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Tracey (also known by her nickname Gia) has been sought after since – oh – age 12 – for her opinion. She made her professional debut as a writer when she was asked to review the entire collection of The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries book series and featured in (the now defunct) Boston Phoenix print newspaper. #bookworm

Tracey/Gia is a writer, award winning short film producer, publicist and professional performer (dance, film, television and theater).

fashion_whats_hot.Gia On The MoveA confirmed culture enthusiast and veteran of the arts, Tracey regularly covers and writes about theatre, music, food, fashion, entertainment, art, street art and more, promoting the local culture of Los Angeles, CA, her home base, New York City and everywhere culture happens in the US and abroad.

It’s about the Love.

7 responses to “Tracey Paleo – Editor-In-Chief

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  4. Don Kilhefner, Ph.D.

    Dear Ms. Paleo: I need to take the time to to commend you for your insightful, indeed, profound, review of Derek Rhinegold’s one-man show Manup! As someone who has been actively involved for the past half-century
    in helping to create and sustain a gay community in Los Angeles, both Derek and you “got it.” Many do not. The gay community–any community–
    is impoverished by it’s men not maturing and not consciously assuming the
    roles of adult, elder, and ancestor. I bow deeply in your direction.

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