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Music Monday: Young Guns debut new LP “Ones and Zeros”

Young guns

We’re bummed their new album is on lock-down and we can’t stream it here.  But even still Young Guns new LP “Ones and Zeros” has us fired up.

young gunsYoung Guns have emerged as one of the UK’s most electrifying new bands, garnering heavy radio play and both US and UK chart success, while playing to packed houses worldwide. The band have attracted critical acclaim from esteemed tastemakers in their home country, like Kerrang and BBC Radio 1, while drawing attention from US outlets like AltSounds, Billboard and Buzznet.

Young Guns is touring the beast from the East in August.  Check out their page for dates.

find young guns: 

Cathy to the Rescue!

Cathy CartoonWith one final “Ack” beloved comic strip character Cathy (originally authored by cartoonist Cathy Guisewite) said goodbye to her readers on October 3, 2010, after 34 years of struggling through the ups and downs of food, love, family and work – the four basic guilt groups of the modern women.

Writer/Producer Susan Sassi, however, thinks Cathy is more relevant than ever and has created Cathy in Real Life, a live action parody of the Cathy comic strip which explores the changing definition of feminism in a comical way.

Cathy in Real Life

Susan wanted to develop a lighthearted film project that had more parts for women as well as showcase different opinions of what should and shouldn’t be empowering to women.

It is fun and important. And “the more people see women protagonists [in film], the more they can re-train themselves to relate to women.”  It’s that simple!

Cathy cartoon strip


Yep! It’s an indie-go-go.  So as part of our Los Angeles Femme writers/directors/producers community, we’ve decided to support this truly super cool project and hope you will too.

They need to raise $2650 in 32 days to cover all the costs.  And there are some delicious retail therapy perks involves.


Hollywood Fringe Announces 2015 Award Winners

Sixth Annual Festival Closes With a Bang


Photo credit: Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival ended last night after crowning this year’s award winners at the annual Award Ceremony and Closing Night Party. Over 650 people attended the event.The Freak Awards are community-voted by Fringe participants and attendees. Winners included:

Click here to see a full list of award winners, including sponsored awards and extensions.

Hollywood Fringe

The sixth annual Fringe was a huge success according to festival organizers, with record-breaking online ticket sales and attendance. Official numbers and year-to-year comparisons will be released in the coming weeks after settlement is complete.


Hollywood Fringe Logo

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community.  Each June during the Hollywood Fringe, the arts infiltrates the Hollywood neighborhood: Fully equipped theaters, parks, clubs, churches, restaurants and other unexpected places host hundreds of productions by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers.

Participation in the Hollywood Fringe is completely open and uncensored. This free-for-all approach underlines the festival’s mission to be a platform for artists without the barrier of a curative body. By opening the gates to anyone with a vision, the festival is able to exhibit the most diverse and cutting-edge points-of-view the world has to offer. Additionally, by creating an environment where artists must self-produce their work, the Fringe motivates its participants to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurialism in the arts.

Gia #HFF15 #Reviews : Shakespeare(ish)

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Shakespeare (ish)

This shows begins right where it ends in a kind of no man’s land of Shakespeare’s words, tropes, poetic styles and 8 year old fantasies of the more famous stories in the catalog.  They are certainly not lacking in exuberance or dedication. But even the masks, minor puppetry, delightfully frivolous sets and song making couldn’t keep this mess from its tipping point.

As a family friendly teaching tool mashup for youngsters or those who go deep for being young at heart, Shakepeare(ish) does highlight and instruct on important moments, characters and ideas adding some adorable off-handed, off-text audience participation.  As a stage play, it’s purely non-sensical which for some is the reason to experience it.  They could cut it down a bit however, for the older kids in the room who were finding some of the scenes repetitive and long.

#MusicMonday: Bourbon Street ‘Crossing On a Bend”

music bands

Here’s a lively Monday morning wake up for you…Bourbon Street Beat’s new single ‘Crossing On a Bend’ is inspired by 50s and 60s bands such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, as well as Rock’n’Roll legends like Elvis, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash, each of these influences are apparent in technique and style yet reinterpreted to give Bourbon Street Beat an indie edge.

Iain Hammond (vocals and guitar), Joe Morrison-Hay (bass) and Andy Mackenzie (drums) met at university and formed the band in 2012. Their last EP ‘Knuckles of Brass’ earned them a strong following in Manchester with this release set to spread the word even further.

‘Crossing on a Bend’ was recorded at Blueprints Studios in Salford, engineered by Tim Thomas and mastered by Gary Hadfield.

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DeQn Sue: Bloody Monster

Clockwise from upper left: DeQn Sue, Briana Marela, Anna B Savage and cover art for Nao's February 15 EP


I got a chance to check out art-pop siren, DeQn Sue, and her brand new R&B single “Bloody Monster”  Seriously, I had to giggle.  Wait till you here the lyrics on this one.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do. DeQn Sue has been featured at Gia On The Move more than once and she’s definitely one of our favs.

The Bloody Monster track was featured on NPR, who said “DeQn Sue’s proprietary blend of anger and silliness struck us as impressive, irresistible, and vital.” 

“Bloody Monster” is from her upcoming EP, Snack, out July 21st. The Alabama based singer crafts alternative, quirky pop songs that blend funk and electronic music with R&B. DeQn Sue has recently been featured on Essence Magazine’s New & Next feature, as well as Afropunk, PopDose, HypeMachine, Impose and more.

Check out here website

Find DeQn Sue on Twitter @DEQNSUE

Gia #HFF15 #Reviews: King of Kong

Contributed by Benjamin Schwartz

King of Kong


“Kong Could Be the King Of Musicals”

I had first heard about “King of Kong: A Musical Parody” when it was still being developed at Sacred Fools during “Serial Killers”.  If you don’t know “Serial Killers”, it’s quite the unique format.  A late night show where plays compete in 10 minute stints for a chance to move onto the following week with the audience entirely deciding the fate of each piece. It’s a whole lot of fun and every night is completely different.

If you’re not familiar with the original source material, “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”, then do yourself a favor and go watch the film. It’s probably still on Netflix. The cult documentary tracks the progress of gamer Steve Wiebe as he attempts to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with the high score of the retro arcade game, Donkey Kong. The antagonist and total doofus of a man is Billy Mitchell, who currently holds the high score for DK, aka “The King” of Kong.

Lauren Van Kurin (writer, actor, all around awesome person) does take quite a few liberties with the original plot and this was a smart choice.

Lauren Van Kurin (“The Poe Show”) and Brendan Hunt (“Absolutely Filthy”, “The Poe Show”) are a dynamite team. The commitment and energy from these two is just unstoppable. The singing isn’t exactly Broadway caliber, but they are fine singers. Kurin & Hunt race on and off the stage as different characters, and the expertly crafted set up to hard punches make this show feel like a sitcom in the best way possible.

At times King of Kong becomes a little too much for them to take on all by themselves. There are so many different wig, costume and personality changes that happen in lighting fast time, but honestly… it only adds to the laughter. “King Of Kong: A Musical Parody” is easily accessible, fantastic and very fringe.  It incidentally was named Winner for the Best Overall Musical for the New York Fringe 2014.

Highly Recommended

Theatre Asylum (Lillian Theatre – 1076 Lillian Way LA. CA. 90038) Hollywood’s Theatre Row map

Friday June 12 2015, 11:55 PM| 50 mins
Sunday June 21 2015, 4:00 PM | 50 mins
Thursday June 25 2015, 8:30 PM | 50 mins
Saturday June 27 2015, 10:00 PM | 50 mins