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Congratulations Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Award Winners

Stage Raw . Last night was the First Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Awards which took place downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on Spring Street. Not only was the show a tremendous success in its first run, claiming an over 2 million reach on Twitter, trending regionally for hours well after the ceremony ended, and LIVE streaming into homes around the world, but it is also one of the most important that will take place this year. The @StageRaw #LAThtrAwards is the only show that specifically celebrates 99 Seat small intimate theatre in LA.  Don’t be fooled, however. It may be referred to as “small” but some, and I dare say most, of this city’s important , often unknown, up and coming actors and also several of its biggest celebrities frequent these stages offering an unsuspecting public some of the best, most original, edgiest theatre to be had in the country. Gia On The Move was proud and honored to be a part of it. Congratulations to all the winners and to all of nominees and to this entire thriving theatre community in Los Angeles!

For more press on the Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Awards check out the articles below.

Rebecca Metz, Marc Wheeler, Tracey Paleo (Gia On The Move) at the First Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Awards

(L to R) Actress Rebecca Metz, Marc Wheeler, Tracey Paleo (Gia On The Move) at the First Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Awards

Stage Raw Theater Awards - Stage Raw's own report on its own Awards ceremony. Are we objective? Naturally.  click the image to read the article

Stage Raw Theater Awards – Stage Raw’s own report on its own Awards ceremony. Are we objective? Naturally. click the image to read the article

Rockin’ Stage Raw Awards (Tweet, Tweet, Tweet) : LA Bitter Lemons - Click to read the article

Rockin’ Stage Raw Awards (Tweet, Tweet, Tweet) : LA Bitter Lemons – Click to read the article

Burglars of Hamm and Sacred Fools’ “Broadus” Sweeps Up in the First Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theater Awards (Winners List Within) : LA Bitter Lemons -click the image to read

Burglars of Hamm and Sacred Fools’ “Broadus” Sweeps Up in the First Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theater Awards (Winners List Within) : LA Bitter Lemons -click the image to read

Meet Me Thursday at the Sofitel for Le Cabaret Versatile

Cabaret Versatile

We’ve been waiting soooo long!  Our darling Feathers and Toast Tallulah Grace, will be making a spotlight appearance with LA’s newest and most delectable French dance troupe Cabaret Versatile in their show Premiere in Riviera 31, Sofitel Beverly Hills, this Thursday, April 9th 2015.

Cabaret Versatile


refined and dreamy the experience will celebrate femininity and elegance with dancers and singers performing glamorous choreographies and songs which represent the “je ne sais quoi” that built the timeless legend of inspiring women throughout the ages.

Buy Tickets Heretickets

Cabaret Versatile

From the indomitable and impressive, to the child-like innocent, or crazy, unpredictable, this new show Femmes! is an ode to every kind of woman we cherish and is a beautiful tribute to the Parisian chic.

Mhairi MorrisonThe show features Mhairi Morrison of the comedy web series, Feathers and Toast. She will host the show as her character Tallulah Grace, a slightly delusional cooking show host obsessed with all things French who believes herself to be the next Julia Child, but who, in reality, struggles to pull off a decent sandwich.

juliaOpening the evening is Paris Chansons, LA’s premier French band known for their original renditions of French favorites from Aznavour to Zaz, plus an exciting international twist featuring music in Russian, Italian and other world flavors.

Cabaret Versatile based in Los Angeles, creates authentic French cabaret inviting them into a world of French Burlesque and Parisian Folies. It is a magical experience full of surprises, Cabaret Versatile filled with unforgettable moments of sexiness and elegance.

Cabaret Versitile

The Milk Meetings at Studio C Theatre Row Hollywood

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Not exactly Mommy Dearest and definitely a far cry from June Cleaver, one tough cookie New York mom goes head to head with the politically correct, yogagranola mommy set at St. Jude’s Parish Hall, in a battle for her right to rage.

Nobody wants to listen to a complaining pain in the ass who mixes conspiracy theory with basket weaving when the meeting agenda is Breast Feeding. But when Marissa (Ida Darvish) who started the group goes over the deep end in frustration from being all but silenced from real life dialog, she takes the whole band on a torrentially emotional and questionably moral roller coaster. 

It is a humorously twisted desperate cry for help by a woman locked in her own pain and who finds her way out of it despite all, but not without a lot of anguish and a visit from child services.

Lead actress Ida Darvish is one of the most high-strung, raw, guts & grit talents far too unknown appearing currently on the Los Angele Small Theatre scene. She can take any show to a level that most directors would be scared to unleash on an audience.  I’m glad director John Coppola had the sheer chutzpah to do it.

She is matched by the talents of a mouthwatering cast of women who really nail this script written by Blaire Baron Larsen including Torrie Bodga (Rebecca), Emily Button (Julia), Liberty Cordova (Ruthie), and Rochelle Leffler (Birdie).

Hands down one of the most volatile, untamed, exciting and honest productions to date produced at Studio C. This show needs an extension or a come back.  

milkmeeting_poster_newdates small

This is the last weekend.  They may be sold out but check online for tickets.

Approximate running time is 75 minutes.

The ticket price is $20.00 for general admission (within 24 hours of the performance), and reservations can be made by visiting:

 Studio C Artists is located at 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., on Theatre Row, in Hollywood, CA

Produced by Michael Sonntag
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
ASM/Propmaster: Kate Robertson
Set Design: Marie Coppola

The Stage Raw Los Angeles Theatre Awards Announce Hosts

Because they weren’t content to leave our vibrant theater community without accolades for the first time in 36 years, STAGE RAW is pleased to announce the FIRST ANNUAL STAGE RAW LOS ANGELES THEATER AWARDS, Monday, April 13, 2015. 
Show hosts CELEBRATION THEATER announce the super talented comedians ALEC MAPA and PARVESH CHEENA will be presenting.
The STAGE RAW Los Angeles Theater Awards take at
Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street
*Doors Open at 6:30 for Cocktails; Awards Program begins at 7:30pm*

TicketsTickets are $25


Stage Raw champions the best work of 2014 in L.A.’s now embattled theaters of up to 99-seats.


Find this year’s nominees here

STAGE RAW is using the same jury that was assembled through 2014 for the now dearly departed LA WEEKLY Theater Awards.
Join them at the Los Angeles Theatre Center for a 1940s-style cocktail party, with Jazz from special musical guests, Static Trio +, a pre-show hosted bar and fortifying tasty treats after the awards have been given. Join us for a night of elegance and irreverence for the 99-Seat Theater Plan!
THE STAGE RAW THEATER AWARDS are dedicated to honoring the swath of innovative works of theater in Los Angeles County, in venues of up-to-99-seats. These are works that for any number of reasons, can’t or don’t typically get produced in larger theaters. When they do, it’s often because they’ve been incubated in the smaller theaters; that very incubation is the focus of Stage Raw and its theater awards.
STAGE RAW is an evolving digital experiment, a virtual laboratory for what new arts journalism can be. Its mission is to fuse interactive, innovative means to bring new life into the medium.
Photo Credits:
Alex Mapa;  
Parvesh Cheena


There a Swimmin’ Hole in Everyone’s Backyard

James Jumping Malibu Rock Pools, 2008

Fifth Floor Gallery Presents

Jeff Edwards:  Everyone’s Backyard

April 18 – May 23, 2015

Opening reception Saturday, April 18, 6-9pm

Fifth Floor Gallery is pleased to present, Everyone’s Backyard, photographs of swimming holes by Los Angeles based artist Jeff Edwards.

All the locations photographed are within Los Angeles County or just a few hours drive from the city and represent the unearthed gems found in the backyard of our metropolis. The documentation began in 2006 when Edwards rigorously started exploring swimming holes in the Los Angeles area, and ever since he has hiked to, jumped, and photographed every single swimming hole in Southern California.

The photographs serve to make the viewer conscious of the complex nature of time and perception. An individual in a photo exists in human time while the landscape exists in geological time, yet human senses such as vision, exist in macro time. The intersection of these three time scales are captured in the instant of a single frozen moment of the shutter. Like landscape paintings of the Romantic era these photos put nature as the focus and humans, small or blurred, are the temporary occupants. While it is hard for humans to grasp the vastness of the geologic time scale, the ebb and flow of water in these places brings this into closer perspective as each swimming hole changes from season to season, year to year, and may not be around much longer.

Jeff Edwards earned his BFA from Otis College of Art & Design in 2006. His photos have appeared in online and printed publications and he has also been featured in broadcast media highlighting the sport of cliff jumping. This is his first solo gallery exhibition.

Fifth Floor Gallery
502 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment.


The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival Opens Today

MARCH 26-29, 2015

Los Angeles Women's Theatre FestivalLos Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

          The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) marks 22 years of producing close to 500 extraordinary multicultural and multidisciplinary solo performers from around the globe.

The longest-running annual solo festival for women in Los Angeles, LAWTF will return March 26-29, 2015 to the Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291.

      Reservations: (818) 760-0408. Online reservations will be available at .

To join and follow LAWTF on Facebook and Twitter, click on their links at

          The Champagne Gala and Awards Ceremony on March 26, 2015 will be held in honor of exceptional women who have made laudable contributions in theatre. Following the reception at 7:00 p.m., the festivities continue at 8:00 p.m. with the presentation of the Integrity, Eternity, Rainbow, Maverick and Infinity Awards to distinguished women. (The Honorees will be announced in a separate release.)

The theme of the program on March 26 is “IN TRIBUTE TO PHENOMENAL WOMEN.”The evening will be hosted by Hattie Winston (Becker) and Ted Lange (The Love Boat). Entertainment for the evening of Thursday, March 26, 2015 will include:

Ingrid Graham: “Pearls.” An excerpted solo dance accompanied by live music. This piece explores themes of truth, vulnerability and strength in relationships. Original music performed by Melissa Sharee.

Jovelyn Richards: “Sweet Baby.” 1865. The end of the Civil War, in the aftermath of its devastation, and Maw Maw comes upon a door lying in a field that offers an answer to her question after a life of enslavement, “Free. What dat mean to me now?”

          Clarinda Ross: “From My Grandmother’s Grandmother Unto Me.”  This excerpted storytelling piece chronicles the joys and sorrows of five generations of Appalachian women.


Friday, March 27, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. Theme:


          Megan Dolan: “SNACK!” A humorous and sobering look at being a child of divorce that results in emotional eating, and the challenges of parenting your kids and yourself—simultaneously.

          Cheryl Rae : “RIDE:A Life With Tobacco.”  This is a non-linear poetic storytelling about Tobacco- the relief, the happiness and the hold.

          Sharrell D. Luckett: “Young, Gifted and Fat.”  Once 100 pounds heavier, Sharrell serves up interesting insights about her emotional struggle to adjust to life after her major weight loss.

Saturday, March 28,  2015 at 2:00 p.m. Theme:


          Karen A. Clark: “The Women.” In this encore excerpt, through music, poetry and storytelling, Karen A. reflects on the women in her family, particularly her mother, who provided a “wow” factor.

          Rachae Thomas: “Pieces of Cara.” Through music and spoken word, a young biracial woman takes an amusing look at her unorthodox single parent mother in this storytelling piece.

          Anu Yadav: “Meena’s Dream.” This one-woman play excerpt takes an empowering look at a young girl who wrestles with her deepest fears, while still dreaming of a world where everyone, including her mother, can have enough.

          Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. Theme:


          Davina Cole: “All the Colours.”  One woman’s turbulent journey from Africa to the U.K. explores family, civil war and upheaval.

          Stacie Chaiken: “What She Left.”  A young Jewish woman in wartime Warsaw with a fierce will to survive did what she had to do.

          Ingrid Griffith: “Demerara Gold.”  From the voice of a seven-year-old in Guyana, this young girl is left in the clutches of her grandmothers when her parents suddenly get visas to America and leave their children behind.

          Juliette Jeffers: “Pan Gyul.”  A Trinidadian girl in the 1950s who loves to play the steel pan drums deals with the fact that playing the drums was only meant exclusively for men at that time.

Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Theme:


          Aizzah Fatima: “Dirty Paki Lingerie.”  Sex, religion and politics collide when Pakistani-American Muslim women air their dirty laundry.

          Kyla Garcia: “The Mermaid Who Learned How to Fly..” Part personal story and part fairy tale, this storytelling piece is a deep exploration of what happens when we allow romantic love to be the ground we stand on, rather than exploring our dreams instead.

          Maria G. Martinez: “For My Cause Your Spirit Will Speak.” A middle-aged Latina/Chicana/Mexicana woman reflects on her journey through the Chicana Movement of the 60s that includes her commitment to the struggle, sexism, and the honorable activism of raising a child.

          Katie Wong (dancer), Raissa Simpson (choreographer): “Study on a Butterfly.”  A metaphoric solo dance piece questions how we relate to the internal struggles of living with pain and depression, when our outward appearance projects contradictory images of health and well-being.


Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Theme:


          Deborah Dutilh: “Into the Panther’s Cage.” This story chronicles how one woman’s dream state envisions what comes to pass.

          Stephanie Ann Johnson: “Every 21 Days: Cancer, Yoga and Me.” At once funny and poignant, a woman’s victorious health bout ultimately changes her life through personal remembrance, spirituality and yoga.

          Marsha Etell: “Big Butt Girls and Other Fantasies/The Remix.” Through music, dance and a sense of humor as healing elements, this woman gets through the unexpected by not taking herself and life so seriously.

          *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *


The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival was founded by Executive Producer Adilah Barnes and Miriam Reed. The Festival is an annual event unique among American cultural institutions and should not be missed.

Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival is a non-profit organization. This year’s annual organizational supporters include the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, City National Bank, Department of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles, City of Culver City, and Adilah Barnes Productions.

Admission to the Gala is $50 or two tickets for $90 (includes light fare and Champagne). For the other programs, ticket prices this year include general admission single show tickets at $20 in advance, or $25 at the door. Students, seniors, and groups of ten or more, $18. Children 12 and under, $10.

Reservations: (818) 760-0408. Online reservations will be available at . To join and follow LAWTF on Facebook and Twitter, click on their links at http://www.lawtf.corg

FACTORY OF LIGHT: Film Screening at Substrate Gallery – March 26th 7pm – 11pm


Substrate Gallery is pleased to present FACTORY OF LIGHT, a multi-media event featuring Jean Balest’s latest music video for the Berlin/Australian based post-punk band House of Light. In addition, the band will be performing an intimate live set at the screening.

Currently touring North America with their 2015 album Nervous Systems, House of Light is proud to announce the video release of their single “New York City”. In keeping with the titular theme of the track, House of Light’s Justin Maarten De Vries and Valentina Veil teamed up with director Jean Balest who has reinterpreted Andy Warhol’s New York City art scene by producing a music video in the fashion of Andy’s screen tests on 16mm film in collaboration with Italian animator Mara Autilio (Artemera).

Mara and her team of animators helped bring Balest’s vision of moving screen prints to life. Balest said of the collaboration, ‘The animator was in Italy, the band was spending time between Berlin and Australia and we all met in L.A. and somehow we all felt that Warhol was the muse that we all culled from in our own ways. You can watch the video, listen to the song, view the frames Mara illustrated and see Andy’s influence on art, music and film in each medium. He was a thief with style, and I think he’d be happy that we ripped him off.’

Please join us March 26th for an evening of film, live music, pop art photography and live projected screen tests by cinematographer Elle Schneider (Digital Bolex). Musical guests include experimental electronic group L.A.Drones! and special guests to be announced. Complimentary beer and wine with a purchase of a pop art print at the door for $10. A limited edition set of prints will be on display and available for purchase at the film screening.

Please RSVP by clicking on the Substrate Facebook Event button.