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#WhatsHotNow: Oscar & Frank

w600_220082_oscarandfrank_logo_whitebonew600_220073_1copyWe know…we know…we’ve done the eyeglasses thing already.  But when Oscar & Frank visited our email box this morning, we just HAD to make an exception!

One of the world’s newest and most intriguing eyewear brands, Oscar & Frank, has hit the European market with its debut range. The brand which is owned and run by a couple of entrepreneurial celebrity Dachshund’s (yes, Sausage dogs) originated in Australia in 2014.

‘Seen Differently’ is Oscar & Frank’s philosophy and their styles speak to individuality and celebrate difference.

Click here and view the exclusive Look-book and Brochure! 


Says Oscar (through his human minder since he only talks in German and can’t type):

“In the world of fashion, we’re already different. When you have a unique street level perspective like us, you start to sniff out what people want and like in ways that the other companies that are run by actual humans, just can’t compete with. Our first range is the Wurst range…what other company can say that?”

The dogs spent six months developing their bold and confident Wurst range which includes names such as Weiss wurst, Bier wurst and of course Brat wurst using high quality classic black, coloured and speckled acetates.

Affordability combined with superior quality is the key quality, with all styles retailing at 100 pounds, 140 euros or 150 US dollars. All frames are hand-crafted of high quality acetate and superior components.

Here’s what we love most…taken directly from Oscar & Frank’s pup lovin’ website:


We care about our k-9 friends in need thats why we have teamed up with Bali Street Dogs to support dawgs who don’t have access to food.

The Bali Street Dog Fund was established to address the welfare problems associated with the overwhelming number of dogs and cats on an island where Balinese people do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care.

The Bali Street Dog Fund was founded in 1999 and is a Registered Charity with the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing (CFN 16802). Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer.



#WhatsHotNow: Old Navy Goes On The Road with Emily & Meritt

old navyTo celebrate Spring, last Saturday Old Navy’s official 2015 season style ambassadors Emily Current + Meritt Elliott camped out at the Fig & Olive Atrium in West Hollywood, CA where they hung out their best new looks.

We loved our taste of “wanderlust”.  Everything about the line and the day evoked fresh Americana simplicity, crisp, vibrant colors and patterns.  We had fun stamping leather keychains, getting our hair braided, pressing pennies, and the mouthwatering food too!

Get all the photos on the FACEBOOK PAGE (click here)

old navy




Red Earth is collaborating with Actress Angie Harmon to Launch ” Angie Harmon X Red Earth” jewelry collection on April 16.  

Presale Starts Today March 13 until March 22 at!

Angie Harmon X Red Earth

Ethical lifestyle accessories brand Red Earth is set to unveil a new jewelry collection designed by actress Angie Harmon on Thursday, April 16.

Aligned with Red Earth culture, pieces from this collection, ANGIE HARMON X RED EARTH, are all created from recycled materials that include old locks, door knobs and bone from Africa.  

Designed in the U.S. and handmade in Kenya, Red Earth works directly with exquisite artisans in Africa to help grow and support their businesses, to create jobs and further commerce. 


What we love most about this line: 

Prices range from $30 – $195. Everything made from recyclables!

Check out some of the Look Book photos on our Facebook page


Red Earth Founder Travis Gravette says of the collaboration with Harmon, “We are so excited to release this collection.  Angie was the perfect partner.  Her sense of design and fashion is totally in sync with our brand and she gets the heart of our company to use business for good.”  

ANGIE HARMON X RED EARTH delivers signature creations unique to Angie including symbolic skull designs and other distinctively rustic handmade pieces. A percentage of all revenue of this collection will go to UNICEF, of which Angie is an ambassador.    

Harmon adds, “It was such an amazing experience working with the Red Earth team on this collection. Each handmade piece is unique and that is what gives this collection so much substance and character.”  


Red Earth is an ethical lifestyle brand creating jewelry with a rugged elegance, skillfully crafted abroad. We cultivate hope and opportunity through fashion. Red Earth is telling a different story about Africa, one of beauty and entrepreneurship, not charity. The Company helps these African artisans grow their businesses to create even more jobs- this is about using business for good in a country with 40% unemployment. Red Earth is a direct trade business and works in tandem with these artists to ensure that every employee is treated and paid fairly. The artists set their own prices and Red Earth pays 50% upfront and 50% once the projects are complete.   

A sibling duo, Travis Gravette and Katy McDonald, have a rich history in their philanthropic efforts. In 2006, Travis personally founded Think Know Act, a non-profit to empower local leaders in Africa who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities. This socially-conscious family works day in and day out to help grow the working middle class in Africa with Red Earth as their vehicle.   


Born in Dallas, Texas, Angie Harmon is best known for her starring role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on NBC’s Emmy®-winning drama Law & Order.   Angie currently stars in the TNT hit drama “Rizzoli & Isles” as police detective Jane Rizzoli for which she won a 2015 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actress. The show is currently airing their 5th season and will return for a 6th season this summer.  

Harmon was appointed UNICEF Ambassador in January 2013, and is committed to using her talent and recognition to fundraise, educate and advocate on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children.  For the past two years, she has appeared as the spokesperson for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project, raising awareness about child trafficking and mobilizing communities to take meaningful action to help protect children.   

Harmon’s many film roles include the lead role of “Abby” in the Sony Screen Gems feature film The Good Mother and a starring role opposite Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan in the independent feature film Seraphim Falls. She was also seen in Fun With Dick and Jane and Agent Cody Banks  

#WhatsHotNow: Holder Vintage Style & Modern Technology


For the art geek lifstyle…a new accessory that will get you “charged!”

Focusing on modern accessories with smart technical features, Stockholm-based design house Holger has released their 2015 collection.

Inspired by vintage luggage design and handmade to fit the modern lifestyle, the collection of bags are created using a recyclable fiber material that is fully vulcanized and waterproof. Three styles in black, blue, green, brown or orange offer a sleek leather finish and come equipped with a rechargeable power-bank, designed to power laptops, tablets or phones.


What we love about this product:

bunnyAll Holger bags are equiped with a  power station so that you can charge your device whenever, wherever.  The capacity of the power station to recharge your smartphone 2-3 times and your tablets up to 1 time. That means no freaking out when you are in the middle of an important project and your tech is ready to die.  It’s like always having  a little bit of the bunny in your pocket.




w600_194742_holgerbackpacks_brown_back_100_lowTHE SENIOR




Holger bags


Holger Bags





#WhatsHotNow: The Art & Fashion of Warby Parker Glasses


In the realm of “cool”, Warby Parker’s newest collection, The Basso Collection, is inspired by low-relief sculptures or basso-relievo if you speak Italian.  We know how visual you all are so we looked it up and found some beautiful examples of what actual basso art is (you already know how in love with art we are here at Gia On The Move!) Here’s a photo we found on Florentine Magazine to give you an idea:

Bassorilievo Nascita di Venere 01

For all of you technical geeks, you’ll love knowing that this collection features an elevated “step” design. Laminating two layers of acetate to create this overlaid look together, then very precisely paring away the top layer to reveal a layer of contrast acetate below.

The result is a gorgeous pair of frames with added depth and a slightly weightier, more substantial feel and classic style for both men and women.  Check out the product page for more images and of course to shop! They’ve added this to three of their favorite frames – Duckworth, Percy and Winston, boasting four custom color combo’s from a palette of oceanic hues that have been artfully constructed.



What we love about Warby Parker:

Did you know that glasses can increase one’s income by 20%?



For every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Donating money is a kind hearted gesture but it doesn’t always “stick.”  What Warby Parker does instead to create a more lasting solution is partner with non-profits and train entrepreneurs to sell affordable glasses. Read more on their page - it’s awesome!!!






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Explore the Warby Parker Year In Review (then make your own!)

#WhatsHotNow: Buster & Punch x Justin Deakin @LFW

As soon as this arrived in the email box this morning we knew it was a knockout! What are you wearing for London Fashion Week?

buster & punch


Justin Deakin and Massimo Buster Minale, announce an exclusive London Fashion Week collaboration at Somerset House.

In celebration of their shared passion for music, motorbikes and the art of making, these two British designers epitomise daring craftsmanship through innovative fashion design.

Justin Deakin & buster & PunchThe installation features a strictly limited edition leather light shade and biker boot, both made from the finest quilted Italian calf leather with solid metal and rubber detailing.

Buster + Punch work with rare, solid materials to make extraordinary items for everyday use. The collaboration highlights our design and manufacturing skills to make unexpected accessory items that unite both the interior & fashion industries.

‘Since the day we opened the doors to the public, our main aim was to drag the sluggish interiors world out of the front door and onto our streets and catwalks alike. This exciting collaboration represents the first steps towards us achieving this goal and we will be wearing great boots along the way!.’ – Massimo Buster Minale 

London Fashion Week 2015

The collection is now available to purchase.

Leather shade, £175 
Only 50 available
T: 020 7407 0888 

Biker Boot, £500
Available in sizes 3+
T: 020 7247 0985

Get London Fashion Week LIVE right now!!!  Click on either of the images (left or below) for the catwalks!

London Fashion Week

#WhatsHotNow: Bucket Bags

KO1408_LOOK_08_003 copyWe are just as suprised as you are to have discovered that Bucket bags are the must-have accessory of the moment. From Jennifer Lawrence to Miranda Kerr, celebs have been showing off the stylish accessory.

Who’s got them?  Ann Taylor is sporting a bucket bag for only $98 and it is right on cue with this popular trend. Available in navy, tan, white (available on 4/27/15), and white marbled python, it’s the go-to bag to create an effortless, celebrity chic look. We love that you won’t break the bank adding this to your Spring wardrobe looks.  You can click either image to shop!

bucket bagbucket bag