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Cake For Monarchs : Aspire To Rule


“He who wishes to change his fate, should bring the monarch a cake.”


Aspire to Rule

With little Prince George’s birthday having just been celebrated this past month, we thought it very cheeky to be receiving a peak at this fresh new men’s luxury apparel brand – with a twist.

Sergio Munoz, men’s fashion expert and brand developer, is launching his newest venture, Cake For Monarchs. The line is based on classic garments and accessories with unique details, full of color, good taste and fun.


Made with high quality materials from all over the world, Cake for Monarchs is a chic, innovative brand for the emerging businessman of the modern day, for those wanting to make a stylish statement with their professional image. Sergio’s love of the military, coupled with his passion for the fashion of royal monarchs through the ages has inspired the creation of Cake For Monarchs.

What we love about this at Gia On The Move: vibrant, stand out colors; totally edgy clothing for risk takers with lots of fine detailing – pipings, patches, buttons…  Guys who love to be noticed are going to love the attention-getting, yet crisp, neat, upscale, classical styling.

“The name “Cake For Monarchs” originated from my love of the English word, cake. A cake is a symbol that represents happy moments. Every time a cake is around, someone is celebrating something, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, promotion at work, or some other joyous occasion. A cake is a gift and that is exactly what our brand is, a gift. Except this is not just any cake, this is a cake for people who feel want to feel royal, a Cake For Monarchs,” says Sergio Munoz.

The online retail store launches Fall 2015 at and in retail locations.

cake-for-monarch-emblemAbout Cake For Monarchs

Cake for Monarchs is a luxury apparel brand based on classic garments and accessories with a fun twist. The details, combined with the quality of the materials, personify the essence of the brand. Pockets, cuffs, collars, buttons, elbow patches and seams are all designed with alternating colors and different textures that bring a fresh outlook on classic statement pieces.

 Like Cake For Monarchs on Facebook and follow them on  Twitter.

The Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Turns 10

Labor Day Weekend At The Queen Mary – August 28 to September 1

Art Deco Image

The Queen Mary, in association with the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles (ADSLA), celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Art Deco Festival with a robust program of activities extended to five days. Largely influenced by the architecture and design of its time, the Queen Mary is the world’s largest floating collection of Art Deco. The illustrious salons are replete with elegant woodcarvings, elaborate murals, priceless sculptures and lavish interiors, offering a matchless backdrop for a festival like no other.

The festivities begin Thursday evening with the Captain’s Strolling Art Deco Walk dollzand continue through the weekend with an expertly curated program of lectures, parties, tours and tastings.  Festivalgoers can don their best period loungewear at the Deco Derby and Pajama Jam, or sport their black-tie finest for the Grand Deco Ball.  An eclectic bazaar showcases vintage fashion, jewelry, collectibles and art as well as a vintage pop-up hair salon.  A Gatsby Soirée will offer classic libations, entertainment and lawn games.  New events include a tasting of prohibition era cocktails and the Bootlegger’s Bash featuring big band music, dancing girls and the best moonshine in the city.

modern_cocktail_soceityThe 10th celebration also honors the yearly tradition of the Queen Mary’s prestigious Starlight Club, a one-night revival of the notorious club dubbed “the most sought after reservation from South Hampton to New York.”

The Daily Lecture Series will cover topics spanning fashion, music, dancing, cultural practices and more. Prohibition’s impact on the soda fountain is explored in Farnsworth’s Art Deco & The Soda Fountain talk while Art Deco Shoes Lecture & Display delves into the birth of shoe design in the 20’s and 30’s. Society’s fascination and commitment to dance is presented in Dancing In The Jazz Age and two rival world fairs are studied in the lecture Last Art Deco World’s Fair.

mora“ADSLA is honored to co-present the 10th Annual Queen Mary Art Deco Festival. The event has grown in both attendance and popularity and we are pleased that our members and the public, many from all over the world, attend with great interest.  New events presented this year are sure to enhance the festival,” says John Thomas, President of ADSLA and Queen Mary Preservation Specialist. The ship is a fitting venue for the 10th Anniversary of the festival, representing the best of Art Deco’s elegance and splendor.

ginger_pauleyDay Passes start at just $25 and an all-inclusive weekend Grand Passport is $399. Art Deco aficionados can stay onboard for the weekend’s duration with a variety of spectacular packages.

For more information, schedule of events and full program details visit or call (877) 342-0738


QueenMaryTicketLocated in the Port of Long Beach, the Queen Mary features a rich maritime history, authentic Art Deco décor, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Long Beach city skyline. At the time of her maiden voyage in May of 1936, she was considered the grandest ocean liner ever built. The Queen Mary features award-winning restaurants, historical attractions, numerous special event salons and 346 staterooms.  Visit


The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles (ADSLA) celebrates and preserves the architecture, design, arts, music, dance, fashion and elegance of Art Deco. The ADSLA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education, preservation and awareness of Art Deco as a major influence on the 20th century and beyond.  Since 1983, the ADSLA has welcomed people with an interest in the many facets of Art Deco. More information at


Audiophile Fashion Freak Out!

Betabrand’s Latest Hoodie Breaks Sound Barrier, Crowdfunding Barrier.


What do you wear if you are a super cool audio engineer working at a sound board all day? (This one we love! at Gia On The Move)

You probably never thought you’d be needing fashion tips to listen to your favorite music …but… mondo headphone fans, you can now rock out with your hoods up, thanks to Betabrand’s new Audio Engineer’s hoodie. The hood’s flanks are fabricated out of speaker cloth, enabling owners to wear headphones atop uber-cool hooded heads, with no fear of acoustic interference.


The hoodie is designed by audio engineer Nic Pope, who released it on Betabrand’s crowd design platform last week.    Fans have funded it to over twice it’s goal and interest continues to spike as audiophiles flock to his invention.



In addition to the accoustically transparent hood, music fans will appreciate a slew of details designed by Mr. Pope:

-  Twin kangaroo pockets, with headphone pass-through holes.

-  Internal pull-out wiring diagram.

-  Loop to clips your multi-tool/drum key on.

-  Cassette liner.

According to Betabrand founder Chris Lindland, “Headphones are now trending to be the size of personal pizzas.  Thanks to Nic’s invention, hood-size doesn’t have to keep pace.”

This is one of hundreds of crowd-designed concepts now featured on — an apparel machine that rapidly prototypes and sells the newest design ideas from all over.

1audiocuff 1audiolinerAbout Betabrand:

Betabrand is an online clothing company based in San Francisco that releases new products every day and crowdsources design ideas and  photography from customers.

Since launching in 2010, Betabrand has released a host of Internet fashion hits, including Dress Pant Yoga Pants,  Executive Hoodies , Gay Jeans, Sock Insurance,  Bike to Work Pants, and Dress Pant Sweatpants.

Japanese Horror Inspired Fashion

Undi_Kymera_TokyoL_F 2

One of our favorite fashion film directors, TREVOR UNDI, sent us his latest inspired creation earlier this week — a new Japanese-Horror-inspired fashion film.  Styled by TAKAFUMI KAWASAKI the film follows model JUN (Image Tokyo) as she haunts her own Doppelgänger through the streets, cemeteries and  undergrounds of Tokyo Metro. Featuring bold looks by LANVIN& TOM FORD.

Produced by East of Normal for VMagazine NYC.

Undi_Kymera_TokyoL_F 3

An Online Battle of the Sexes…That Involves Unicorns

This arrived in the email box just now. The title was so hilarious, I just had to publish it.

Beta Brand Shop Off


On Tuesday, authored a new chapter in the Battle of the Sexes by pitting men against women in a online consumer showdown with a Betabrand Stages Web’s First Intergender Shop-Off.

When the San Francisco retailer discovered a houndstooth fabric featuring subtle unicorn prints,  male and female staffers whinnied their approval.

It’s rare (as a unicorn) for ladies and gentlemen to wear products made from the same prints, so instead of unfairly excluding one gender, they made shirts for both, with a surprisingly effective sales incentive.

Betabrand crowd-funds all new products in order to only make what people want.   So they offered a bounty (limited edition unicorn socks) to the gender that fully-funded their shirt the fastest.

The result:  TOTAL WAR!
The champions:  WOMEN! (well duh!)

Beta Brand Shop Off

May and June tend to be slower months for retailers, so Betabrand makes them its most experimental.   “On Tuesday it was a battle of the sexes.  Today it’s fashion for space tourists.   Next week, we’ll use data science to determine the optimal beard-length.”  says Chris Lindland, founder of the fashion label that release 5-7 new products/week.

“The Web creates so many new ways to engage people with products, so why not test inter-gender shop-offs? Since our brand’s always in beta, it’s our obligation to find out.”

With both products funded in 24 hours, is this the dawn of a new era of chromosomal consumer conflagrations?   Only time will tell.

About Betabrand

Betabrand is an online clothing company based in San Francisco that releases new products every day and crowdsources design ideas and photography from customers.

Betabrand has released a host of Internet fashion hits, including Executive Hoodies,Sock Insurance, Gay Jeans, and Dress Pant Sweatpants.

Today Is National Flip Flop Day

Happy Summer!

Today, Friday, June 20th is National Flip-Flop Day, and the perfect excuse to free your feet in time for the first day of summer on Saturday, June 21st. Gia On The Move thought the perfect footwear to celebrate would at least Feelgoodz” and not leave so much of a carbon footprint.
And viola!  Here we have it…
Feelgoodz is an eco-conscious footwear brand dedicated to using all-natural materials sourced and produced by communities all over the world. The reason they’re oh-so-comfortable is because they’re made incorporating more natural rubber than any other brand on the market.
They’re eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% vegan.
Pedicures anyone? (click the image for a larger view…you’ll definitely want to see this!)



The use of the word flip-flop for thong sandals is a modern term dating from the 1960’s that describes what is probably the oldest form of footwear still being worn (the term flip flap has been used in various echoic senses since 1529). Flip flops have been around for at least six thousand years. As a point of comparison, primitive shoes are shown in rock paintings dating from the late Paleolithic (Stone Age) period some 15,000 years ago. There are depictions of flip flops in ancient Egyptian murals on tombs and temples from about 4,000 B.C.

Ancient Egyptian Reed Sandals

Ancient Egyptian Reed Sandals

The oldest surviving examples of thongs were made from papyrus leaves circa 1,500 B.C., which are on display in the British Museum. Early flip flops were made from a multitude of materials. Ancient Egyptian sandals were made from papyrus and palm leaves; rawhide was used by the Masai in Africa; wooden sandals were made in India; rice straw was used in China and Japan; the leaves of the sisal plant provided twine for sandals in South America; and the indigenous populations of Mexico used the yucca plant.

Styles too varied with the differing placement of the toe strap, as subsequent civilizations preferred using different toes. The Greeks for example made use of the big toe; the Romans, the second toe; and the Mesapotanians, the third toe. These distinctive, physical entities were recognised and captured in Egyptian statues, and this was thought to represent the celebration of other cultures.

Legend has it that courtesans in ancient Rome arranged the nails on the soles of their thongs to spell out follow me in the dust of the street.

The Nihon fuuzokushi jiten (Encyclopedia of the History of Japanese Manners and Customs) reports the wide use of zori (a form of flip flop with a thong held between the toes) in Japan from at least the Heian period (794-1185). Japanese children have traditionally worn them when learning to walk.

Given their long history, flip flops up to now have changed relatively little from ancient times.




Art Recycled: Soda Cans For a Sustainable Timepiece

2396f81fe758603075782ad36a251af2_largeSomething interesting is happening in Hong Kong.  An upcycling-oriented watch company is developing a line of accessories made from recycled soft drink cans.

Say what? Ok, it sounds super cool, which is why it’s on the blog today, but even I had to look this one up.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Upcycling discarded materials has been increasingly popular among crafters for many years, but with the CAN WATCH S, Hong Kong manufacturer Alchemist Creations uses modern manufacturing techniques to sustainably produce upcycled watches on a large scale for the first time.


Art & Fashion Merge

The first version of CAN WATCH’s uniquely sustainable design won the “Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2013” in the jewelry and watches category.  The latest update on Alchemist Creations’ CAN WATCH design, the Can Watch S, is designed to bring functionality and elegance to the recycled materials, while still evoking the form of the original recycled soda cans. They take readily available materials and maximize the possibilities, making them design features; ensuring every product designed is a seamless integration of sustainability and innovation.

They are looking to grow and opened up a Kickstarter.

In order to expand the scale of their sustainable product line, Alchemist Creations has turned to Kickstarter to fund the development of the CAN WATCH S.  What’s hot is that backers of the project can pledge to receive a CAN WATCH S, as well as other products from Alchemist Creations’ existing upcycled lines.


What’s hopeful is that all pledges fund not just the continued development and production of the CAN WATCH S, but also the employment of workers from the disabled community in Alchemist Creations’ workshop.

To contribute to the CAN WATCH S campaign, or just to get more information about what they’re doing visit:


Summer Style: Naya Rivera, She’s So Zinke!


Naya Rivera posted photos of herself wearing Zinke recently on Instagram while vacationing in Mexico! While the Glee actress showed off her toned bikini body, posing against a “to die for” vacation spot, we couldn’t help notice her totally awesome Starboard Bustier in Black and White Floral and Emmi Reversible Bikini Bottoms in Black and White Floral ($95 and $58  Summer is almost here in North America coast to coast, and we thought,  good prompt — go shopping — like now!  Heck, it’s in the 90’s here in Southern California this week. Check out these playful styles:


Is Rachel Zoe a Naked Princess Too?

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


On Saturday afternoon, Naked Princess  CEO and owner, Jordana Woodland celebrated the opening of her “if you have to ask you can’t afford it lingerie”  flagship store on La Cienega Blvd just at the corner of Melrose Place in West Hollywood, CA. Both fashion diva Rachel Zoe and actress Ali Larter, made scheduled appearances, at the top of the event, looking stunning and elegant, creating a photographic frenzy that added to the excitement all afternoon.  Actress Jaime King was also scheduled to be in attendance.

It was guest list only for the fan fare and celeb elbow rub. But tomorrow is always another day, and there will be plenty of time to devour what’s in store.

Simple hors d’oeuvres such as miniature lobster rolls, multi-colored macaroons, garlic beef on flatbread, champagne and sparkling water were offered along with a special coffee bar service in the courtyard for a “simply sumptuous”, very un-ostentatious, afternoon affair. Guests were invited to sample the array of apparel and other items as well as refreshments and make purchases.

Rachel Zoe, Ali Larter and Jordana Woodland at the Naked Princess flagship store opening in West Hollywood, CA

Rachel Zoe, Ali Larter and Jordana Woodland at the Naked Princess flagship store opening in West Hollywood, CA

Naked Princess is the ultimate off-the-beaten-Rodeo-Drive-path in luxury shopping experience. Featuring luscious silks, chiffons and crocheted lace sourced from France, delicate garments are finely stitched to perfection (not a single seam misaligned — I checked!) and couture quality  here in Los Angeles and other parts of the U.S. Formerly a wholesale operation, the store is designed as retail and open to the public.  With Rachel Zoe making good on her guest confirmation, the new location is already a “thumbs-up” and sure to be a must-shop destination.

Ladies looking to accoutre their inner sanctums will find a plush stop-in haven in Naked Princess. Boudoir and beauty items (bodysuits, bras, chemises, panties, robes, jewelry, candles, cosmetics), books and cards are available for the indulging at prices ranging from $60-$1800.

California opulence for pleasure-loving folk.

Naked Princess
653 North La Cienega (at the corner of Melrose Place on the west side of the boulevard)
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 773-0721
Store Hours:
Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 12-6pm

Check out the Gia On The Move Facebook page for more photos!

Eco-Friendly Sustainability in RAREFORM


RAREFORM is creating quite a wave in the outdoor market with it’s innovative, eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. Aimed to reduce waste and sustain our natural playground, RAREFORM creates one-of-a-kind bags and accessories that protect both your gear and the environment. By using an “upcycling” process, RAREFORM is able to take billboards before they hit landfills and transform them into completely individualized works of art- perfectly fit for the active lifestyle. Founder and outdoor enthusiast, Alec Avedissian’s brilliant idea of “billboards to bags” came to mind during a surf trip to El Salvador where he noticed locals using old billboards to protect their homes from nature’s elements. Launched in September 2012 and specializing in surf, RAREFORM’s stylish products are padded, waterproof, mildew-proof, and as tough as the products they protect. The brand offers all types of uniquely well -designed accessories ranging from surf bags, paddle bags, totes and backpacks to laptop and cell phone sleeves.

rare form 

What Gia On The Move loves about this brand!:

RAREFORM has pledged to donate 1% of sales to support the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.

“With a continued commitment to the principles that got the whole thing started-quality, sustainability, and style - RAREFORM’s best days are still ahead,” Avedissian says. RAREFORM is sold in stores such as Patagonia, REI, and other outdoor retailers with prices ranging from $40-125;

Forever 21’s Coachella Party in the Sky

forever 21
Forever 21 celebrated the first weekend of Coachella with an epic “Party in the Sky”on Saturday, April 12 featuring  secret guest DJ’s Gorgon City and What So Not,
as well as recording artist Azealia Banks who performed unreleased tracks off of
“Broke With Expensive Taste.”
forever 21 coachella
The event included two complimentary gifts for attendees to enjoy, the premiere of Forever 21’s Summer 2014 fashion film and for added “lift,”
a 20ft VIP party pod suspended above the main event
to create the ultimate desert party experience.
The event hashtag was cleverly dubbed “#Cranechella” 

Guests were encouraged to leave a donation for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation – 100% of donations went to the Foundation.

Official Forever 21″Party in the Sky” Playlist:

(Photo Credits: Forever 21)

Fashion Picks: Malin Akerman in STRÖM Brand


Malin Akerman was photographed wearing STRÖM Brand last weekend in Los Angeles! The Trophy Wife actress looked chic in her Nio High Rise Selvedge Skinnies in Vintage ($264) at the Safe Kids Day Event in West Hollywood.  Casual and fun she couldn’t be lovelier in any other way. We love the look of this brand too!