Happy Labor Day!

I’ve been told recently that a modern version of 80’s music is about to make a comeback.  And so I thought who better to celebrate the Labor Day holiday but one of the most loveable American music icons – ever!  Dolly sung our sentiments about the daily grind best in her song 9-5 (as well as appearing in the film).  So we’re bringin’ it back!  Happy Labor Day everyone!  Enjoy the rest of the long weekend in the USA. ~Gia

Cat-tastic! The Los Angeles Feline Film Festival September 21



Yesterday we featured the 1st ever Hello Kitty Con which will be arriving at MOCA Los Angeles in October.  #HelloKittyIsNotACat

However, if you are a bona fide, feline, fanatic, this year’s premiere cat-tastic event, the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival taking place on Sunday, Septmeber 21 from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Christmas Tree Lane in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, California, is the place for you.

lafff_w_lilbubTara Hero CatThis EPIC, live, local event is expected to draw in 10,000 other cat-lovers and will include a compilation of the web’s most-watched cat videos, hosted by internet cat sensations Lil Bub and Tara the Hero Cat! Adorned in your best cat costumes, you will enjoy a day of feline-themed exhibits and a viewing of the web’s most popular cat videos.  You can even…BRING YOUR OWN CAT!

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In addition to a 75-minute compilation of the best internet cat videos, the festival will feature a Cat Walk and Cat Crazy constume contest, LA’s top food trucks and beer garden, cat product vendors and nonprofits, cats available for adoption from local animal shelters and more.

A portion of proceeds will be going to at least five non-profit cat rescues.

You can find more information about the event at www.lafelinefilmfestival.com.

Los Angeles Feline Film Festival is presented by Organikat, makers of planet-friendly, organic pet products.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 7.33.52 PM

Hello Kitty Con 2014 Opens in Los Angeles on October 30th



We couldn’t believe this find!  Well OK, the LA Times got it first, but just in case you missed it, well, you won’t want to miss it! #HelloKitty

We took this info straight from the website:

Hello Kitty Con 2014Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary at the first ever official Hello Kitty Convention in the world! Hello Kitty Con 2014 is a global gathering of fans and friends to celebrate all things Hello Kitty. (Note: as of this morning all but one of the workshops are sold out and tickets to the event are going fast!!!)

Taking place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo, Hello Kitty Con 2014 will offer interactive experiences and events for fans and friends of all ages, including activities, art, exhibits, exclusives, workshops, lectures, panels, sneak peeks, tattoos, food, fun, and many more surprises!

Join Hello Kitty and your friends at Hello Kitty Con 2014. As Hello Kitty always says, “You can never have too many friends!”

I Wanna Hold Your Hand at Theatre of Note

By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move




So balanced in the writing.  So very worth the ticket.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand at the tail end of its run at Theatre of Note is a tender, unexpected triumph.

Our lives can change in an instant.  One moment you’re engaged, and a few surreal moments later you’re sitting among a group of strangers in an intensive care waiting room, praying your fiancé will survive.

The story begins with the prayer of a hopeful son for a beloved mother in a hospital ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and in a coma, as a result of a brain aneurism.  Describing his mother, Mary Jean, as she “was,” a soft-spoken, perfect and often subtly, comical woman, hot for the Beatles in her day, Paul, a high school English teacher, just needs to talk to someone “bigger than himself.” It is very private and very awkward.  Praying is not something he ever really did in his home growing up.  And so he is open and completely vulnerable and it leads us to believe that this will be a very toned down show.

Ada, a self-proclaimed, “terrible person” also stands alone in a private room uncomfortable forming the words to speak to a higher power.  In the most intimate and excruciating of moments she confesses the darkest parts of herself and her love for a man who may not wake up, also ordering him to hear her as she calls out his name.

One is pleading the other is screaming for a miracle hoping to end the agony of waiting for loved ones to possibly die even when they convince themselves there is hope.

What comes as a truly gorgeous surprise, however, is that life does not end here, for anyone.  How I Wanna Hold Your Hand trumps, what could play out as merely as heart-string puller, is that it is an authentically human experience, as are each of the remaining characters of the story.

Four people, Paul, his sister Julia, her husband Josh and Ada meet in the ICU.  Brother, sister and brother-in-law are diverting themselves with sandwich bets, cards and guessing games as they patiently wait for their mother to awaken when suddenly Ada storms in to find her fiancé, Frank, newly arrived with a similar condition.  Inside the waiting room over the course of many days, they develop and off-handed acquaintanceship which outside of the hospital walls eventually becomes rather something else with every one of them, much of it secret.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand, has plenty of surprises humorous and downright shocking from Mary Jean’s (mom) new personality and outspoken sexual awakening to Josh and M.J.’s head to head combat to Frank’s hard-core honesty about his new limitations to all of their attractions for each other.

In many ways, this is a very adult growing up story. Each one of them has to face a new and rough reality, which as the adults they are, manage at least on the surface…all but Julia.

What is interesting about the writing is that Paul, Ada, Josh, Frank even Mary Jean, come to a resolution, at least an understanding, finding a way to come to terms with their new lives.  They look forward.  They move on.

Julia however, is stuck in time looking backward and trying to stay on an even plane.  She somehow works hard to not feel anything and yet she’s dealt with the worst blows of all because of her refusal to budge.  She wants her mother back – as she was.  She wants to stay in the moment when she thought that Frank had an attraction to her.  She wants to keep Ada as her friend. She doesn’t want to really understand why her husband left her.  In some ways she wants to live the lie.

It’s not complicated, it’s just the way things are, the way people are, sometimes really clear, sometimes very confused.  It is the beauty of this story and the reason we can genuinely empathize with each person even in moments of wrong-doing or denial or outlandish behavior.  Overall, I Wanna Hold Your Hand contains so much hope and love and new beginnings and is absolutely comforting.  Well-thought out, rooted, artistic writing, capturing the laughable and sometimes dark complexities of human nature.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Written by Erik Patterson
Directed by McKerrin Kelly
Featuring: Keston John, Judith Ann Levitt, Alina Phelan, Kirsten Vangsness, Phil Ward and Nicholas S. Williams

Now playing its last several shows:

Friday, August 29 @8pm
Saturday, August 30 @8pm
Note: This show has been extended through September 7th. Please check with the theatre for additional days which were originally Thursday thru Sunday performances!)
Theatre of Note
1517 N. Cahuenga (just north of Sunset)
Hollywood, CA 90028

Online ticketing: www.theatreofnote.com

or call: (323) 856-8611

Rose McGowan Curates The First Annual Dawn Festival DTLA


“Best be described as Douglas Sirk-meets-David Lynch” – Chris O’Falt, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Provocative…slowly seductive” – Betsy Sharkey, LA TIMES

RSA/Black Dog Films announced yesterday that after the critically acclaimed world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, the taut directorial debut from Rose McGowan, DAWN, will have an Oscar © qualifying run in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent starting September 19th.

As mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter, which you can see here, throughout the week the short film will be accompanied by seven features, one per night, curated by McGowan at the first annual “Dawn Festival”.

 “I’m curating a festival of directors that have given their lead women a strong voice.  These stories could have been told with men in the title characters, but these directors showed us what happens when you break stereotypes.  They have inspired me as a woman, as a director and as a person”, said Rose.

 Realizing that her passion lies in filmmaking, Rose McGowan’t breakthrough directorial debut, DAWN, is a disturbing tale of a young girl’s budding sexuality and one’s desire to experience the unknown.  Dawn (Tara Barr) is a quiet young teenager living in Kennedy era America who longs for something or someone to free her from her sheltered life. When she strikes up an innocent flirtation with the boy who works at her local gas station (Reiley McClendon), she thinks that he is perhaps the answer to her teenage dreams. Though when she invites the boy and his friends into her otherwise cloistered world, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Carefully chosen by McGowan, the films that will accompany DAWN feature iconic performances by actresses that prove rich, complex and layered roles can and should be written for and by women.  The following films will screen with Rose McGowan and special guests in attendance:

SAFE - “Todd Haynes directed Julianne Moore in a haunting study of a woman’s life.”

THELMA & LOUISE – “Ridley Scott directed two substantial actresses in two substantial, inspiring roles.”

HAROLD AND MAUDE – “Hal Ashby directed Ruth Gordon.  Two creatives on a creative journey.”

SIXTEEN CANDLES – “John Hughes directed Molly Ringwald.  He made a teen’s hopes and hurts real.”

ROSEMARY’S BABY – “Roman Polanski directed Mia Farrow in a virtuoso breakdown performance.”

SILKWOOD – “Mike Nichols directed Meryl Streep and Cher.  They showed us women can change the world by finding their voice.”

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS – “Jonathan Demme directed Jodie Foster.  She showed us what a person can do when they go forward despite their fear.”

KAV: The Man With No Shadow at The Satellite August 30th

Former Happy Monday’s guitarist KAV’s Album Launch Party is @ The Satellite this Saturday 30 August. 

kav-amends-version-nostamp-finalKAV will be performing alongside Bonfire Beach, Batwing Catwings & The Dark Furs. Plus special guests Josh Ostrander (Eastern Conference Champions), Josiah Mazzacichi (LIGHT FM) will be guesting with KAV on guitar. Guest DJ’s till late.

A bold debut album, full of anthemic uplifting singles & dirty, fuzzy, bass-driven Rock n’ Roll.  Fans can download THE MAN WITH NO SHADOW on iTunesAmazon, XBox Music, Google Play, eMusic, 7 Digital & more.

Connect with This Artist:


Watch the video of the title track now for a sneak peak!

kav flyer4


Since launching his solo project in 2008, KAV has supported Kasabian on their Brixton Academy show, headlined Club NME @ KOKO, played BT London Live Olympics celebrations and a Gibson show in London. He’s toured the US West Coast with Norweigan band Datarock, and also played SXSW and CMJ festivals. In addition, he’s headlined The Viper Room in Los Angeles several times, including a performance in May this year with Oasis’s Bonehead guesting on guitar.  After years of recording between LA and London, KAV is set to release The Man With No Shadow, a bold full-length album, full of anthemic uplifting singles and dirty, fuzzy, bass-driven Rock ’n’Roll.

Originally from Leicester UK, KAV is now based in LA. At the start of the year he signed to LA indie Wild Echo Records. In May his single Dance in A Panic” saw Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) dancing to the track in a video teaser for the movie Decoding Annie Parker.  Since then the single has been picking up significant airplay on US stations, reaching #27 on the FMQB Submodern Chart in July.


Take FLIGHT at Exchange LA Saturday, September 6th


A new fitness brand has hit the Los Angeles area as the world’s first high energy fitness and electronic dance music collaboration premiering at Exchange LA nightclub on Saturday, September 6th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. : FLIGHT!


Flight instructor Sydney Benner (Benner Fit) infuses her signature high-energy dance, sculpt and flow to the custom live beats of DJ Ryan Fontana (of Sex Panther) who will be spinning for an unforgettable fitness experience. As the bass booms through the club you will be taken on a workout of a lifetime leaving you soaring on a natural high. Move over SoulCycle, Crossfit, Barre and more.


Tickets are available now for only $20 and must be purchased in advance. Doors open at 12:30pm with class beginning promptly at 1pm.

Buy your tickets now and be there first to receive a very special Flight gift bag (limited numbers apply). Yoga mat, sneakers and your favorite fitness attire will be needed for your journey. Ages 18 and up only, please.

***This event will be filmed so be prepared to smile for the camera!

Be one of the 200 club-goers to embark on this journey of electronic music euphoria. Get ready to take Flight!

September 6th, 2014
Doors open at 12:30, Class 1-2pm
618 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014