUY THE BOOK

Women in History

Joan Crawford

“Don’t fuck with me fellas.  This ain’t my first time at the rodeo!”

Once you get past the initial absurdity and over-acting in Faye Dunaway’s portrayal of Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest (but then who knows, in real life, Ms. Crawford was the “fiercest of them all!”), the lesson is how women, although gaining significant strides, are still underrepresented on corporate boards of directors.  The movie’s finest scene, shows the barriers professional women have faced in achieving nominations to corporate boards–and challenges once they are on them.

While some may have originally doubted the wisdom of Joan Crawford’s eventual appointment as the first woman to Pepsi-Cola’s board of directors, the fact was that she was an asset to the company during the 1960’s until her forced retirement a few years before she died in 1977.  Business-savvy and with a fierce work ethic, Crawford traveled the world as Pepsi-Cola’s spokeswoman, enhancing Pepsi’s brand the way few celebrities could today.  Over the years plenty of men were appointed to corporate boards thanks to their connections; few toiled as hard as Joan Crawford after receiving such an appointment. (excerpt from the blog

In films, Crawford often played hardworking young women who found romance and financial success. That may have been debatable in her personal life.  But, these “rags-to-riches” stories were well received by Depression-era audiences and were popular with women even then. Crawford became one of Hollywood’s most prominent movie stars and one of the highest paid women in the United States.

Here are some tips to help women (and men) acquire and demonstrate valuable leadership skills.

• Get tech savvy: By 2020, more than 70 percent of jobs will have a technical component. Stay current by upgrading your computer skills or learning new ones. Check job postings to see which skills employers are looking for, and take classes that teach those skills.

• Polish your people skills: Of more than 3,000 managers surveyed for “Women Lead,” nearly half picked communication as the most important skill for today’s leaders. Help your team excel by clearly communicating goals, roles and achievements.

• Live to learn: Continuing education ranked as the No. 1 most important activity for effective leaders, according to the managers surveyed for “Women Lead.” Make learning a lifelong habit by enrolling in a certification or advanced-degree program to boost your academic credentials.

You can learn more at or find Apollo Research Institute on Facebook.

Certified Organic: A Market Myth


Is the label “organic” something we can really trust?

78% of Americans eat organic food, because they think it’s healthier. But is organic really better for us or just a marketing scam?

When corporations went into the business and “organic” became a brand, everything changed.

The upcoming film In Organic We Trust documents an eye-opening personal journey that follows Director/Producer Kip Pastor as he investigates and answers the commonly asked question about organic food: What exactly is organic?

The documentary digs deep with farmers, organic certifiers, scientists, and organic critics to explore the content beneath the label and the truth behind the marketing.

In Organic We Trust movie posterIt takes a balanced approach to clear up misconceptions about organic food while highlighting practical solutions that are transforming the way we grow and eat.

Official Website:

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(available Nationwide On-Demand January 22)

Pre-order IN ORGANIC WE TRUST on Apple iTunes: 

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The Magic Bullet Theory – 1/2 Price Tickets This Weekend in LA

This Ain’t Your Father’s Conspiracy Theory…

Gia On The Move followers – Use promo code 008 at  for 1/2 price tickets this weekend!

November 22, 1963. America goes through the looking glass. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that someone murdered The President.
Earl Warren had a take on it. So did Oliver Stone. Plenty of other kooks. Why can’t we?

Come and join our anti hero Charlie as he negotiates a trail littered with murder, betrayal, drugs, ghosts and yes, dear reader, Love.  The writers of this play, Alex Zola and Terry Tocantins, promise no answers. But we can say, just like Lee Harvey Oswald, We Did Not Act Alone.

After a successful run at the Sacred Fools Theater , The Magic Bullet Theory comes to The Matrix!

For info about the play:

Facebook page