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You’re A FAKE! And I know it…

SharpieVsShoupieThis story came in the Gia On The Move email box recently.  Although we inquired, we couldn’t verify  or rather were told by the founder, that the law prevented the parent company from disclosing…blah, blah, blah…the corporations backing the website.  But in the world of 2013 “Counterfeit” is it’s own culture.  So we’re running it.

GOTMLA cannot confirm whatsoever the validity to the website called The Counterfeit Report or its claims.  But we did check it out and it’s definitely interesting.  We’re leaving it up to you to decide.

Being able to buy cheap designer products might sound like a good idea. But here are some statistics on why it may not be the best way to spend your money.

Forget about just purchasing a poor-quality product — that already sounds bad — but the problem is much bigger than that. The counterfeit product industry is an exploding $700 billion global criminal industry with little information or protection available to consumers. Counterfeit goods, mainly from China, have become as profitable for Asia’s criminal gangs as illegal drug trafficking says a United Nations report. And, counterfeiters continue to pump counterfeit auto parts, fashion accessories, heath care items, pet supplies, sporting goods and even more scary — fake medications, a staggering, over 40% online.

tcr_logo_2But there’s a little bit of help…The website; The Counterfeit Report®  provides consumers a free and informative visual guide to avoiding counterfeit products.  It’s a free, product reference library to check and identify counterfeit products and medications.  Consumers can report seeing or purchasing counterfeit products directly to the manufacturer right on the website.  “If it’s manufactured, it’s probably counterfeited” says founder Craig Crosby.

“It’s the consumer who ultimately gets hurt. We’re here simply because counterfeiting is wrong” concluded Crosby.

Amazon Marketplace was recently identified as a leader in the proliferation of counterfeit products, and the US military reports a huge influx of counterfeit parts that are putting our troops at risk.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that over 500,000 counterfeit aircraft parts are installed in aircraft each year, with potentially catastrophic results. 33 million doses of fake Malaria drugs were seized in Angola.

Counterfeiting even extends to wines. Counterfeit wines are so prevalent, that expensive wine bottles are now being smashed to prevent them from being refilled and re-sold to unsuspecting consumers.

The economic impact is also substantial; the purchase of counterfeit products is supporting criminals who avoid paying taxes, cost US businesses over $250 Billion annually and destroy an estimated 750,000 US jobs.

While we all recognize the tough economic times, there is no reason for a consumer to get stung by poor quality, substandard and unsafe counterfeit products and medications.

Sound worth it to you?

Beer Spa For Father’s Day

Spa Nautica Beer MassageI’ve been trying to get my Dad to relax for YEARS!  And if your Dad’s old school like mine, even the mere thought of going to a spa gives him enough anxiety to induce a battle cry for burgers, basketball, brews and a late night movie rental!

Ok, but picture this Dad, it’s a totally “do nothing” day (already your kind of fun).  You are decompressing and relaxing – poolside – and taking in the tranquil Marina view or dozing off on a comfortable lounge chair, in sunny California, and you’ve got an ice-cold beer in your hand.  Oh yeah!

None of this required you to go shopping, check off a to do list, carpool anyone to a ballet class, yoga class, spelling bee or bake-off.  In fact, the only exercise you even had to be aware of was the Fitness Gel of Menthol & Eucalyptus during your pre-sunbathe, tension-relieving Therapeutic Massage.

But oh, the BEER!

And did I mention that all of this was happening at LA’s only AAA Five-Diamond waterfront hotel located in the Ritz Carlton?


Give Dad a day to remember, courtesy of extremely sensitive and loving family (at least one day of the year) and Spa Nautica


Best part of this deal: Buy Dad any 60 Minute or longer treatment and receive a $25 voucher for yourself towards a future service.

The Floor Is Your Friend: The Model Critic Reviews

Zena Rommett–Floor–Barre Technique–For Teachers
Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic
 City Center, NYC, recently hosted a teacher’s training program for the Zena Rommett Floor–Barre Technique. Teachers, and those wanting to be certified, came from many places on the globe to review their methods and to learn anew. The morning I attended, master teacher Charlotte Furst from Sweden gave a very clear and calm class to attentive students.
Zena Rommett Floor–Barre Technique has been with us for almost fifty years. A former ballerina, Ms. Rommett first taught her methods at the Joffrey School of American Ballet; the technique essentially gives ballet dancers barre training on the floor, thereby eliminating the intrusion of gravity and balance in developing neurological pathways in the body.
Ballet, and dance in general, requires certain physical necessities– alignment, turnout,  and lengthening, for example.  Tendu’s, coupe’s, passe’s, and degage’s with pointed or flexed feet can be slowly practiced on the floor to give the dancer the desired placement.
I sat and watched class with Camille Rommett, Zena’s gracious daughter who heads up the Foundation.  Camille schooled me on some of the finer points as the class progressed, and told me that Zena always gave dancers what they needed, not what she knew. They never use the term “stretch” as I inadvertently spoke, but preferred the term, lengthening, as in the spine, back of the legs, and arms.
The devotee’s since the 1960’s have continued to be enthusiastic, and the technique has been a favorite of many past and present stars: Judith Jamison, Lars Lubovitch, Tommy Tune, and Patrick Swayze, to name a few luminaries. At present, Camille said this method is being taught worldwide, and on numerous colleges campuses and national dance studios.  Next month they’ll offer another teacher’s training in Florence, Italy.
Basically, while working slowly on the floor, nothing is set to chance.  At the barre, things may move quickly and the student may get used to working improperly, and develop bad habits; on the floor there is a lack of tension, and without music, the dancer, along with an aware teacher, can focus of his or her needs.  Incidentally, this technique has been used  as a rehabilitation method for those who have injuries too. It’s easy to see how effective this method would be for someone who has had a knee or ankle injury, for example, and wants to activate and strengthen those areas.
Camille also said that Zena emphasized transitions as well. Having been a ballerina, she well understood the necessity of linking movements together with proper alignment. Ms. Furst underscored this by coaxing the students to relax during their movements, not to struggle, and to become more fluid, with a strong center and relaxed face.
For those who don’t have studios nearby that offer these classes, many DVD’s are available for the young dancer, the professional, elders, and injured.  I’m a convert, and consider this technique very valuable for dancers and non-dancers alike.  Why would anybody not want the effects of a longer, stronger, and balanced body?

National Flag Ties for the Olympics

The 2012 Olympic games in London are here, and if you are feeling a bit patriotic or just want to get into the spirit of the games, Vineyard Vines has launched a new National Flag Tie Collection.  And of course, you may be routing for your home country this week, but just in case you change your mind, there are also iconic images from other countries such as Germany, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Canada, France, Great Britain the USA and more, each tie respectively, enabling you to proudly show off your Olympic spirit from 9 to 5! Made in the USA, each tie retails for $75,(

Where will you be for the opening ceremony?  Give us a shout! Comment here or Send in your Olympic photos.  We’d love to share them on GOTM LA. 

Get Your Sports On LA!

Kick off summer in a great way with special offers and activites to help you stay healthy and active this year. Meet local professionals, retailers and service providers offering the lastest in active lifestyle products and services.                              Special offers, exclusive discounts and great giveaways!

Register for the footrace here:

Visit the Expo Page here or click the photo below:

Beverly Hills Angels

Looks like the Angels are back together and cooler than ever!

Cameron Diaz donned celeb favorite Earnest Sewn Soft Blue jeans while shopping for wedding dresses with gal pal, Drew Barrymore, in Beverly Hills.

Heavenly all around.

Jessica Gomes: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit “IT GIRL” On The Move

Gia On The Move recently had the opportunity to interview, 2012 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit edition stunner and savvy entrepreneur JESSICA GOMES. Of Chinese and Portuguese decent and from Perth, Australia, Gomes is widely known for gracing the pages of the past 5 consecutive SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit issues, and has recently been featured on numerous magazine covers including MAXIM, VOUGE Australia and MADISON Magazine.

Standing at a striking 5’9”, the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED exposure was the catalyst to her massive popularity in Asia, leading to the 2008 campaign of the LG Bikini phone, her own reality TV show “MY NAME IS JESSICA GOMES,” and a 3rd place win last year in Korea’s “DANCING WITH THE STARS.”

An “IT” girl, on the move! When she isn’t jet setting between New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, South Korea, and Melbourne, Gomes enjoys music, dancing, cooking, cafe hopping and fashion design.  She’s also fun and totally gracious.  Here’s what this stunning, savvy beauty had to say:

GIA: You placed 3rd in the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars.  How much did you have to train for that?

I trained everyday and all day! I was very focused Continue reading

Run LA. Go Go GO! – LA Marathon & LA Fashion Weekend Collide

My Fortune Cookie today said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come; swim out to it.”

Well, this weekend thousands of people may not be swimming, except in the possible expected rain showers on Sunday, but they certainly WILL be running into their destinies.  Months of training, sweating, braving traffic, smog and all kinds of unusual weather conditions this year, Angelenos along with visitors from, I dare say, all over the world will be running the LA Marathon.  From historic Dodgers Stadium all the way to Ocean Park, Santa Monica happy feet will be pounding the pavement for the glorious finish.

But before the weekend ends, LA Fashion Weekend will be leaving its mark at Sunset Gower Studio smack in the middle of race day giving the marathon a good run for its money and fans.

I’m off tonight to cover Opening Night – Betsy Johnson, Dina Bar – El, Vilorija Paris with my new BFF Tracy Pattin of Adventurize Your Life.  Trés LA Neuvo Chic hits the runway at 8pm.  Check back for coverage…charging up my electronics as I type.  Twitter baby!

The Next Big Thing

Countess Louise J. Esterhazy by Gary Hovland

Re-reading a February issue of The Hollywood Reporter, I couldn’t help but hone in on an interesting interview called, “The Industry Watchdog” – Ask Bob Lefsetz.

The issue was dedicated mostly to the music industry past, present and future.  In his interview Mr. Lefsetz answered one solidly important question regarding ‘what will be the surest way for a [hit song] to find an audience with [terrestrial radio's] influence waning.  I bracket because as it stands, it’s a question that pretty much every industry is facing as the new age continues to accelerate and storm by at the speed of light.  Mr. Lefsetz’s answer? — The next big thing is the trusted filter, something that tells people what to [listen to]…and blogs are frequently untrustworthy.  The filter won’t be algorithm-based; TASTE WILL BE EVERYTHING…the audience will build superstars.

It is the single most important reason why this blog Gia On The Move, doesn’t write about everything; why I don’t blogvertise; have pop ups; sell stuff and/or otherwise haggle with readers.  From the beginning, I’ve been most concerned with the integrity of presenting solidly interesting and edgy cultural events, performances, people and  news about Los Angeles, New York and lots of other places around the world from time to time.  From the beginning, I kind of figured, well, I probably wouldn’t gain a 100,000 person following immediately.  I don’t artificially bump my stats; I don’t necessarily write about celebrities all the time, I like to discover and tell the stories of artists who don’t normally  have a voice in the murky pool of media; I prefer to be passionate and engage on a very personal level with information that gets posted here for anyone else to read.  And so, TASTE is a priority.

One of my favorite old columns was the now retired Louis J. Esterhazy, W Magazine’s, The Countess.  As an old bag, ex-Patriot getting along on Madison Avenue, she had a very distinct point of view about fashion, manners and everything else in the modern age.  I am happy to take over where ‘she’ left off, or so I keep threatening.  All silliness aside.  I am looking forward to writing and blogging and presenting art and culture more than ever.  Because culture is happening everywhere, right on your doorstep everyday, and you might just discover it by stopping for a single moment to pause, breath, open your eyes, your ears and  your hearts to experience it.  And mostly — because artists need champions!

Reach out any time.  I am always listening!

“I’m Dreaming of a…”

Plant based holiday?  Something to think about while preparing your next meal.  Taking responsibility for one’s health.  Now that’s a serious thought.  How will you choose to do it?  Here is one choice:

Final Cut Radio Gets “Curvatude” From “Precious” Actress Erica Watson

Comedian with a "Curvatude" - Erica Watson

Los Angeles, CA 

“Precious” actress and comedian Erica Watson and star of the hybrid theater/stand-up comedy show FAT BITCH, brings “curvatude” to The Final Cut Radio with Matthew Robinson during a special broadcast on Saturday, April 23, 2011 @ 11:00am PST and 2:00pm EST. 

Click Here for the link:

 “When I decided to call the show, FAT BITCH, a lot of people were offended, especially other fat bitches…” rants Ms. Watson, during a segment of her one woman show and appropriately.  According to Ms. Watson, society – and cupcakes have made her a plus sized talent determined to chew up conventional “fat and sassy” black women clichés and gender stereotypes

FAT BITCH is a provocative look at society’s obsession with weight, class and gender prejudices that affect us all and a humorously educational response to how black women and their bodies have always been subjected to sexualized admiration and ridicule touching on PETA’s “Save the Whales” campaign aimed at overweight women, the “war on obesity’’, the controversy surrounding President Obama’s nomination of a plus-sized black woman for Surgeon General … and how tough is dating!

The title, FAT BITCH in itself has more than once created a flashpoint of reactionary anger from some including other entertainment celebs, most notably Starr Jones, who last year unsupportively blocked Ms. Watson from her Twitter account creating a very public snowballing of bad publicity for the former, “The View” commentator. 

This April she has garnered the support of, executive producer and director,  Steve Pink (HBO’s Entourage, Hot Tub Time Machine, Toxic Avenger 2012), who is presenting Ms. Watson to Los Angeles for a 3 days only premiere in part as a benefit for Columbia College Chicago’s Scholarship fund for students who exhibit extraordinary merit and need.  All proceeds from the show will be donated to the fund.

Through comedy Erica Watson creates an inspiring universal point of view as a new age “love thyself as you are” image mentor in a world of “get thin to fit in” and for those who are ready to not live in the “small box” society has created for them.  The question for Los Angeles is now, “Are you ready for THIS?”

Ms. Watson will also be appearing in the new reality series “Big Sexy” airing on TLC this summer, which features her performing “FAT BITCH!” 

Fat Bitch will run from April 29 through May 1 at The Greenway Court Theater, 544 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038.  Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday @ 5:00pm.  Tickets are $15.00.  To purchase on line please visit:

For more information about Erica Watson please visit:

My Cat Doesn’t Eat Fast Food

Ok, so let me begin by saying, that it is not my cat but neighbor’s cat and honestly there is more than one.  The dogs, squirrels and birds too.   I suddenly seem to have a kinship with the neighborhood animals who have been a thousand times more friendly than some of the residents on my street in general.   I digress…there is a point.

Lately it has become apparent to me that I haven’t been JUST getting a sick stomach for, I would say over a year now.  My belly has been going through varying degrees of weight gain, distension, nausea, water retention, and more.  I am not pregnant.  I am active.  I love the outdoors and even if I cannot exercise heavily, I tend to take walks to clear my head or digest food after lunch or dinner.  I have however, been under a lot of stress.

I’ve been reading Carolyn Myss recently and digging into the chakras of course starting with the first and it suddenly came to me that, perhaps I have been overeating and having such symptoms because I am not spiritually and emotionally grounded.  It was a breakthrough.  So from the moment I woke up this morning I was determined to find ways to get myself metaphorically standing on two feet again, depending on myself along with a daily dose of loving care, affection and attention.  No more Blanche DuBois for me, depending on the kindness of strangers.  Not withstanding all of the celebrations and successes I have been having it has been a tremendously tough year for my health, relationships of all kinds, finances and just plain living.  That being said, it also occurred to me that on top of stress, perhaps it was simply the food I was eating.

I have a mother with cancer.   Stomach and colon.  She has suffered for the last 10 years of her life and yet tenaciously been determined to do everything she can to stick around and stay healthy, happy and sane.  She has had most of her colon removed and continues to have regular pain which has thankfully been temporarily alleviated.  So my own stomach and colon health has become a somewhat of a focus for me too.

But yesterday, after a conversation with her regarding some food she ate out, which is not normally a problem, she became overwhelmingly ill.  She has eaten at this particular restaurant before.  And this was the second time at this same place she had become sick.   We determined she should not eat there again of course.  But after our conversation I had to pause.

This is where the neighborhood cats come in.  Elliot especially.  She loves to come to my door and talk almost every day.  She’s a bit temperamental but we get along really well.  I often feel guilty because as I am not a pet owner, I generally don’t keep treats in the house.  When friends come over with their dogs I usually reach into my refrigerator and grab something tasty – some left over chicken or beef or something they like (with their parents permission of course). 

So a couple of weeks ago, I happened to be eating a Lean Cuisine and put a finger nail sized portion on a plate for Elliot as a gesture of our little friendship.  I mean, I wouldn’t normally let any of my friends go hungry or not offer them a sweet or sandwich or a cool drink during a visit.  She absolutely snubbed it.  And not only that, but she snubbed it every time I did it there-after, barely taking a whiff, not even bothering to taste.  And so did my other little furry friends on the block for weeks.  Not one of them would even so much as lick the dish.  And I have been leaving a little bit of different kinds of food out to see if anyone’s interest peaks.  The revelatory and resounding response has been “not a bite.”

This morning, for the lack of regular breakfast food, I decided to pop my favorite turkey and apples into the microwave.  It was yummy.  But it also made my stomach turn and as I am for the first time relaxed and with a lot of time to indulge my sensibilities this morning, I realized it was the food – nothing else.

Because of the hectic rush of life, I have been forced to eat a diet of whatever I can find and afford outside of home.  No matter how I try, most of it is filled with either far too many ingredients and certainly plenty of chemical preserves that my body could possibly want to process.  And there it is.  Do I need a bigger sign?  My body is starting to reject everything that is not cooked in my own kitchen.  Even food at Whole Foods and other places of its kind are leaving my body with a feeling of illness no matter what I choose or how little I have.  There are simply TOO MANY ingredients, and too many other indeterminable factors including freshness of food, sanitation and cleanliness of outside kitchens that I have no control over, going into my food and I have had enough.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an indictment against fast food or any particular establishment.  I am not placing blame.  But if my neighbor’s cat won’t eat it, I think I had better start paying more attention.  Animals are a lot smarter than we are at times.  They might be more willing to gobble up slop and more often (hmmm).  But they do definitely know when something doesn’t smell right and what will most likely make them sick.

The conclusion I have come to is that, I really and truly do need to re-develop my consciousness about eating.  Because what is going into my body is having a direct and immediate effect on my mental and physical state.  And don’t want to feel sick any more.

Lesson One:  Listen to your cat more often.  She knows better!

Happy Eating Ya’ll!