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James Bond Gagdets: “Spectre” of the Past and Present

What’s your favourite Bond gadget of all time?


With the latest Bond instalment SPECTRE hitting the big screen very soon, excitement levels are rising.  Face it, everyone loves a bit of Bond don’t they? Whether you dig the big action sequences, covet the customised super spy cars, dream of dating a Bond girl, or simply adore the suave sophistication and modern hard edged grit of Daniel Craig.  Or maybe, you just can’t get enough of the COOL gadgets.  And from what we’ve been hearing on the grapevine, the new SPECTRE gadget portfolio looks set to deliver an exciting new batch.

So, to whet your appetite, carefully considered and curated a list of the BEST BOND GADGETS so far…

SPECTRE will have its World Premiere in London on Monday October 26. For the first time ever, the film will open on the same night in cinemas across the UK and Ireland. SPECTRE will then begin its theatrical roll out in territories around the world, including the US, on November 6, 2015.



The Hardest Star Wars Quiz. EVER! (Sort of)

Star Wars, CostumesLast week we had some fun with a pre #ForceFriday graphic listing some of the favorite fight scenes of all the Star Wars movies.  This week, we’ve got another challenge for you sent to us by MorphCostumes in the UK.

With the release of the shiny new Star Wars instalment just around the corner, they asked, “What better time to test the knowledge of the world’s stalwart Star Wars fans”? Be prepared. This latest quiz isn’t like their previous one. This time, you have to match the quote to the character.  Sound easy?

Take the test and see. Click the image.

Star Wars, quiz, trivia


You’ll soon discover whether you really do know your Wookies from your Ewoks; your Darth Vader from your Darth Maul.

May the force be with you

(yes, yes…we just couldn’t resist).

Star Wars, The Force Awakens


Top 10 Star Wars Fight Scenes

Is there anyone in the universe NOT salivating for the Decebmber 18 release of STAR WARS: The Force Awakens?


As the forces of good and evil prepare to do battle once more when the NEW Star Wars film lands in the UK, MorphCostumes HQ was inspired to create an infographic of the Top Ten best Star Wars Fight Scenes.  So they combed the archives and chose their top 10 intergalactic scuffles (from the Star Wars trilogy) based on their inventiveness, choreography, emotional impact and the sheer awesome-ness of their special Effects. (click to enlarge the image).



Music Monday: John Tracy Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After, John Tracy, music, love, family

Casual Twitter chats are truly amazing. Not only did I discover some pretty fine music, but a wonderful person in John Tracy, who began by simply asking me, “What style of music do you enjoy most?”

“My music is the kind that would pull at your heart – acoustic guitar, stories of life, love and family.”

To say that John Tracy writes real music for people living real life might not quite sum up his music written with purpose and passion. His introspective songs resonate deeply within our souls. His expertise on acoustic guitar allows him to create intricate melodies that move your feet and will make your spirit lighter.  John draws on his influences from folk, blues and acoustic rock, adding modern elements and mixing in relatable themes to make music that is relevant to all of us on this human journey.

Learn more John’s body of work at

A surefire cure for pessimism and cynicism, and who doesn’t want a happy ever after.  Happy End of Summer!

Find John on Twitter.  You can also download some free music:


Wendy Graf Creates the Extraordinary in ‘All American Girl’

By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move



A more perfect play?

Nope. Wendy Graf ‘nails it’ in All American Girl.

Simply said playwright Wendy Graf has created a conversation about today’s culture that keeps us asking questions and yet never actually enters the dialog with an opinion.

In All American Girl we are given a hypothetical story about the wife of the Boston Bomber, who in real life, under the hijab and abaya is basically a sheltered middle class girl raised in Rhode Island, who converts to Islam.

It is truly eery watching Katie transform before our eyes. We witness her in her young life as she faces childhood worries, disappointments and incidences that to us seem simple but to her are so extraordinary; things she sometimes doesn’t understand, which are never explained to her and which ultimately are never emotionally resolved.  

These moments that Katie recalls marked by exact year, seem to be the gateway to her getting caught up in the life of a man she becomes infatuated with in college, then loves, then marries; a man who occasionally abuses her, a man who she assures is dedicated to her, a man she has a child by and (in Graf’s version of the Boston Bomber wife story) who she ultimately follows, supports and even initiates parts of a holy war with… till death where they part.

The issues that are constantly brought up in this play are ones we all face today. Right and wrong is not black and white. As Graf discusses in her notes, “One man’s activist could be another man’s terrorist”. Graf also poses the question, “Is violence and violent protest ever justified?”

Where is easy to take sides in Graf’s play with Katie as we witness the devolution of her life, sincerely fulfilled at first by her newfound Islamic values and lifestyle which she finds beautiful and honest, then facing the very real hardship of being her family’s sole provider, as her husband cannot find employment, and experiencing racism in a way she has never had to face, it is not easy to simply go along with her absolute radicalism. She becomes completely consumed by a single point of view.

Yes, injustice is happening all the time, the news indescribably horrific, children are being murdered, and on one occasion, right before her eyes.  And while we can certainly feel Katie’s pain, experience the full horror for ourselves through her telling of it, empathize with her husbands plight of being an outsider in a foreign culture, being kept down, targeted and on more than one occasion sincerely dehumanized, she herself is never without a choice to step back from the violence. Instead, she flings herself headlong into it.

Jeanne Syquia plays an incredibly naive Katie who takes the audience by the hand like a small child, pulling us gently along her journey, at first very carefully and comprehensively rationalizing every decision. When she arrives at the point of no return, the audience has no choice but to step out and voyeuristically watch without involvement. Syquia displays a fanatically embittered woman caught on the other side of sense, about to commit the very deluded act she is protesting. 

One gets the not-so-far-fetched feeling that we are somehow doomed to a never-ending cycle and that violence begets violence.  But what would you do?  

All American Girl is an extraordinary piece designed through simplicity and pure storytelling without effect. Phenomenal. Heartbreaking.

Written by Wendy Graf
Directed by Anita Khanzadian
Starring Annika Marks and Jeanne Syquia (alternating)
Produced by Alan Naggar
Presented by InterACT Theatre Company, Alan Naggar, producing director

Performances continue through Aug. 30:

Fridays at 8 p.m. Aug. 28
Saturday at 8 p.m. Aug. 29
Sunday at 3 p.m. Aug. 30

Lounge Theatre
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(just east of Vine)

(818) 765-8732 or
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter: @interACTla


Click on the photos below to link to high resolution versions, or email to request jpegs

#FreeAppFriday : Shuttersong – Connect Your Photos with Sound

This was technically released earlier this week.  But just in case some of you didn’t see it…there’s a hot new app available for iPhone users.

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Shuttersong, the free mobile app for connecting photos with sound, has become a digital community where you can create and share “Shuttersongs” – photos that have music, sound or voice embedded into them – as well as view a feed of Shuttersongs from followers with shared interests. To help launch the new Shuttersong community and engage with their millions of fans around the world, recording artists and social media sensations, Jack & Jack have become brand collaborators. Download Shuttersong for free here.

What’s new in Shuttersong?

  • Grab your own custom user name
  • Real-time image feed so you can add your friends and view all their Shuttersongs
  • Add likes and comments
  • Caption your Shuttersongs using live web links, great for driving traffic to YouTube, blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Coming soon:
    • Search profiles and hashtags to find and connect with new followers
    • “I’m Feeling Lucky” – let Shuttersong randomly match your photo with a track from your iTunes music

Jack & Jack Fans – Watch This Space!

Jack & Jack will be announcing a contest for fans to win a chance to see them live and to get involved with Shuttersong via their Twitter and Instagram accounts in early August!

“We’re always looking for exciting new ways to connect with our fans and Shuttersong is another way to do that,” said Jack & Jack. They will make Shuttersongs to celebrate the release of their new EP, Calibraska, which has trended in the top 5 albums worldwide for five days straight.

“Our goal with the new Shuttersong was to connect likeminded people who love to share photos with each other so they can discover other people with similar interests,” said William Agush, founder, inventor and CEO of Shuttersong. “There are so many great Shuttersongs being made every day on the app, the next step for us was to let them be shared with each other and for others to join as a way to share their special moments in a cool, high-quality way.”

Shuttersong 3.0 is available for free download in the iTunes App Store:

About Shuttersong
Shuttersong® is a platform and digital community where users can create, share, connect and discover audio-enhanced images for their specific interests. It is the owner of the exclusive technology that combines image data and multiple non-image data files into a single entity without altering the structure of the image (Patent No: US 9,009,123). Shuttersong is backed by executive advisor, Gil Anderson, individuals associated with the law firm of Morgan Lewis LLP and New England entrepreneurs, Vincent D’Agostino and Jere Doyle. Follow the company, as well as the many Shuttersongs created in the digital community, on Twitter at @shuttersong and on Instagram. Shuttersong is headquartered in Wellesley Mass., and is a registered trademark of Shuttersong Incorporated.


Stay Young, Get Stoned

White Sea

.White Sea just shared her new song “Stay Young, Get Stoned”.  We don’t know much about this artist except that Morgan Grace Kibby  is an American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.  She has fronted The Romanovs, collaborated and toured with M83 and in recent years has developed a solo project called White Sea, releasing the EP The Frontier and an album In Cold Blood in 2014.  White Sea will be performing on August 1st at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL. You want to check in on her website for more info.

In the meantime, “Stay Young, Get Stoned” is available now via iTunesSpotify, and other digital services.