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“Jingle Bells” is a Thanksgiving song and Other Weird Holiday Facts

Yuletide food festivals, mall music, blinging lights, shopping stampedes…Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived and yet Santa’s already making appearances everywhere.  As a precursor to one of the most financially and dietarily harrowing holiday events all year, here are some shocking epic facts we KNOW you didn’t know about Christmas. (click on the image to enlarge it)

Thanksgiving Christmas Gia On The Move

Female MARVEL Heroes Ready for the Silver Screen

We’ve all seen awesome heroes like the Avengers, Hulk and Spiderman kick some serious evil butt. But what about all the other heroes who are equally powerful and just as cool?  Here’s a list of 10 MARVEL characters who really deserve screen time in their own live-action film, including four bad-ass women!


Amateur Night at LA’s Fashion Platform Downtown LA

LA FashionUnprecedented, as one of the more shabbily organized fashion events, Los Angeles showed off it’s lack of style and decorum last night at the “All Aboard… L.A.’s Fashion Platform”, an annual fundraiser by non-profit Fashion Business Inc. and the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator (MAFI) Award, which featured collections from California’s top, established and emerging designers such as MK Collab, Vene AI, Kiin-Athletic, Soverra, Plush Cashmere, and AS by DF.

Confused crowds were forced to cluster at the velvet ropes entrance to the stage, in a sweltering, non air conditioned Union Station Downtown LA, waiting for a half-baked seating chart to be recovered, additionally not marked with placements for all of the invited press.  Front row VIPs and general guests alike, had to practically jump the stanchions, to avoid the stampede of no formal lines, manned by volunteers who knew nothing about handling attendees. I suppose it wouldn’t be possible to host such an event without typically unpaid, unqualified labor. But such is the unfortunate state of affairs in the City of Los Angeles where free internships reign supreme.

The usual unstylish, tack and ric-rack suspects, clamored for the free booze and packaged-for-prime-advertisement hors d’oeuvres as the center piece barely 6 feet away from the badly lit step and repeat, swarmed by the who’s nobody at the largely unprestigious affair.

Oh how I miss the olden days of New York Fashion Weeks and the joy of working backstage with real designers like Gianni Versace (coincidentally one of the most generous men in the industry I’ve ever known), Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Ana Sui, Ralph Lauren to name drop just a mere few.  Oh how I miss the days of genuinely, glamorous people who actually spent extraordinary thought, time and money, to accoutre for American fashion’s most exalted moments, jockeying and negotiating even up until the last minute for prime position in the tents at Bryant Park or the Armory.  Instead LA is forced to gag on a substitute diet of barely inspiring, pure retail ready-to-wear.

Alas, Los Angeles is still bereft of haute couture and lush imaginative costume or a highly professional, well- coordinated experience. And a few one night rental gowns, sparkly faux jewels, red carpet photos or nice kids at the checkin tables couldn’t save it – at least not last night.

#FreeAppFriday : Shuttersong – Connect Your Photos with Sound

This was technically released earlier this week.  But just in case some of you didn’t see it…there’s a hot new app available for iPhone users.

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Shuttersong, the free mobile app for connecting photos with sound, has become a digital community where you can create and share “Shuttersongs” – photos that have music, sound or voice embedded into them – as well as view a feed of Shuttersongs from followers with shared interests. To help launch the new Shuttersong community and engage with their millions of fans around the world, recording artists and social media sensations, Jack & Jack have become brand collaborators. Download Shuttersong for free here.

What’s new in Shuttersong?

  • Grab your own custom user name
  • Real-time image feed so you can add your friends and view all their Shuttersongs
  • Add likes and comments
  • Caption your Shuttersongs using live web links, great for driving traffic to YouTube, blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Coming soon:
    • Search profiles and hashtags to find and connect with new followers
    • “I’m Feeling Lucky” – let Shuttersong randomly match your photo with a track from your iTunes music

Jack & Jack Fans – Watch This Space!

Jack & Jack will be announcing a contest for fans to win a chance to see them live and to get involved with Shuttersong via their Twitter and Instagram accounts in early August!

“We’re always looking for exciting new ways to connect with our fans and Shuttersong is another way to do that,” said Jack & Jack. They will make Shuttersongs to celebrate the release of their new EP, Calibraska, which has trended in the top 5 albums worldwide for five days straight.

“Our goal with the new Shuttersong was to connect likeminded people who love to share photos with each other so they can discover other people with similar interests,” said William Agush, founder, inventor and CEO of Shuttersong. “There are so many great Shuttersongs being made every day on the app, the next step for us was to let them be shared with each other and for others to join as a way to share their special moments in a cool, high-quality way.”

Shuttersong 3.0 is available for free download in the iTunes App Store:

About Shuttersong
Shuttersong® is a platform and digital community where users can create, share, connect and discover audio-enhanced images for their specific interests. It is the owner of the exclusive technology that combines image data and multiple non-image data files into a single entity without altering the structure of the image (Patent No: US 9,009,123). Shuttersong is backed by executive advisor, Gil Anderson, individuals associated with the law firm of Morgan Lewis LLP and New England entrepreneurs, Vincent D’Agostino and Jere Doyle. Follow the company, as well as the many Shuttersongs created in the digital community, on Twitter at @shuttersong and on Instagram. Shuttersong is headquartered in Wellesley Mass., and is a registered trademark of Shuttersong Incorporated.


Go Bitmoji Yourself!


This Friday, July 17th is National Emoji Day and to celebrate, Bitmoji, the popular personal emoji app, invites you to join in on some festivities.


BITMOJI YOUR PROFILE PIC: In honor of National Emoji Day, change your profile pic to your favorite Bitmoji! It’s super easy to create, just follow the simple directions below.

  1. Download the free Bitmoji app (iOSAndroid)
  2. Create your avatar
  3. Browse through massive library of stickers and emojis of yourself
  4. Choose your favorite, and voila~ you’ve got a new profile pic
  5. Show off your new profile pic with the #MyBitmoji hashtag

VOTE: Emoji lovers can now rejoice and vote on the next Bitmoji to be released! Choose from some of the most requested emojis including Taco, Unicorn, Hotdog, Selfie and Bacon! Simply tweet your vote to @BitmojiApp with the #MyBitmoji hashtag. (Ex. TACO @BitmojiApp #MyBitmoji). The winning bitmoji will be announced on on National Emoji Day (which is actually World Emoji Day too) – get to voting!

Fun Fact: Over 200 million bitmojis have been shared to date with major A-list celebs from Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Zach Braff, Lena Dunham, Seth Rogan tweeting/posting theirs.


Cathy to the Rescue!

Cathy CartoonWith one final “Ack” beloved comic strip character Cathy (originally authored by cartoonist Cathy Guisewite) said goodbye to her readers on October 3, 2010, after 34 years of struggling through the ups and downs of food, love, family and work – the four basic guilt groups of the modern women.

Writer/Producer Susan Sassi, however, thinks Cathy is more relevant than ever and has created Cathy in Real Life, a live action parody of the Cathy comic strip which explores the changing definition of feminism in a comical way.

Cathy in Real Life

Susan wanted to develop a lighthearted film project that had more parts for women as well as showcase different opinions of what should and shouldn’t be empowering to women.

It is fun and important. And “the more people see women protagonists [in film], the more they can re-train themselves to relate to women.”  It’s that simple!

Cathy cartoon strip


Yep! It’s an indie-go-go.  So as part of our Los Angeles Femme writers/directors/producers community, we’ve decided to support this truly super cool project and hope you will too.

They need to raise $2650 in 32 days to cover all the costs.  And there are some delicious retail therapy perks involved.


Film & TV Femmes: Welcome to ‘The Director List’


The Director List Launches Online Database Connecting Female Directors with Future Projects


.Listen up ladies of film and television!  This is probably one of the more important notices you’ll read this year.

The Director List, women directors, women in film and television

The Director List is proud to announce the official launch of their new website featuring an online database devoted to increasing awareness and accessibility to female directors and their work in feature films, television, large-scale commercials and music videos. Founded by independent filmmaker Destri Martino, TDL’s main purpose is tho address the consistently low number of women hired for directing jobs and provide a practical solution for creating change and reversing the trend.

There are currently over 850 experienced female directors included in the database, with new additions and updates everyday. Directors are located in the U.S. and over 11 regions around the world. Every woman on the list has either directed a feature-length film (narrative or documentary), television episodes, or they are seasoned commercial or music video directors. Advanced search functions allow users to do a keyword search or filter by medium, genre or region.

The Director List, women directors, women in film and television“Year after year the statistics on the number of women directors being hired for film and TV projects remains depressingly low. Our hope is that this database will lead to more women directors being added to director lists around town and more women being considered for jobs and hired!” explains Destri Martino.

Inspired while doing her Masters thesis research at the London School of Economics, Destri realized there were a lot more working female directors than mainstream media coverage led one to believe. It was then that her passion for promoting the work of female directors was ignited, and soon the first iteration of TDL was born as a Pinterest board, highlighting photos of working women directors.

After sparking interest from the growing list, it was clear that the public needed a way to better explore it in detail and building the database was the natural progression. In addition to the database, TCL  features news, photos, videos and social media integration to connect to the passionate community that appreciates the feature film and television projects women are creating around the world. “This is a place to find all of the current news on women directors and see that  many exist, in full color, ” says Martino.

The Director List is positive this new database eliminates the most common excuses heard in the industry for not firing women and empowers executives, producers, and agents to discover new female directing talent for their upcoming projects – from low budget indies to million-dollar blockbusters.

LAfilmFestTDL is and Awesome Without Borders Grant Awardee and an Official Participating Organization for the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2015. The TDL site is fiscally sponsored by Cinefemme.


Cinefemme_Film_Festival_2015.600x900Twitter: @TheDirectorList
Pinterest: DestriMartino
Instagram: @TheDirectorList