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Art Card LA Goes Live in Long Beach is excited to announce an outrageously spontaneous ArtCard installation at Dana Neighborhood Library in Long Beach. The display features hundreds of 4×6 inch artworks submitted from across LA County and is open to the public until November 26th 2011.

Exhibition Location and Hours
Dana Neighborhood Library
3680 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
Library Hours / Map

ArtCard is a community based art project initiated by ArtCards are pre-addressed postcards that are distributed across LA by volunteers.  There are no guidelines and every ArtCard received is published and exhibited. Anyone can do it. Get out there and be seen.  Connect and interact!

If you have any questions regarding the installation or if your community would like to host the collection please contact, Oliver Shipley at

Spring Fashion Challenge

Looking through my latest Vogue email sent more than a few waves of excitement through me and I can’t say that I was all that impressed with unmitigated tack of all the bejeweled Spring accessories ready to sparkle their way into Spring. Not to be confused with someone who doesn’t love and adore sparkle, I am just feeling a bit style embellished -ly, underwhelmed.

Giving a new meaning to “Glitter and be Gay.”
Transparency on the other hand is looking to be one of the more fresh and fun accessory ideas in 2012.  Notwithstanding, the nod to 70’s and 80’s styles (yes my mother already wore these and I think still has them in her closet), plastic panels and inserts definitely heat up the style meter with clear cool.
There is sure to be a frenzy in mini fans for all of those sweaty toes next year, but didn’t someone say, “It’s more important to look good than to feel good”?  Correct and accurate shoe sizing, long gone by the wayside in women’s shoes except for only the most meticulous designers, to prevent that old, ‘slip slidin away’, may actually, by necessity, be the sale closer on these lovely ephemerals.
On the other hand (and I mean this literally) other wearables add just the right impact and appeal for everyday and night too.

Top New Blogs

According to information being passed around via emails by several online marketers, the top most searched and visited sites on the internet are — guess who — sites that tell people how to market their services.

What a surprise.  Not.  I guess some things never change.  Everyone will always be looking for the magic bullet.  Some will even spend fortunes in the hopes of gaining bigger fortunes.  And who knows if anyone is actually profitting.

One has to wonder how deep a sour economy really goes when, you’ve got so little left to lose, that you’ll throw caution to the wind (along with your checkbook) in order to get ahead.

But is any of this working?  Anyone care to pipe in on this one? Do It Yourself Style Wants YOU to Be a Star Styler!, the online home of America’s No. 1 morning program, kicked off TODAY DIY Style Week (October 24-28) today  and they are searching for their next DIY STAR!

Viewers can enter the TODAY DIY Style Week Challenge now through Friday, October 28, 2011 at 5 p.m. (ET).  Viewers can submit photos and videos of their best DIY fashions and related accessories by going to  The best submission will win a DIY prize from TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas and a DIY tutorial on, where the winner will also be announced on Tuesday, November 1.  In the meantime, you can share information about the series with your friends using the hashtag: #DIYWeekTODAY as well as through the TODAY Facebook page, TODAY Style Pinterest, and TODAY Tumblr pages.

Ok, now that you are out of breath trying to figure out how to get your DIY on in less than 76 hours from now and unable to ask what DIY Star Style actually is — let me give you the scoop:

DIY style offers viewers “how to” tutorials for making their own jewelry, fashion and technology accessories. “Style is the way you speak to the world without words,” says Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor. “This modern view of self-expression encourages everyone to not only be unique, but resourceful. The mantra, rethink, reuse, and reinvent is great not only for the environment, but your bank account. Why wouldn’t you want to DIY?”

TODAY DIY Style Week features the following DIY tutorials:

  • Monday: Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor. See how to make foiled fashion.
  • Tuesday:  Eric Domesek, PS I Made This.  Learn how to make an iPad cover.
  • Wednesday: Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair and A Spare.  Find out the simple steps for making a scarf watch.
  • Thursday: Kristen Turner, Glitter ‘n Glue.  Get the scoop on how to make a faux fur collar.
  • Friday: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY.  See the simple steps for making rhinestone earrings.
A week-long series of DIY tutorials, photos, videos and more information about the challenge can be found at as well as TODAY’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Monkey Adored at the Rogue Machine

Through allegorical collage, puppetry, projection and “animal magnetism”  playwright Henry Murray explores the ideas of experientiality versus DNA, sexuality and violence, and prejudice in Monkey Adored, a humorous, modern day Animal Farm, farce.  Read the review…(click here)

Color Me Fashionable!

Spring is the air  in New York and Paris with colors, prints and metallics.  And who knows what LA’s Fashion Weekend will unleash for Summer on the runway this Friday, October 21st.

“But it’s only fall Gia?!  How could I ever even think such a thing?”

No need to think my bashful Bambi – just wear.  We already know what the trends are so why wait to see what your friends are doing.  Star strut your red, whites and blues and your prominent prints.  And shine the gloom right out of those somber blacks already (!) with dimension and embellishment.  Get a clue here from Lanvin, Donna, Diane and Custo:

Footage courtesy of Vidicom and                                                               New York and Paris Fashion Week 2012

Charles David Shoes Goes “Pure” Pink for Breast Cancer

Charles David Sponsors The Breast Cancer Charities of America for Breast Cancer Awareness

Culver City, CA – This October for Breast Cancer Awareness, Charles David of California is partnering with the Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) with an iGoPink: Fashion Fights Breast Cancer exclusive pump.

The pump is a classic Charles by Charles David Pure platform pump constructed in black kid suede with the outsole and lining detailed in the iGoPink pantones. The finish on the sole has a shimmer shine to add a little flash when you walk.

The Pure was chosen due to its incredible customer popularity and to ensure top sales to boost awareness for breast cancer and increase proceeds. The BCCA exclusive Pure pump will retail for $125 and will be sold exclusively at Charles David locations nationwide with 20% of sales of the shoe directly going to the charity.

“We are so excited to be dedicating one of our top styles to benefit such an important and worthy cause. I know our customers will be proud to wear this shoe not only for its fashionable style but for what it stands for”, said Joelle Malka, Director of Retail.

The iGoPink BCCA pump will be in stores starting October 15 with pre-sales starting October 1. Quantities are limited and will be promoted socially through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, customer based email blasts and fast breaking publications. With each purchase a special card will be in the box letting the customer know about their purchase, proceeds and the BCCA.

On October 20 we will be celebrating our move and remodel of our flagship Beverly Center Charles David store to central court. During the event we will be heavily promoting our BCCA partnership with the unveiling of the pump and a pink themed soiree.

Charles David will continue the partnership with the BCCA throughout the year with 3 more exclusive fun and funky designs incorporating the iGoPink pinks, the BCCA ribbon logo and 20% of proceeds going towards the cause.

“The Breast Cancer Charities of America is thrilled to be partnering with the highly esteemed Charles David brand that has such a stellar reputation among women of all ages. Our “iGoPink” logo is a stiletto, we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit!” stated Erica Harvey, Executive Director of The Breast Cancer Charities of America.