Strange Talk on Music Monday

We heard this music and jumped out of our seats to dance!

Strange Talk

This Aussie duo just debuted a new track and announced their Fall headlining tour of North America  including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego!


Strange Talk are the flourishing melodies heard behind rooftop conversations amongst strangers. They’re also moonlighting as the anthem to your club and festival night. That’s the kind of beguiling juxtaposition that the Melbourne duo, comprised of Stephen Docker and Gerard Sidhu bring to your summer soundtrack.

The duo recently returned with their staggering new track, “Something’s Bout To Change,” which premiered exclusively on A.V. Club and were quick to follow with, “When It Feels So Good,” via Blackbook. Now, the band is headlining in the Fall across North America. They are set to kick off mid-October, in conjunction with their new EP, due October 16 via Wind-up Records.

live-musicPre-sale tickets for the upcoming tour will be available through GoldenTix.


Nestled comfortably between the French disco samples of Daft Punk and the soaring indie aesthetics of contemporary electronic giants like Flume, Strange Talk return with a re-discovered passion that stems from their roots of electronic music production and song-writing. With a growing realization of who they are and where they want to go, Strange Talk is no longer the 4-piece indie pop band we’ve known them for, but an electronic duo which sees them returning with a whole new look, feel and refocused sound that is crisp, commanding and all encompassing of the shift in dynamic.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
10/13 – Doug Fir – Portland, OR
10/16 – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA
10/17 – The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
10/20 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
10/21 – Last Exit – Phoenix, AZ
10/22 – Lowbrow Palace – El Paso, TX
10/24 – Limelight – San Antonio, TX
10/27 – 529 Club – Atlanta, GA
10/28 – U Street Music Hall – Washington D.C.
10/29 – Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA
10/30 – Le Poisson Rouge – NYC
10/31 – World Café – Philadelphia, PA
11/01 – The Westcott Theater – Syracuse, NY
11/02 – Flour City Station – Rochester, NY
11/03 – The Waiting Room – Buffalo, NY
11/04 – BAR – New Haven, CT
11/05 – Belmont – Montreal
11/06 – The Drake Hotel – Toronto
11/07 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
11/08 – The Rave – Madison, WI
11/09 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
11/10 – The Riot Room – Kansas City, KS
11/11 – Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO

Here’s “More Funk” for Your Weekend Music Playlist

► for your weekend playlist 
YourEDM premieres new Eclypse Records track
Decolt // More Funk
Love Eclypse Records? The Aussie DJ/producer duo and founders of the label, Feenixpawl, are touring with Breathe Carolina this summer! Check out the tour dates + catch them on the road.
find Decolt:
find Feenixpawl:
find Eclypse Records: 
“Feenixpawl and Jason Forté are turning into quite the tastemakers. Though their label Eclypse Records has only been around for three months, the quality of their signings so far have already made them ones to watch.”

#WhatsHotNow: West Hollywood Rising at RISE NATION


Rise Nation, VersaClimber


by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


Make no mistake. This is youth fitness culture at its prime.

In the landscape of competitive niche workout gyms on La Cienega Blvd with Soul Cycle across the street as well as Soma Studio and Train West Hollywood, the chic new frontrunner is  RISE NATION .

More an evolution with its exclusive VersaClimber classes, rather than feeling like the next new fad already on the verge of disappearing, RISE NATION created by Jason Walsh and which opened earlier this year in January 2015, brings workout culture to a new reality.


It doesn’t’ “try” to do too much.  Really, classes only do one thing. In fact, the climbing machines themselves don’t do anything at all.  YOU do all the work.

Yep. Sorry babes. But there will be no casual meditation in between steps, no opps to read or flirt on your iPhone, no apps to tell you what to do and no help from automated equipment. No. Not for this one.

Climbing is a full-time, full-body workout session. It takes focus. RISE NATION climbing classes deal in primitive movements and mechanics – think – how you learned to crawl, then walk, even swim. But the benefits are enormous. Sure, the ultimate bootie workout.  But gaining strength, stamina and overall energy in just 30 minutes while simultaneously stretching is the boost that even a once in while, barely committed student can enjoy. Seriously, I felt 10 years younger and happier just going through the motions.

nick, Rise Nation, VersaClimberThe music was bouncy and energetic without being exhausting, and Nick my instructor welcome me from the moment I walked through the door.

“I’ve got an amazing dance mix today for class.  You’re gonna love it!”

“I’m holding you to it Nick.”

(“Awesome” should be added to his name tag.  He delivered!)

It wasn’t easy.  For my first time on the machine, I paced myself and did surprisingly better than some other newbies.  But it wasn’t anxiety inducing hard either.  The blackout, no interruptions shades and nightclub style pulsating bright lights motivated me through the tough moments.

You can stop and start at will.  My feet got a little numb which is normal.  Takes a few classes for some peeps to deal with the foot stability. But the hefty line of post class new student signups  at the desk downstairs pretty much said, “Must come back!”

Other perks:  Shaded rooftop patio with seating and after workout bar serving fresh juices. Also towels are provided on all the machines.  I purchased a super soft, stylish T-shirt in the shop.  (No Nick did not give me the shirt off his back!  Although I think he would have had I asked. lol) There is also filtered alkaline H2O free to all.

Highly recommended.

Get more info on the website:

View class schedule

#FreeAppFriday : Shuttersong – Connect Your Photos with Sound

This was technically released earlier this week.  But just in case some of you didn’t see it…there’s a hot new app available for iPhone users.

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Melody of Shuttersong. (PRNewsFoto/Shuttersong)

Shuttersong, the free mobile app for connecting photos with sound, has become a digital community where you can create and share “Shuttersongs” – photos that have music, sound or voice embedded into them – as well as view a feed of Shuttersongs from followers with shared interests. To help launch the new Shuttersong community and engage with their millions of fans around the world, recording artists and social media sensations, Jack & Jack have become brand collaborators. Download Shuttersong for free here.

What’s new in Shuttersong?

  • Grab your own custom user name
  • Real-time image feed so you can add your friends and view all their Shuttersongs
  • Add likes and comments
  • Caption your Shuttersongs using live web links, great for driving traffic to YouTube, blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Coming soon:
    • Search profiles and hashtags to find and connect with new followers
    • “I’m Feeling Lucky” – let Shuttersong randomly match your photo with a track from your iTunes music

Jack & Jack Fans – Watch This Space!

Jack & Jack will be announcing a contest for fans to win a chance to see them live and to get involved with Shuttersong via their Twitter and Instagram accounts in early August!

“We’re always looking for exciting new ways to connect with our fans and Shuttersong is another way to do that,” said Jack & Jack. They will make Shuttersongs to celebrate the release of their new EP, Calibraska, which has trended in the top 5 albums worldwide for five days straight.

“Our goal with the new Shuttersong was to connect likeminded people who love to share photos with each other so they can discover other people with similar interests,” said William Agush, founder, inventor and CEO of Shuttersong. “There are so many great Shuttersongs being made every day on the app, the next step for us was to let them be shared with each other and for others to join as a way to share their special moments in a cool, high-quality way.”

Shuttersong 3.0 is available for free download in the iTunes App Store:

About Shuttersong
Shuttersong® is a platform and digital community where users can create, share, connect and discover audio-enhanced images for their specific interests. It is the owner of the exclusive technology that combines image data and multiple non-image data files into a single entity without altering the structure of the image (Patent No: US 9,009,123). Shuttersong is backed by executive advisor, Gil Anderson, individuals associated with the law firm of Morgan Lewis LLP and New England entrepreneurs, Vincent D’Agostino and Jere Doyle. Follow the company, as well as the many Shuttersongs created in the digital community, on Twitter at @shuttersong and on Instagram. Shuttersong is headquartered in Wellesley Mass., and is a registered trademark of Shuttersong Incorporated.


Get Ready for Fridge Fudge Pop 3: Dec 3-6, 2015!

 Also, Fudge Pop Pre-Party on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fridge Fudge Pop

Here’s something cool for the middle of Summer!

Fridge Art Fair has just announced its third Miami Edition, The Fridge Fudge Pop, taking place in the heart of Miami’s arts and culture center from Thursday, December 3 through Sunday, December 6, 2015. There will also be a Fudge Pop Pre-Party on Wednesday night, December 2, 2015.

The Fridge Art Fair Miami edition will be held at the Holiday Inn, Miami Beach, located directly across from the Fontainebleau Hotel and N.A.D.A. A wide range of booth choices and art fair floor plans will be made available.

The location for Fridge Art Fair’s Fridge Fudge Pop is the “Grand Ballroom” of Miami Beach’s “Grand Deco” district at the Holiday Inn-Miami Beach – Oceanfront (4333 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140; 305-532-3311).

Fridge Art Fair is the boutique, soft sell, dog-friendly satellite fair dubbed as, “The baby who has refused to obey orders to stand outside the door while the adults confabulate inside,” by Artinfo.

At Fridge Art Fair Miami, galleries, collectives, and artists are all equals in terms of their participation in The Fridge Fudge Pop!   This year Fridge Fudge Pop Founder, Eric Ginsburg, is also teaming up once again with Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC) to benefit the pooches-and other furry friends-he loves to paint.

For more information about exhibiting or attending please visit

Wanna Show Them Your Stuff?

Click here for the FRIDGE MIAMI 2015 – Application

Fidge is an indie art fair open to galleries and artists 18 + from any country.  Submissions close September 15th, 2015, EST

Fridge Fridge Art Fair’s third Miami edition has moved from its original location in the City of Miami and its Little Havana home to its new Miami Beach location, but Fridge has not forgotten its Miami Calle Ocho roots! The Fudge Pop Pre-Party will take place at The Historic Ball & Chain on Calle Ocho, beginning at 8:00pm in the heart of “Little Havana Central Station of Arte” where you can get a sneak peak of the landmarks of one of Miami’s most influential and treasured neighborhoods. Entrance is free for Fridge Fudge Pop registered guests to join in the celebration of Fridge Art Fair’s continued successes.

Find them on the web:

Fridge Art Fair –

Fridge Facebook –

Fridge Twitter –

Shiv at The Theatre @ Boston Court

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move



“It’s just a story about a girl who wouldn’t get off her mattress.”

That was the line, actual words of playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil that had audiences at Boston Court giggling after all of the explanation director Emily Beck, expounded upon during the after show “Illuminations” dialog.  And of all the components of this visually imaginative production, it made the most sense. Thing is though, Shiv’s story is a little bit more.

Shiv’s father Bapu (Dileep Rao) is writer, a dreamer, an adventurer, a risk taker, a man full of desires in search of fulfillment and words longing to be spoken. For a well-known poet, in his own country, America is the next step to success.  But as it turns out, life as an “outsider” is harder than he imagined. His voice is stifled by culture and the business of publishing – tragic for an artist who breathes epic and verse. Not wanting to succumb to his own unhappiness or the idea that there is no more possibility for him, Shiv’s father leaves his family for a new life with a new American woman.  “He has to go”.

Shiv (Monika Jolly) is her father’s daughter. Smart, adventurous, unafraid of life or the things in it.  She has had most of the benefit of emigrating to America. And the secure embrace of her father’s unfailing love. But when her father leaves, Shiv is displaced. She tightly holds on to this man, his truths, his beliefs, his memories. She takes on his anger and disappointment and eventually sets on a path to heal his past by confronting the very thing that caused the rift.  Here is where story lies.

The mattress is not a metaphysical one.  It is a very real piece of “furniture” which they both use as a vessel to discover the extraordinary world of fantasy they live in. In many ways, the story is more about him – at least at the beginning.  He is such a big personality and influence with his ability and wisdom to see the extraordinary as well as the practical within the kaleidoscope of life.

In Shiv’s obsession to seek out the truth, however, she begins to see the world with her own eyes, her own imagination. She struggles with living in the moment, how to step into it and to leave the rest behind.

Eventually, through past and present, reality and fantasy, and through her father pushing her off their ‘ship’, she finally comes to learn that she is her own person and must travel her own path. She literally gets off the mattress and walks forward on her own road.

It’s a sweet, tale that by the careful direction of Emily Beck is brought to life in the most fantastical and beautiful of ways for a gorgeous satisfying finale. Shiv grows up. She awakens to herself and will forge ahead on an adventure of her own making.

Dileep Rao is so appealing and charismatic as Bapu. He is a resonant player that fills up the house as is Monika Jolly as Shiv.  There are some big gaps in the script mostly between Shiv and her lover Gerard (James Wagner), where the near pauses during each and every line between the two creates question as to the director’s intention. But otherwise the story is served, and well…who doesn’t like a happy ending.

Now playing until August 7th.

Illuminations On Performance: Sunday August 2 with the cast of Shiv.
Late Night Salon: Friday, July 31, and August 7. Stay after the performance and enjoy complimentary wine in the lobby.
Five Dollar Night: Wednesday, August 5. All tickets are $5. No presale. Cash only at the door. First come, first served. Limited availability.
Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling (626) 683-6883.

On August 18th There Will Be MORE Stupid Songs in LA!

Babes! It’s time to save the date!


Tuesday, 8/18- doors open at 6:30 show at 8pm

Right off the hype of this year’s Hollywood Fringe, Stupid Songs is back with, STUPID GOLD, at Rockwell Table & Stage on Vermont Ave in Loz Feliz Village, LA!

They’ll be doing ‘Best Of’ favorites from the past 2 years, plus some brand new stuff. Total ridiculousness! But just in case you don’t believe us — we got the deets and the beats LIVE at Fringe.  Check out the [really crappy ‘stupid’ ] video from Fringe from way in the back of the house!