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Dance: Ankle Stability Help

Just like the core, dancers need to focus on feet for strength and stability

Simply start standing on one leg during the day.  As often as you can during the day simply stand on one leg, bend the knees slightly making sure that your arches are activated, your big toe is still in contact with the ground and your knee cap is over the second toe.  If this is easy, try closing your eyes.  By challenging your balance frequently during the day you will increase the responsiveness of the little muscles and ligaments around your feet and ankles and this can help to stabilize them.

~ Lisa Howell, Physiotherapist specializing in educating dancers

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A New Old Movement: Finding Dance in the Art of Defense, a beginning…

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Thinking about a new kind of movement.  Or rather a very old kind of movement.  A movement that is not only a dance or a defense or an art but a way of life.  Martial Arts.

I am a pure lover of dance.  Nothing makes me happier than performing, taking class, studying a new technique or watching other brilliant dancers thrive in the perfection of their own spontaneity on stage or anywhere really.  So it is interesting to me how with just an observation of a mere few movements, I can find the absolute similarities.  Especially with Martial Arts and Ballet.

If anyone is watching , reading, listening, I would love to hear YOUR stories.  What school, what philosophy, what drives you to this movement in play.

I myself have started with two items  put in front of me by a friend who has had a lifelong dedication to Martial Arts.  As I am truly a novice.  They are a great beginning.  I will eventually need more.  Will keep you posted.

Bruce Lee – The Tao of Gung Fu – A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Art


Shinobi  – Winds of the 34 Generations – Limited Jitsuden Edition.

Shinobi - Winds Of The 34 Generations