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Now Streaming: Bloodhounds On My Trail

If you are looking for an out of body experience, click no further.

gia on the move, musicBloodhounds On My Trail just released their new EP, Escape II, on Moon Sounds Records just after Thanksgiving.  We’re streaming the whole thing here:

It’s no secret that Johnny Green (guitar, vocals), Chris Donaldson (guitar), Nik Donaldson (drums) and Ché Walden (bass) have a deep love of shoegaze bands from the late 1980s to early 90s.  These Aussies seek to fuse the rhythmic underpinnings of bands like the Velvet Underground and the Stooges with the infectious stylings of shoegaze luminaries such as Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.

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For Allie X It’s Never Enough

This Monday is all about soothing pre-holiday nerves.  Let’s just hope NEVER ENOUGH is not the seasonal mantra. Allie X’s “radio-ready hooks and breathless jams”  song made it’s UK premiere earlier this month. If you need a LIVE break, however, Allie X will be at the Troubador Los Angeles on December 9th.

Check out Allie X web for more info.

Allie X

Music Obsession and All That Jazz in Miravel at Sacred Fools

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move
Miravel Sacred Fools Gia On The Move Tracey Paleo

Jake Broder, Devereau Chumrau and Will Bradley in Miravel. Photo by Jessica Sherman


We immersed in the sensuality of sound, feeling what they felt, the players, the singers, the music makers. Those were the glorious unbridled moments. 

For its second world premiere this season Sacred Fools goes back to the beginning so to speak with a deeply twisted love story in Miravel written and and starred in by Louise and Keely writer Jake Broder, a Cyrano-esque melodrama of three people addicted to the music.

Alphonso Bloch is a reclusive jazz composer who falls in love with Miravel, but so does bad boy singer Henry Brooks. One has dedicated himself to Miravel as muse. The other obsessed with her as lover.  As the two men woo her, each respectively wrestles with his own greatest obstacle in the search for a deeper connection to music and love – himself.

An oversimplified, show-and-tell script, there is admittedly not enough for any of the actors to do, emphasizing a very long first act lingering to the point.

So much in this play is driven by the lead character Miravel whose innocently, alluring, barn burner qualities steer both men to push themselves so far inside their own desires and darknesses that it warrants a driving lead with some serious chops to take on the simplicity, connect with the multi-faceted, emotional complications and revolve this drama to a quixotic end.

What we get instead, is a struggle for chemistry by all three actors creating occasionally awkward interludes of dialog in between the actual music which is the shining star of this play but alas, fleeting at best.

Devereau Chumrau is a strong actress. She just doesn’t quite have the heat for this role and either plays or has been directed to play Miravel elegantly but stiff, inhibited as much by her unmovable wardrobe as her slightly clumsy choreography.

Mr. Broder’s story was much more empathetic, but ultimately the always slightly insecure delivery becomes repetitive.

Miravel Sacred Fools Gia On The Move Tracey Paleo

Jake Broder and Will Bradley in Miravel. Photo by Jessica Sherman.

Will Bradley as Henry Brooks, however, delivers a top dollar performance, thoroughly reminiscent of rat pack swank and fluid Sinatra style singing that makes you wanna ‘blow your top’ in delight.

Miravel could do with some letting go. It needs to breathe so it can let the audience in a bit more, rather than keep them at a just beyond touchable reach. It needs more character.  It needs more ‘jazz’.  With that, the ride will be so much more satisfying.  Overall, though, it’s not a show to be missed. There are some incredibly gorgeous moments when we get them.  And the band is pretty darn phenomenal.

Written by: Jake Broder
Directed by: Shaunessey Quinn
Cast: Devereau Chumrau as Miravel, Will Bradley as Henry Brooks, Jake Broder as Alphonso Bloch


Sacred Fools Theater Company
660 N. Heliotrope
Hollywood, CA 90004

Friday and Saturdays at 8pm
Tickets: $25
Online at or call (310) 281-8337
Tickets also available at the door.

Bel Canto Me In for Norma at the LA Opera Tonight

Norma LA Opera Gia On The Move

Wednesday night’s LA Opera TweeterSeater frenzy during the final rehearsal of Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma conducted by James Conlon proved spectacular as Druid Priestess, Soprano Angela Meade delivered a superlative title role Casta Diva and a highly-charged, dramatic turn-around with the tender, virginal, rival-turned-girl-power-forever-mezzo Jamie Barton as Adalgisa, and “love-to-love/hate-you(baby)” Roman proconsul Russell Thomas.  A triumphant performance and stunning example of perfect Bel Canto made raucous by a “y’all are makin’ my night!”  by @jbartonmezzo during the 2nd act tweet slam from the wings stealing our hearts forever with that one interjection.

Morris Robinson, Lacey Jo Benter and Rafael Moras round out this evening’s Washington National Opera cast. Opening tonight.  Watch the preview here and visit LAOpera for tickets!


Sugarmen’s Explosive ‘Plastic Ocean’

Gia On The Move, music, sugarmen

2015 has been a huge year for UK based band, Sugarmen. The band played two Hyde Park shows with The Who and Blur, as well as sharing stages with Sleaford Mods, The Bohicas, Hooton Tennis Club, Deer Hunter, Metronomy and British Sea Power. The four-piece have toured hard and reinforced their growing reputation for high octane live sets, driven by charismatic cool and electric chemistry.

Their new single ‘Plastic Ocean’, a galactic track that explodes into life with a collision of fractured rhythms and angular riffs, boasts clever lyrics, power-surged vocals, and spaghetti western guitars, all driven by an unrelenting rhythm section and infectious melody. ‘Plastic Ocean’ captures on record the on stage energy the band are renowned for, it’s as sharp a statement of intent as you’ll ever hear.
The Band:
Luke Fenlon, Chay Heney, Sam McVann and Tom Shields
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Atmospheric Melodies of Men in the Sky


Men in the Sky (MITS) is a British-Canadian collaboration between founder Gary Roberts (guitar and synths) and Simon Mawson (vocals), Gavin Thomas (vocals) and Chad Montgomery (guitars).



Fusing atmospheric synth melodies with driving guitars, Men in the Sky produce innovative electronica that draws as much from the jazz-blues of Jeff Beck and the funk of Chic as it does from classic British New Wave and echoes the classic 1980s output of New Order and the iconic work of Trevor Horn, while the band’s guitars recall Depeche Mode’s venture into rockier, grittier territory in the late 80s and early 90s.

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Aleks Grey “Born to Feel Alive”

Aleks Grey, Gia On The Move, indie-pop

Norwegian musician Aleks Grey’s, “Feel Alive” is an uplifting indie pop anthem just right for a Music Monday share.  His singles have gained worldwide airplay and huge critical acclaim, establishing him as a very exciting emerging artist.

Aleks Grey, Gia On The Move, Born in Volda, Norway, and now based in Liverpool, Aleks was introduced to music through classical piano lessons when he was just three years old, but he was soon drawn to blues, soul and rock and roll. By the age of ten he was writing his own songs and by twelve he had become an accomplished guitarist.

Acutely shy, Aleks never actually sang in  public until a friends convinced him to audition for a part in a musical. He’s now performed as a lead in three: Rent, West Side Story and Les Miserables. Plus he’s been on tour with Fame – the musical.

The Band:

Aleksander Raftevold (Aleks Grey) – vocal/piano/synth/guitar
Reece Cairns – Drums/pad
Eline Brun – bv/piano/synth
Andreas Oxholm – bv/bass
Andreas Skuggen – guitar

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