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Music We Missed in 2014: Ronny Morris ‘I’ll Survive’



Music Monday: Feel Alive with Aleks Grey

Aleks GreyWe normally like to start off Music Mondays with a kick.  But listening to Aleks Grey was filled with such beautiful and practical inspiration, toning it down seemed to match the insanity inducing Mercury retrograde a whole lot better.  Dedicating this to the harmony we seek inside ourselves.  “Born” is actually his 2013 solo project release.  His new release ‘Feel Alive’, just launched on iTunes on May 15th (Buy it on iTunes now by clicking the image below).  It is feel good anthemic pop, perfect listening in the summer sunshine. Both are  a great introduction to his music.

Born in Volda, Norway, Aleks was introduced to music through classical piano lessons when he was just three years old, but he was soon drawn to blues, soul and rock and roll. By the age of ten he was writing his own songs and by twelve he had become an accomplished guitarist.

Acutely shy, Aleks had never dared to sing publicly until one of his best friends forced him to audition for a part in a musical. Aleks was successful and performed in three musicals (Rent, West Side Story and Les Miserables), and had leading roles in each one. He also went on tour with Fame – the musical.

Aleks Grey


The Band:

Aleksander Raftevold (Aleks Grey) – vocal/piano/synth/guitar
Reece Cairns – Drums/pad
Eline Brun – bv/piano/synth
Andreas Oxholm – bv/bass
Andreas Skuggen – guitar

Social Media:

Music We Missed in 2014: Sweet Bump It





Naked Poetry Performance at Temporary Space LA May 16

Yes Naked. No not you!


A confluence of poetry, art, and music, Naked Poetry is a collaborative performance piece created and choreographed by artists Richard Shelton and Carlini Nuñez set against a poetry backdrop selected by Mary Lou Rutberg. Featured poetry  curated by Mary Lou Rutbergwill include pieces by Richard Shelton, Joan Eyles Johnson, Brendan Constantine & Mary Louise Downing.

Naked Poetry is a throwback to the beatnik era when poetry really mattered.  Whether you lived it, or wanted to, come for a night of traditional and contemporary poetry readings that are performed, yes, naked. 

Naked Poetry is the second in a series of programs to accompany the exhibition, Richard Shelton: 50 Years of Painting.  This event coincides with the second installation of work, The War Show, which continues to explore the entire scope of the artist’s 50 year career.  A multi-talented artist, Richard Shelton developed all programs accompanying this exhibition to enhance the visitor experience and provide insight into his creative process.

When: Saturday, May 16, 2015. Viewing of Richard Shelton’s new installation, The War Show from  6 pm -10 pm with refreshments served. Naked Poetry performance from 8 pm – 9 pm.

RSVP on Temporary Space LA’s ‘EVENTS’ page or call 323-297-8464.

Where:     Temporary Space LA, 5522 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Richard Shelton, Holy Man 6, 1968 26.5" x 20", acrylic, charcoal on paper

Richard Shelton, Holy Man 6, 1968 26.5″ x 20″, acrylic, charcoal on paper

Richard Shelton’s paintings have been displayed in the Smithsonian Art Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and other museums in the United States in addition to numerous private collections. Praised by critics for his technique and intensity, each of his emotionally charged paintings offers a snippet of social commentary on life in the modern world.

Caracas-born Carlini Nuñez is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. He received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from UCLA and did postgraduate work in environmental design and architecture. He joined Circo De Poesia in Los Angeles where he directed multimedia performances. He has performed at Los Angeles-based Independent Artist Gallery, San Francisco’s Under The Radar, and LA Freewaves. He has been the recipient of grants from The Canada Council for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts for both  performance and interactive video art.

Mary Louise Downing Rutberg is a prolific writer of poetry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Comparative Literature and is also a graduate of the Mount St. Mary’s Masters in Arts and Humanities, Creative Writing Program.  She has been a writer all of her professional life as well, and her work on behalf of clients has been published in many professional publications and media outlets.  In Washington, D.C., she was Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather Public Affairs and a member of its Senior Management Council. She was also Senior Vice President of Rogers & Cowan Public Affairs there, and in addition, served as a White House Appointee as Peace Corps Director of External Affairs. Mary Lou has provided extensive communications counsel to a number of arts and educational clients in Los Angeles, including USC and MOCA, where she held the position of Director of Communications

Temporary Space LA is an alternative exhibition platform to the traditional art gallery model.  Unlike the traditional gallery model, Temporary Space will not represent artists. Instead of showcasing the art of developing or emerging artists, Temporary Space LA will exhibit the art of mid-career and late-career artists, with particular emphasis upon artists who have been under-appreciated, both critically and economically, by the art establishment.

Temporary Space

Temporary Space LA is located at 5522 Wilshire Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Exhibition Hours are:  Monday – Saturday from 10am – 8pm.

#howdoyoufeelnow? Joywave: Tongues


They wanted to find a way to have this question live on its own, out in the real world, independent of any musical accompaniment. There were a lot of elaborate ideas thrown around to make something happen but ultimately simplicity reigned supreme.

They chose 249 Eldridge Street (@ Houston), on the Lower East Side, NYC.



joywave“One of our favorite aspects of the new record is its title. The way it provokes, challenges and prompts actual thought and reflection is exciting to us; equal parts interrogation and declaration. It has a few specific meanings to us, but many of the people we’ve talked to have completely different interpretations.” 

– Joywave

If you’re walking by, spend some time with it and think.

How Do You Feel Now?

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Crazy Underneath The Trees

Crazy-FB (1)
Spontaneity is decidedly part of Moon Mile Run’s philosophy; if they hear about something that needs a bit of nurturing—even if it’s a last-minute Open Rehearsal to support a piece—they just might consider getting involved.
And they did!
How could they ignore the work of two paragons of Los Angeles’ theater history: Darrell Larson and Rob Sullivan? These two were doing “edgy and raw” theater in the Seventies, before those terms were used to describe theater.
Larson describes the piece, Crazy Underneath The Trees: “…not a play, not a poem, perhaps a prayer, definitely a confession, possibly an argument, seduction or negotiation? All of the above, actually, and with percussion. The latter is supplied by the inimitable MIKE TEMPO, of BONEDADDYS fame, with special guest, PAUL LACQUES on guitar.”
So join Moon Mile Run in Silver Lake for a COMPLIMENTARY EVENT on Monday, May 11, at 9:30 PM. Spirit Studio (3711 Evans Street, off Hyperion, 90027). Reservation are not required.
Mark Bringelson                 Michael Kearns                       Ryland Shelton

REDCAT presents the World Premiere of The Institute of Memory (TIMe)

A Multimedia Performance 

1. Photo Courtesy the Artist

REDCAT, CalArts’, presents the World Premiere of The Institute of Memory (TIMe), by director and media artist Lars Jan and his company Early Morning Opera, Thursday May 28 to Sunday May 31.

Produced by the CalArts Center for New Performance, TIMe is a multi-dimensional performance about how the future of remembering is changing right now. A leading-edge visual design sets the stage for this theatrical exploration of the blurring of short and long term memories, and the transformation of archives from physical to digital structures.

TIMe features two performers, projected imagery and original musical compositions by world-renowned vocalist and composer Mariana Sadowska, as part of its extensive multimedia collage, which trace the evolution of national and personal remembering and privacy through the story of the director’s father known in later life as Henryk S. Ryniewicz, a Polish resistance fighter in WWII, a McCarthy-era anti-communist speaker, a Cold War intelligence operative, and privacy-obsessed misanthrope.

TIMe is at the intersection of theater, film and new media. Hybridizing theatrical forms and contemporary art practices, the performance draws from both emerging digital technologies and analog antiques—notably visible in Jan’s use of a custom-tailored mid-century typewriter transformed by artist Andrew Schneider into both musical instrument and functional lighting/sound/video board.

This project is supported by as part of a program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor.

Thursday, May 28, 2015 to Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera: The Institute of Memory (TIMe)

redcat logoTickets: $10-25
Location: REDCAT | 631 West 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

For more information call the REDCAT Box Office at 213-237-2800
Or visit:

For current program and exhibition information call 213-237-2800 or visit

REDCAT is located in downtown Los Angeles inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex with a separate entrance at the corner of West 2nd and Hope Streets.

Parking is available in the Walt Disney Concert Hall parking structure. $9 event rate or $5 for vehicles entering after 8:00 pm on weekdays.

Box Office Hours: Tuesdays– thru Saturday from noon until 6 pm or two hours prior to curtain