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No Rest for the Weekend

…or what to do with 11 minutes of film.

film, behind the rabbit productions

Join Behind the Rabbit Productions for the release of their latest web series via Twitter on October 15, 2015. Follow them @BTRProductions

NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND is #4 in a 4 part series revealing the nuts and bolts of the filmmaking process featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of BTRP’s 16mm short, The Last Hit, and was directed by one of the film’s producers, Patrick Reis.

The BTRP cast and crew battle the heat to get the shot and discuss the perks and pitfalls of shooting on film. You’ll see how the climactic scene was filmed, and in an interview with Sound Designer/Composer Christopher Gillard you’ll learn how the sound scape of The Last Hit was created.

“We made The Last Hit with four rolls of film left over from 1999. We had only 11 minutes of film and we didn’t know if we’d get an image, so we thought it would be great if we could document the challenge of making a movie with those limitations,” explains Creative Director Jason Godbey. ”Patrick has an extensive background in documentary filmmaking, so we knew he was the right guy to capture the behind the scenes footage and interviews.”

Previously they have produced narrative and documentary series including: Artist Profiles, Watch This Film, and The Jessica Project.

The Hardest Star Wars Quiz. EVER! (Sort of)

Star Wars, CostumesLast week we had some fun with a pre #ForceFriday graphic listing some of the favorite fight scenes of all the Star Wars movies.  This week, we’ve got another challenge for you sent to us by MorphCostumes in the UK.

With the release of the shiny new Star Wars instalment just around the corner, they asked, “What better time to test the knowledge of the world’s stalwart Star Wars fans”? Be prepared. This latest quiz isn’t like their previous one. This time, you have to match the quote to the character.  Sound easy?

Take the test and see. Click the image.

Star Wars, quiz, trivia


You’ll soon discover whether you really do know your Wookies from your Ewoks; your Darth Vader from your Darth Maul.

May the force be with you

(yes, yes…we just couldn’t resist).

Star Wars, The Force Awakens


Top 10 Star Wars Fight Scenes

Is there anyone in the universe NOT salivating for the Decebmber 18 release of STAR WARS: The Force Awakens?


As the forces of good and evil prepare to do battle once more when the NEW Star Wars film lands in the UK, MorphCostumes HQ was inspired to create an infographic of the Top Ten best Star Wars Fight Scenes.  So they combed the archives and chose their top 10 intergalactic scuffles (from the Star Wars trilogy) based on their inventiveness, choreography, emotional impact and the sheer awesome-ness of their special Effects. (click to enlarge the image).



Film to Watch: Prince – Playing at Arena Cinema Hollywood Aug 14

prince_ttPRINS_GRADING_v1_V1_0000_5__79641 copy

Seventeen-year-old Ayoub has a lot on his plate: his father is a junkie, his mother is a lonely divorcé, and his sister is falling in with the wrong crowd. Haunted by his father’s terrible reputation, Ayoub can’t get the attention of Laura, the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood. He does, however, gain the attention of Kalpa, an eccentric, purple Lamborghini-driving, psychotically violent local criminal. Falling in with Kalpa, Ayoub tries to enlarge his status (and wallet) enough to win Laura over, but soon finds that his new life is far more than he bargained for.

August 14- August 20, 2015

Directed and written by Sam de Jong. Produced by Gijs Kerbosch. From FilmBuff and VICE Media. This film stars Oussama Addi, Elsie de Brauw, Ayoub Elasri, Olivia Lonsdale, Achraf Meziani and Jorik Scholten.

Winner- Berlin International Film Festival

**** (Four stars)- “Prince tells a story that just can’t be forgotten.”—The Upcoming

Color 2015, Netherlands, 78 minutes, unrated. Drama.

Admission: $12 each feature.

Information: (323) 306-0676. Online ticketing:

At Arena Cinema Hollywood, 1625 N. Las Palmas Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Discounted parking is available with validation at lots adjacent to the venue and across the street.

Arena Cinema is Hollywood’s new home for independent films, powered by Voltaire Media. Ranked among Top 5 Indie Movie Theatres in Los Angeles by CBS2.


Gia #HFF15 #Reviews: Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers in “A Hollywood Ending”

soContributed by Benjamin Schwartz

“Magic In The Waiting Room”

Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers in “A Hollywood Ending” provides a timely glimpse into what could be an extremely accurate depiction of two artists at the end of their respected careers.

Orson Welles is certainly the personality that is instantly recognizable, while the name Scatman Crothers doesn’t usually ring most people’s bell.  You might have heard Scatman as the voice of Scat Cat from the animated film, The Aristocats, or seen his acting in The Shining and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Welles and Crothers strike up conversation while waiting to audition for the 1985 animated film, Transformers: The Movie.  At first, it is difficult to see why these two would be in the same room, let alone auditioning for the same movie. As the expertly crafted dialogue rolls along, both the characters and audience start to understand how similar these two really are.

Welles (Rob Locke) and Crothers (Dennis Neal) are dream roles for actors, and the two really sink their teeth deep into the material. Locke does a fine job capturing the elitist, ego-driven Welles who has the largest character arch. But it is his counterpart, Dennis Neal who really steals the show.

It is difficult to take your eyes off Neal as he gives a beautifully organic, honest performance.  These two seasoned actors sport their acting chops as they bounce emotions and patter very well off each other in this character-driven play.

It is inherently clear that playwright and director, David Castro, has done a great deal of research on the time period and characters. The dated references may be a little much for a common layman, but the writing is impeccable. The dialogue is a continuous stream of natural conversation tucked within a tight three-act structure. A playwright who directs his own work tends to be blind to errors during rehearsal, but this is not the case here. Castro does a great job directing his actors to hit the exact nuances and timing of the script.

Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers in “A Hollywood Ending” examines how these two consummate artists defined success and artistic freedom while still trying to pay the bills.  It is wholly entertaining, thought-provoking and poignant.



Theatre Asylum (Asylum Lab – 1078 Lillian Way LA. CA. 90038) Hollywood’s Theatre Row map
Saturday June 20 2015, 4:00 PM | 1hr
Friday June 26 2015, 8:30 PM | 1hr
Saturday June 27 2015, 2:30 PM | 1hr


Film to Watch: The Stanford Prison Experiment

A Film by Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Opens in Theaters July 17th via IFC Films


It is the summer of 1971. Dr. Philip Zimbardo launches a study on the psychology of imprisonment. Twenty-four male undergraduates are randomly assigned to be either a guard or a prisoner. Set in a simulated jail, the project unfolds. The participants rapidly embody their roles—the guards become power-hungry and sadistic, while the prisoners, subject to degradation, strategize as underdogs. It soon becomes clear that, as Zimbardo and team monitor the escalation of action through surveillance cameras, they are not fully aware of how they, too, have become part of the experiment.

Based on the real-life research of Dr. Zimbardo (who was a consultant on the film), THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT is a dramatic period piece that remains relevant over 40 years later. Along with an impressive cast, including Billy Crudup as Zimbardo, Kyle Patrick Alvarez (C.O.G., 2013 Sundance Film Festival) delivers an intense, visceral film about the role of power that plays to both chilling and exhilarating effect.

Features an excellent roster of young talent, including Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Olivia Thirlby, Michael Angarano,Logan Miller, Thomas Mann, Keir Gilchrist, Johnny Simmons, Moises Arias, Jack Kilmer, Chris Sheffield, Ki Hong Lee, and James Frechville, to name a few. 

TRT: 122 minutes

Country: USA

Language: English


Los Angeles Film to watch: Gone Doggy Gone

Gone Doggy GoneIn the spirit of absurd comedies and absurd relationships we had to share one that spans both categories and that just came on our radar.

Gone Doggy Gone will be screening at Arena Cinema Hollywood as one of several films making a special engagement at the local Hollywood screening room beginning June 26th.  Mark your calendars.

Gone Doggy Gone is a comedy about a couple stuck in a lackluster marriage who treat their dog like a baby. Working the grind in Los Angeles they leave little time for each other and what free time they have they spend doting on the dog… until it gets kidnapped! What ensues is an outlandish cat and mouse adventure as they hunt down the kidnapper, enlist a slick dick P.I., find a renewed love for each other, and conquer their fear of parenthood.

Winner- Edmonton International Film Festival

Winner- First Glance Film Festival

Winner- Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Winner- Offshoot Film Festival

Winner- Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

“The comedy surprise of the year.”—-San Diego Reader

Written and directed by Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter. Produced by Brown, Walter, Rebecca Hu and Adriane Zaudke. From Indican Pictures. Color, 2015, USA, 89 minutes, unrated. Comedy. Starring Kasi Brown, Brandon Walter, Kate Connor, Shaina Vorspan, Richard Riehle and Jeff Sloniker.